Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 200

Chapter 200 The Appearance Of Monsters I

Chapter 200: The Appearance of Monsters (I)

When Shi brought breakfast to the room, Long had returned to normal.

More than that, Long also had a smile on his face. "It smells great, Qingzhou. Dont tell me you cooked it."

"Of course I didnt." Shi sat down at the table calmly. "I dont know how to cook."

"It smells great because you brought it here by yourself," Long said.

Shi smiled. "Then eat it."

After a peaceful breakfast, Liu Suifeng went to make the antidote.

Long asked about the killers the previous day. "Were all of those people arrested?"

"Two escaped. According to some clues, one is called Du Long," Shi said calmly, "Hes an expert on poison. This plague is probably caused by him."

"Two men escaped?" Hearing Shis words, Long frowned.

"Yes," Shi said calmly, "Dont worry. Shadow Guardians have set up a trap to catch them. Those two people are also injured, so they cant escape this city. As long as they appear, theyll be arrested. Perhaps more people will walk into the trap."

"Oh?" Long was slightly stunned. "More people will be attracted?"

"The people behind the attack," Shi said, "Du Long isnt a wise person. I dont think anyone is like their counsellor among those who died yesterday, so it is likely that the people who ordered Du Long to do so is not here or has not appeared."

"So its like this…" Long nodded his head. When he was just about to say something more, a carrier pigeon arrived.

A message from the imperial palace said that someone tried to poison and assassinate the Shadow Guardian who was disguised as Long for three times. The poison was sent by Lady Shan for two times. Long was asked how to deal with that woman.

Shi also read the message. Long was a little worried that Shi would be unable to control himself and get angry. He didnt expect that Shi looked very calm and the color of his eyes didnt change.

For a while, Long didnt know whether he should feel surprised or worried.

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He couldnt stop himself from killing earlier, but at this moment, he appeared so calm when he heard that someone was trying to hurt his lover.

Although that was just a Shadow Guardian who was pretending to be the emperor, Shi looked so calm that it was not like him at all

"What are you going to do?" Shi asked Long calmly.

After a pause, Long asked Shi. "Qingzhou, what do you say?"

Shi did not answer him directly. He just said, "Its up to you."

Long asked, "Why?"

Shi smiled. "You knew the reason. You said that youd deal with the women in the harem"

Long was stunned because he had forgotten that.

But hearing Shi say that, Long felt a little strange.

Long decided to put that aside first, so he said, "There must be someone controlling Lady Shan. Lets use her to track down the culprit. What do you think?"

Shi said, "Its up to you."

Long sighed. "But I want to know what you think." As he spoke, Long held Shis arm.

Shi stared at Long. "I dont care. No matter what you decide to do, I have no objection."

"All right." Long nodded. "I believe that the Shadow Guardians have begun to investigate. Lets wait for their reply."

While saying that, Long wrote some secret codes on a piece of blank paper and let the pigeon take it away.

This kind of pigeon flew very fast and was specially trained to send messages.

In addition, they would use secret codes. Even if the pigeon was stopped by someone, nobody would know the specific meaning of the message except for Long and the Shadow Guardians.

They would also change the secret codes often in order to ensure absolute secrecy.

After the pigeon left, Shis eyes flickered and he became calm soon.

Three days later, five imperial doctors arrived with a large number of medical herbs.

The herbs brought by the doctors were enough to make tens of thousands of pills to stop the spreading of the plague. Of course, the cost would be huge, but Long thought it was not worth mentioning.

Great things could be done by mass effort. In addition, it didnt need much technique because they had already had the formula.

So, after a whole day and night, those doctors managed to make tens of thousands of pills.

Long was very satisfied with their efficiency.

Liu Suifeng didnt idle around over the three days. He had made the antidote. Although it was still at the testing stage, he was quite confident.

Ten patients took the antidote made by him. One day and one night later, Liu determined that the antidote was effective.

So mass production would be followed

Everything was going on in good order and things were developing in a better way.

However, the mass production of the antidote was not a simple thing and it would take more than half a month.

Fortunately, most of the people who had been infected could still hold on.

The patients in serious condition had already been taken to the right prime ministers mansion so that they could be treated by Liu.

No one died these days.

On this day, the pills against the plague were finally ready.

There were tens of thousands pills and all the people outside the city could have their share.

When those people entered the city and heard that the pills were handed out by the emperor, they all knelt down and shouted "Long live Your Majesty".

Looking at that scene and the tears in those peoples eyes, Long was deeply moved.

Shi was by Longs side and his expression also softened.

The common people who were grateful were ten thousand times more lovely than cold-blooded killers.

"Qingzhou." Long held Shis hand. "My decision was right. It was worth it."

Shi nodded and answered softly, "Yes."

Long let a long breath out and then they went back hand in hand.

In the middle of the night, in an old house.

"Du Long, master asked us to help you. You have so few men left?"

This was where the escaped Du Long was staying.

The two men in black in front of Du Long were those who appeared in the palace of Eastern Darkness and they were sent by their prince.

Du Long took a deep breath. "You know, Im lucky enough that I can escape from Shi Qingzhou."

"What?" One of the men in black frowned. "Shi Qingzhou is that powerful?"

"It can be said that the Shadow Guardians all listen to Shi Qingzhou alone," Du Long said.

"The Shadow Guardians in their nation are truly extraordinary." The other man in black narrowed his eyes. "How is your plan going?"

"Liu Suifeng, the eccentric miracle worker, has arrived. Its impossible for us to destroy this city and carry out our plan underground. Liu Suifeng had made the antidote. Although it hasnt been distributed in large quantities, it wont take more than ten days."

The face of one man in black immediately darkened. "What about the base underground?"

"Dont worry. They know nothing about the situation there."

"However, if Shi Qingzhou and Liu Suifeng stay here all the time, they will find out the truth sooner or later." Another man in black was worried.

"Thats right." Du Long nodded. "Ive closed the base underground. None of those things can come out. Dont worry."

"But master is unsatisfied that you failed to attack them this time. Du Long, master still hopes that you can finish the plan and he also sent us here to help you."

Hearing those words, Du Long frowned. "Must it be at this time? We can wait until everything is fine. Itll be safer then."

"Im afraid not." The two men in black shook their heads. One man said, "To tell you the truth, master is very angry this time. He also said that if we cant finish it, we dont need to go back."

Du Long was shocked. If the two men in black couldnt go back, he wouldnt survive, either!

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