Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 204

Chapter 204 Competition Of Three Princes

Chapter 204: Competition of Three Princes

It turned out that the huge cavity dug on the ground of the back mountain was filled with thousands of poisonous people, and each of them was more toxic than those ones emerging now.

All those poisonous people were soaked in an uncanny blood pool which was composed of venom.

If they were soaked for more time, the virus which they carried would not be what it presented now.

Fortunately, those poisonous people were discovered early. The consequence couldnt be imagined otherwise.

After hearing that, Long felt lucky.

"Thanks to the info provided by Right-Prime Ministers, otherwise, it will get worse now!"

Liu went to catch up on sleep with Ouyang after explaining the situation.

Long looked to Shi, "Qingzhou, lets have breakfast first."

Shi nodded, "Shadow guardians will report the news as soon as they got it."

Long smiled, "Hmm. Everything is sort of under control now. Dont worry."

Without responding, Shi just nodded.

After the breakfast, Shi said, "Id like to practice the sword in the courtyard."

Knowing the reason Shi practiced the sword was to operate with the mental cultivation method, Long naturally nodded, "Okay."

Long watched Shi walk to the courtyard.Read more chapters at L istnovel.com

Having no idea what to do, Long just stood aside and watched Shi.

At the moment, a servant came up.

Lowering his head, the servant directly walked toward Long, but was stopped by a shadow guardian at a distance with Long.

"Dont move." The voice of the shadow guardian was as cold as ice.

The servant raised his head with fear, "I, Im going to the backyard."

This road was one of the ways leading to the backyard. Actually, the servant didnt have to pass here.

The shadow guardian stared at the servant, then suddenly made an attack.

The servant was frightened, but the guardian seemed not intend to stop. Realizing the life-threatening attack, the servant fought back with a rush.

But, the counterattack contained two parts.

The servant warded off the attack of the guardian before launching a hidden weapon to Long.

As a matter of fact, Long couldnt avoid this hidden weapon by himself.

This hidden weapon was launched with the internal force of the assassin who disguised himself as a servant.

Long didnt have the ability to ward off the attack.

But that hidden weapon didnt get close to Long at last.

Because when the servant moved, three shadow guardians appeared around Long.

Then, two guardians cooperated to take the hidden weapon.

Long didnt get injured at all.

Shi stopped practicing the sword at the same time. Without walking to Long, Shi just calmly and coldly watched…

The four guardians fought with the assassin.

Long put his eyes on the assassin.

Siege of four guardians made the assassin hard-pressed.

Finally, the assassin was kicked up.

At the moment, that assassin even tried to break through the siege and flee in virtue of being kicked up.

The assassin was smart, but shadow guardians around were far more than four.

So he didnt successfully flee at last even if he flied some distance.

Several shadow guardians appeared from all sides to siege the assassin.

The ending had been doomed since the assassin entered and chose to take the action.

Long saw the assassin was helplessly outnumbered and captured. But when the shadow guardians decided to keep him alive, the assassin committed suicide.

After the assassin died, Long walked to Shi.

Shi looked away from the assassin, "Qingzhou, do you think he came to save people?"

The people certainly referred to the three ones including Du Long.

Raising his eyebrows, Shi slightly said, "Its possible."

But he paid his life as a result.

Long waved his hand to all people, "Scatter."

All the shadow guardians dodged and hided.

Long and Shi walked toward the room, "Qingzhou, do you want to take a break?"

Shi nodded, "Thats good."Read more chapters at L istnovel.com

Long massaged Shis shoulder, "Dont push yourself too hard. Qingzhou, put your health above everything else."

"I know." Shi nodded.

Kissing Shis lips in satisfaction, Long asked Shi to take a break in the room.

Without going to bed, Shi just lay on the sling chair.

Long found a book to read instead of getting out of the room.

There were a lot of books collected in Right-Prime Ministers Mansion. Long just found one at will to kill time.

In the afternoon, the three captives were finally forced to reveal information.

It turned out that Du Long had operated his forces in Quanzhou for five years.

He spent five years to establish the underground base.

But Du Long only took charge of those freaks. He didnt know other things except admitting he was the subordinate of the crown prince of the Eastern Darkness.

The other two men in black were trusted followers of the crown prince. They were commanded by the crown prince to cooperate with Du Long and turn Quanzhou into a hell.

Moreover, they also had gotten information about Shi long time ago, but didnt expect to meet Long here.

If they could kill both Shi and Long in Quanzhou, they would like to pay any price.

That wish was good. But it was a pity that the early exposure of secrets in the back mountain resulted in the complete failure.

Those poisonous people still caused some damage to soldiers, which should be paid back by the Eastern Darkness.

"Message from the imperial palace." Glancing over the scrip, Long gave it to Shi.

"Another message so soon?" Shi was astonished.

Long said, "It was probably sent later than the one received yesterday."

"Well…" Saying nothing, Shi read the scrip.

The scrip reported the situation of the court. Several ministers had gathered twice late at night, but shadow guardians didnt know… what they were discussing for now.

Names of these ministers were listed on the scrip.

"Gathered late at night?" Shi sneered, "The court seemed to be unquiet finally."

"But none of them are highly ranked." Long was a little puzzled.

"Although they are not highly ranked, junior ministers are the hardest to deal with." Shi mentioned two names, "One of them is the uncle of the highest-ranked soldier garrisoning the east gate of the imperial city, the other one is the younger male cousin of the highest-ranked soldier garrisoning the north gate of the imperial city."

Long was stunned because he didnt notice these details before.

Shi said slightly, "The east gate and the north gate couldnt play a role until there are armies passing by."

Longs eyes brightened, "What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing, just about where their armies come from. But… before that happen, I think attacks are the best defense."

"Uh?" Long was a bit stunned, with his eyes changed a little, "You mean the Eastern Darkness?"

"Right." Shi said indifferently, "Theres no reason that we are beaten all the time. We dont need to take ignoble measures now, but we can counterattack in a frank and righteous way."

"Qin Yuelou, the General of defending army of the Eastern Darkness can come into play now." Long laughed.

Shi nodded, "Right, Ill write a letter to him right away."

"You?" Long raised his eyebrows, "Are you sure? Will the General Qin be obedient to you?"

Shi smiled, "Rest assured."

Long said intentionally, who didnt really distrust Shi.

"Alright, we have to counterattack next, otherwise, they will regard us as coward."

After finishing the letter soon, Shi asked a shadow guardian to send it to the place where Qin Yuelou stayed at the border.

After seven days, Liu finally finished making the antidotes.

The antidotes were distributed all around the city.

The casualty caused by the pestilence was the least compared with that caused by other pestilences outbroke in these years.

The common people of the city knelt down to thanks for the emperors mercy. Long stayed in Right-Prime Ministers Mansion with Shi instead of appearing in public. Right-Prime Minister had recovered, and Long and Shi also planned to leave.

The crown prince of the Eastern Darkness was really awesome. Although the two men in black were the crown princes trusted followers, they knew little confidential information about him.

For example, they didnt clearly know how many forces the crown prince had in the Eastern Darkness. And several forces they knew had been destroyed too.

To some extent, the destroy could be attributed to Shis slaughter started from the imperial city.

More than half of lurkers of the Eastern Darkness had been killed after this event happening in Quanzhou.

But more than half was not all, even so, Long believed that all the lurkers of the Eastern Darkness had almost been eliminated.

The Eastern Darkness wasnt so powerful.

The forces destroyed by Long and Shi didnt all belong to the crown prince.

The emperor of the Eastern Darkness had been coveting Tianlong Dynastys territory. He made his sons compete to disorganize Tianlong Dynasty, so as to expand the territory of the Eastern Darkness.

The crown prince colluded with sorcerers in the Northern Land and created those poisonous people.

The second prince and the third prince of the Eastern Darkness, who were in power, didnt create so many poisonous people, but they also colluded with some ministers of Tianlong Dynasty.

That was the reason why the court of Tianlong Dynasty was chaotic.

That was also the reason why those cases including the death of the first Wangyeh were exceedingly strange as if the murderers were different people.

Because the murderers indeed were not the same person, but three different people.

The three princes considered Tianlong Dynasty as the trophy which they competed for. It was very disappointing that ministers of Tianlong Dynasty were extremely corrupt and even colluded with foreign enemies. Damn!

But all those things were attributed to the former Longs fatuity…

Since the rebirth of Long, the court had gotten better now after a series of bold and resolute reformation.

Otherwise, ministers who betrayed Tianlong Dynasty would be more.

By now, only some junior ministers who thought they were missed luckily still dared to collude with the Eastern Darkness after so many people were arrested and killed.

If not, would the court be so quiet?

Those junior ministers would also be eliminated sooner or later.

For some high-ranked ministers hiding, they boarded the ship of foreign enemies early and couldnt break away except continuing to help the foreign enemies.

As a matter of fact, Long and Shi could win these high-ranked ministers over as long as they gave them a chance to live.

But Long and Shi didnt make such a choice.

Since they chose to betray their country, Long and Shi would not forgive them due to the big quantity of the betrayers. Betrayers had to pay the price!

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