Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 210

Chapter 210 Rare Moment Of Relaxation

Chapter 210: Rare Moment of Relaxation

The carriage kept on moving. Long felt sleepy not long after being full up.

Shi said, "You can sleep with your head leaning against my shoulder."

Long nodded immediately. Without any hesitation, Long leaned his head against Shis shoulder and went to sleep.

Shi adjusted himself so as to help Long sleep in a comfortable position.

When Long almost fell asleep, he suddenly thought of one question, "Qingzhou, did the assassins stay alive last night?"

"No. Whats the matter?"

Long yawned, "Im just asking. Why did so many assassins launch an attack together last night?"

"One would take desperate measures once being cornered." Shi said indifferently, "All those assassins had died. Just go to sleep. Forget it."

"Um." Long yawned again and really ignored it.

Shi held Long with one arm, seeing him falling into a deep sleep along with the movement of the carriage.

Without knowing how long it passed, Long felt he had slept for really a long time.

But he didnt have any uncomfortable feeling.

He thought he would feel uncomfortable sleeping in the carriage and have a pain in the back after waking up.

But it was strange that Long didnt feel uncomfortable at all as if he had slept on the queen-size bed in the imperial palace.

Long really felt strange, wondering whats going on. He glanced sideways.

Um? His Qingzhou was sleeping too?

Shi was indeed sleeping, closing his eyes and refreshing his spirit by leaning against the carriage wall.

Long appreciated Shis face, marveling at his beauty. Then Long leaned forward and kissed Shis cheek.

The moment Long gave a peck on Shis cheek, Shi opened his eyes.

Long got caught, but he didnt feel embarrassed at all.

"Qingzhou, are you awake?" After saying it, Long continued this kiss.

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Blinking his eyes, Shi nodded, "Hmm, Im awake."

Long wasnt satisfied with kissing Shis cheek, then he held Shi and kissed Shis lips.

Shis lips were in a beautiful shape. Although Long had kissed Shis lips for many times, he felt the kiss was never enough every time.

Shi opened his mouth, making it easier for Long to get inside.

They had lips, tongues and teeth intertwined. And the intimacy of lips and tongues seemed to connect their hearts.

After a long time, Long loosened Shi.

Shis ears had turned beautiful pink at that time.

Long noticed that and kissed them.

Shis face became redder immediately, "Stop…"

Refused by Shi, Long felt a little discouraged. But he also dared not to have more intimate behaviors in the carriage.

If he did so, Shi probably would get angry with him.

Long was pushed aside, with desire flashing in his eyes.

Shi looked away, "Its getting dark. I guess we probably have to spend the night outside. Lets get off the carriage."

"Hmm, youre right." Longs voice was a little hoarse.

Shi slightly pursed his lips and said softly, "Lets go."

Long nodded before holding Shis hand to get off the carriage.

Shadow guardians had made bonfires at the moment.

Long and Shi sat around one of the bonfires.

Ying Feng said, "Master, the roasted deer legs are ready."

"Um?" Longs eyes brightened a bit, "Good, bring one to me."

Ying Feng gave Long a roasted deer leg at once.

Long took a bite. Mhmm, it tasted good.

"Qingzhou, take a bite." Long put the part he bit to Shis lips.

Without disliking that the leg had been bitten by Long, Shi took a bite at the place where Long bit.

Long smiled, "Do you like it? Taste good, right?"

"Hmm, not bad." Shi nodded.

Finding Shi liked it, Long also smiled, "Then eat more. You take this, and Ill get another one."

Shi didnt refuse Long and took away Longs roasted deer leg.

Long went to tear another roasted deer leg, which certainly would not be scrambled for by shadow guardians.

Liu and Ouyang came over from another side.

Long called them to sit, "Come to sit. Where did you go?"

Liu answered, "Theres a quiet brook ahead. We went to have a bath."

"Um?" Longs eyes brightened, "A brook? Since you mentioned it, I feel itchy and dirty all over my body now."

Shi frowned slightly, "Dont go."

"Hum?" Long was a little puzzled, "Why not?"

Shi answered with a flat tone, "There are too many people outside."

"Liu said there was no people around there." Long had half a mind to take a bath there.

Shi frowned tightly and said nothing.

"Ahem" Liu coughed, "Water in the brook is still cold at night. You just got over your cold, so youd better not go."

Long glanced at Liu with a sad look, "Then why did you mention it?"

Rolling his eyes, Liu thought he didnt want to tell him that at all, but he would be accused of offending the emperor if he didnt answer Longs question.

Shi only had a few bites before standing up, "Ill go to the carriage."

"Um, dont go." Long stopped Shi immediately, "You just had a few bites. Lets go back to the carriage together after finishing eating."

Shi raised his eyebrows, "I have no appetite."

Long didnt know whether to cry or laugh, "Qingzhou, will you have any appetite if I dont go to have a bath?"

Shi sat down, "Yes, I will."

Long couldnt help twitching his lips, thinking that Shi was ineffably cute when acting like this…

Long forgot about the brook, and Shi quietly sat and ate the roasted leg of deer.

"Have some water." Long served Shi blandly.

Shi took over the kettle and drank.

Ouyang glanced at Liu and also gave him a roasted deer leg.

"Um?" Liu stared blankly first, then couldnt help laughing. He grinned, "Thanks."

Ouyang rolled his eyes, without responding.

Knowing Ouyangs eccentric personality, Liu didnt fuss about Ouyangs attitude at all.

Happily taking over the leg roasted by Ouyang, Liu ate pleasantly.

Long glanced at Ouyang and Liu before pursing his lips and continuing to serve Shi.

Shi seemed to enjoy his service as well.

The supper was finished at last.

Long and Shi walked around the bonfires.

Liu and Ouyang also walked and helped to digest at the other side.

"Qingzhou, where are we going next?"

"Songye City. Whats the matter?"

"Im wondering when we can go back to imperial palace." Long replied.

Shi smiled, "You want to go back?"

Shi looked stunningly pretty when smiling under the moonlight. Long was captivated by Shi.

When Shi was about to speak, he caught sight of Longs dumbfounded eyes. Shi asked, "Whats wrong?"

Long answered softly, "I just find youre so beautiful under the moon."

"Is it proper to describe a mans appearance by using the word beautiful?" Shi asked, with his eyebrows raised.

"Why not? I think you deserve it." Long said firmly.

"Oh." Shi gave a faint smile before suddenly turning to Liu, "Arent people like Liu more suitable for this word?"

"Ah?" Long gave Liu a glance too and curled his lips, "No, he just looks feminine. I only can say he is as good looking as a girl. But you are beautiful and gorgeous. Moreover, you are my lover, so you are the most beautiful in my eyes no matter how stunningly pretty others look."

Long said with absolute certainty, which made Shis corners of lips curl up unconsciously.


"Of course." Smiling, Long leaned forward and kissed Shis lips, "Dont you believe me?"

"I believe you of course." Shi smiled, "But… you still have imperial concubines."

"Hum?" Long blinked, "That… Qingzhou, that is because Ive been staying out of the imperial palace. I have no time to handle it…"

Hearing this, Shi just crooned indifferently.

Long felt very innocent, "Qingzhou, you know I havent touched those women for a long time… I only love you…"

"Hum? Do you feel wronged?" Looking at Long, Shi smiled.

Long almost cried, "No, Qingzhou, how could I feel wronged?"

Shi said, "Haha, I just felt the grievance from your tone."

"Qingzhou, that certainly was your misconception."

"Haha, really?"

"Qingzhou… please dont laugh like that. Im a little frightened."

"Hum?" Shi slightly raised his eyebrows, "You means I frighten you?"

"No, of course not." Long really wanted to cry, wondering why every word he said was wrong.

Seeing Long scratched his hair in frustration, Shi slightly curled his lip corners.

It was interesting to make fun of people on purpose like this sometimes.

This couple made a harmonious scene under the moonlight…

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