Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 216

Chapter 216 Way To Prolong Life Ii

Chapter 216: Way to Prolong Life (II)

Longs face darkened again. "Am I very old?"

Liu was very surprised to hear that. "Do you think youre still young?"

Long really wanted to strangle the man in front of him to death!

Liu didnt care about Longs feelings and laughed again. "Its all up to you. But you also know that I have a free rein. Now Im being kind and want to help you dredge your meridians. But who knows where I will be in a few months? Im sure you wont see me so easily at that time."

Longs lips twitched. He stared at Liu and said coldly, "Let me think about it for two days. Two days at most. Wait for my reply. Humph! Im leaving."

Long left in a huff.

Longs reaction made Liu burst into laughter.

Ouyang Chuan suddenly came from nowhere. "You are so kind to him."

Liu was not surprised to see Ouyang. He immediately leaned over. "Are you jealous?"

Liu asked as he tossed the book. Then, he held Ouyang into his arms and made Ouyang sit on his lap.

Ouyang slightly frowned and struggled.

But Liu kept holding him in his arms and Ouyangs strength couldnt be compared with his. Therefore, Ouyang failed to get away. Instead, he was held more tightly by Liu.

More than that, Liu even felt

Lius ears turned red. As a man, Ouyang naturally noticed Lius physiological reaction.

"What are you doing? Go away!"

Liu looked at Ouyang seriously. "Brother Ouyang, why didnt you sleep with me last night?"

Ouyang threw a punch at him. "Stop asking so many questions! Get lost!"

"Brother Ouyang." Liu grabbed his hand. "Brother Ouyang, I thought youd agreed to be with me."

"Whod be with you? Youre thinking too much!" Ouyang glared at Liu and punched again.

However, because he was sitting on Lius lap, that punch seemed very gentle.

Liu just took that and then put Ouyangs hands at the back of his head. As Ouyangs eyes widened in surprise, Liu gave him a kiss.

Ouyang was surprised, but he was more in a panic.

At this time, Liu had already controlled Ouyang

"Hey, Liu Suifeng, you Stop messing around!"

Lius response was to throw him onto the big bed

After a long time, Liu finally felt satisfied and let Ouyang go. Ouyang felt so tired that he even didnt have the strength to move his fingers.

"You bastard…" Ouyang cursed weakly.

Liu kissed the tip of his nose and said gently, "Brother Ouyang, I like you."

Ouyang was stunned and his body trembled.

Liu kisses him again. "Really. I like you very much."

Tears were seen in the corners of Ouyangs eyes. Although they soon disappeared, they did have existed.

"I killed your family. Have you forgotten that?"

"Im also to blame for what happened to our master. Were even. Both of them have already passed away. Do we have to punish each other because of them? Brother Ouyang, are you really happy to do that? No, you arent. In that case, why cant you just let it go? Lets live happily in the world. Brother Ouyang, I love you."

"Humph." Ouyang snorted. "Is that how you express your love? If you really love me, lets change the position later."

"Uh…" Liu blinked, "Brother Ouyang, this question has nothing to do with my love for you. We can discuss it when we do it later. Whats more Brother Ouyang Im so delicate. Arent you afraid that Ill get hurt?"

"Bullshit!" Ouyang was furious.

Liu smiled. "Dont be angry, Brother Ouyang. Let me give you a massage and youll feel better."

Ouyang was so angry that he didnt know what to say.

Liu had begun to massage him.

A moment later, Ouyang said, "Will you really dredge the meridians for Long Xiaoyuan? Its not only about inserting several needles. You also need to channel your own internal strength into his body. If you really do that, you cant regain the lost energy in two years."

"Right." Liu nodded seriously. "I know, but On one hand, I accept them as my friends. On the other hand, I feel sorry for them."

Ouyang frowned.

"I did something wrong to the poisonous insect in Shi Qingzhous body. If I didnt use the needle to seal the insect, he would not be troubled by this problem now. Last time, Long almost got hurt Moreover, hes a good emperor. If he can live a long time, itll be a blessing for the people. Ill just lose some energy that can be regained in two years. My life wont be at risk. Its okay."

Ouyang pursed his lips and stopped talking.

Liu embraced Ouyang.

"Brother Ouyang, I dont want to owe them. When we leave, I hope we can be real friends with them. Id rather they owed us. In this way, wouldnt it be more pleasant for us to wander around the world?"

Ouyang slowly turned his head. "Whatever. Anyway, youll waste your own energy, not mine."

Though Ouyang sounded unhappy, he still agreed, so Liu smiled.

He knew that his Brother Ouyang was actually more soft-hearted than him

What he didnt say was that the poisonous insect was from Ouyangs body. He knew that if something bad really happened to Shi, Ouyang would be the one who felt the guiltiest.

The person Shi cared about most in the world was Long. Naturally, Liu wanted to repay him by doing something for his lover

When Shi finally woke up, it was almost time for lunch.

Long had come to the room to check twice and he felt a little worried when he saw Shi sleeping as a log.

Once Shi woke up, Long hurriedly went to him.

"Mhmm." Shi was sitting on the edge of the bed. "What time is it?"

"Its almost time for lunch." Long cured his lips.

Shi was a little shocked. "Its already so late?"

"Yes." Long wrapped his arms around Shis waist with worry. "Qingzhou, I was a little worried to see you sleeping like that."

Shi laughed. "What were you worried about? Were you afraid that Id never wake up?"

"Yes." Long curled his lips. "Youre still laughing. Ive come to see you twice."

Shi stopped laughing and felt a little sorry.

"Sorry, but Im fine."

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