Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 217

Chapter 217 Way To Prolong Life Iii

Chapter 217: Way to Prolong Life (III)

Long shook his head and held Shi more tightly. "Qingzhou, its okay. I was just kidding. How could you not wake up…"

"Mhmm." Shi responded gently. Then, he said firmly, "Dont worry. I promise Ill wake up every morning."

"Yes!" Long nodded hard. "Qingzhou, are you hungry?"

Shi nodded. "Yes, Im a little hungry."

Long took Shis clothes and helped him to get dressed.

Shi was happy to let Long serve him.

After quickly dressing Shi, Long held his hand and went outside.

"Wait a minute. Ill wash myself," Shi said.

Long patted himself on the head. "Oh, I forgot that."

Shi smiled and ordered his servant to fetch water.

Long looked at Shi washing up. After Shi finished doing that, he pulled Shi over and gave him a big kiss.

Shi looked at him and didnt say anything.

Then, Long took Shis hand and went outside. "Lets bask in the sunshine for photosynthesis. Then, well go to have lunch."

"Hmm?" Shi was stunned. "For what?"

Long laughed and tried to muddle through. "I was just kidding. Lets go and bask in the sunshine. Its good for our health."

Shi narrowed his eyes and didnt speak.

Long led Shi to the courtyard. He had already placed two reclining chairs for Shi and himself. Shi was dragged there and forced to sit in it.

Shi lay down as Long wished. The sunshine was warm and it really felt great to take a sunbath.

Long looked at Shi with a smile. "How do you feel? Comfortable?"

Shi nodded. "Yes. Not bad."

Long laughed. Inwardly, he felt nervous and thought that luckily, Shi didnt ask much about photosynthesis

Long realized that he needed to pay more attention to what he should say in the future.

It was not a good thing to let Shi know much about his life story, which was too mysterious!

Anyway, Long believed that the man who experienced the past life and the current life was actually himself alone. Otherwise, it would be impossible to explain everything.

If the two men in two lives were not the same person, how could they be so alike?

After they basked in the sunshine for a while, the lunch was ready, so Long said, "Qingzhou, lets go to have lunch."

Shi nodded and was pulled up by Long.

As they went to the restaurant, Liu and Ouyang also went that way.

Long felt his whole body was aching when he saw Liu.

His strange reaction was noticed by Shi, who was by his side. Shi narrowed his eyes. "Whats the matter?"

"Ahem. Nothing." Long coughed awkwardly before turning to Ouyang and Liu. "Why are you here?"

Liu said with a smile, "Arent we welcome to have lunch with you?"

Long curled his lips. "Why not? Come in."

Shi looked at Liu significantly.

"Hmm?" Liu was stunned and looked at Shi.

Shi had already looked away.

Liu blinked. He looked at Ouyang and said softly, "Why do I feel hes hostile?"

Ouyang looked at Liu with a smile. "You asked for it."

Liu felt embarrassed.

They went into the restaurant together. While eating, Long didnt care about Liu and Ouyang at all. He just focused on putting food in Shis bowl.

Shi didnt refuse and enjoyed Longs service.

Long was very happy to do that. When he saw his empress ate the food he served, he would feel happier than he ate that himself.

In the modern society, there was a saying that people in love would lose their marbles and they always looked silly.

Long didnt believe it back then. But at this moment, he found that he had become one of them, so he had to believe it!

Liu and Ouyang took a look at each other. Both of them thought that Long was so silly.

So they stopped watching and focusing on eating.

Anyway, they knew that this emperor had always been "easygoing" and did not pay much attention to etiquette.

Otherwise, they wouldnt be friends with him and they even wouldnt be alive by now!

After lunch, Ying Feng reported some information from the imperial palace to Long. There were several memorials that needed him to deal with, so Long followed Ying Feng to the study.

Liu did not leave because of the eye contact with Shi.

Once Long left, Shi said, "What did you say to him?"

Liu said, "Nothing bad…"

Then, Liu told him about the idea of dredging Longs meridians. Shi was slightly stunned and frowned. Then, he said calmly, "Let him choose for himself. Its meaningless to live so long."

Liu didnt expect Shi to say so, but he also saw Shis love for Long from his words. Liu knew that this man didnt want Long to suffer.

Liu said seriously, "It can not only prolong his life. Most importantly, you know, people with great internal strength seldom get sick. Itll be good for his health. If he doesnt have a healthy body now, hell suffer a lot when he grows old. Now that hes young, he can bear the pain and improve himself. Then he can enjoy happiness in his old age."

Shi didnt say anything.

"Im doing it for his own good," Liu said seriously.

Shi pursed his lips. "I see. This time thank you very much."

Hearing Shis words, Liu seemed to see the former Shi, who was polite and elegant. So he smiled. "Youre welcome."

Without saying anything more, Shi turned to leave.

Looking at Shis receding figure, Liu sighed.

Ouyang took a look at Liu. "What are you looking at?"

Liu said softly, "If Shi Qingzhou can stop being tortured by the reaming effect of the poisonous insect, I guess this man will be more remarkable."

Ouyang agreed with him. "Well, there will be a way. Havent you been reading medical books all the time? Have you found anything useful?"

Liu shook his head. "No, maybe not in the folk."

"Where do you want to go?"

"Tianji Sect," Liu said firmly.

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