Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 221

Chapter 221 The Death Of Mrs. Song I

Chapter 221: The Death of Mrs. Song (I)

In the night, Shi Qingzhou decided to send shadow guardians to kill people residing at the first place on the list.

Long Xiaoyuan didnt object, but he asked Shi not to participate in the action. Fortunately, Shi didnt propose to participate.

That group was led by Liu Suifeng and Ouyang Chuan, while Ying Feng was left in the residence.

Since Ying Qiu got injured, Ying Feng had to bear a heavier burden.

Although Ying Qiu had come to his senses, he had no fighting ability at all and needed to lie on the bed for more than half a month.

Long and Shi bore this hatred in their minds.

It was in Song Qingtians mansion on a dark night.

Song Qingtian couldn’t sleep but kept tossing and turning in bed. He didnt understand why his daughter became a traitor.

What was the reason that a young lady did such a thing?

Song Qingtian felt he was not a good father, who shouldnt have allowed his daughter to make such a great sin.

Song Qingtians wife, who lay on the same bed with Song Qingtian, naturally perceived Song Qingtians movement.

Mrs. Song woke up and said, "Master, are you concerned over the fire?"

Song sighed, thinking it was good if he was only concerned over the fire. But he knew he couldnt reveal any abnormal behaviors about the daughter to his wife, so he just said, "Hmm, Im upset about the fire. You sleep first."

Mrs. Song was a little worried about her husband.

"Master, dont think too much. Although the mansion was on fire, none of our family members get injured or die, and other people in the mansion are all alive. That is already lucky."

Mrs. Songs soft comfort only made Song Qingtian give a bitter smile in the heart. He placated his wife, "Yes, youre right. Lets go to sleep."

Since Mrs. Song had been living with Song Qingtian for decades, she easily felt Song Qingtian just made a perfunctory effort.

But what else bothered Song Qingtian except the fire…

Oh, their daughter Song Cailian.

Thinking about the daughter, Mrs. Song asked, "Do you worry about Cailian?"

Mrs. Songs words made Song Qingtian keep silent.

Seeing Song Qingtians reaction, Mrs. Song added, "Dont worry about her. She is so smart. That womanizer will be arrested sooner or later. He will not hurt our daughter for sure."

With the heart feeling painful, Song Qingtian kept silent for a while, then he said softly, "Did we make a mistake to send Cailian away?"

"Eh?" Mrs. Song was stunned and felt upset, "Master, are you… blaming me?"

Song Qingtian gave her a bitter smile, "We made that decision together. It was not your own responsibility."

Mrs. Song felt depressed, "I sent our daughter away… for the sake of myself… Master, I regretted doing this afterwards, so I tried to compensate Cailian after you took her home… But Cailian had not been close to us. I think that probably is the punishment to us by the God. We sent our biological daughter away, so she is not close to us. I guess Cailian has resentment toward us…"

When she said that, Mrs. Song couldnt help feeling depressed.

"She is resentful to us… she… is resentful to us…." Song Qingtian murmured this sentence, with his heart trembling suddenly. "Is it… the reason that she committed such a great sin?"

Mrs. Song was stunned, "Master? What did you say? Who committed a great sin?"

With the body trembling greatly, Song Qingtian said, "Nothing, I didnt say anything."

Hearing this, Mrs. Song felt anxious. She instinctively thought something had happened.

"Master, I have heard it. Has anything happened? Spit it out!"

"Nothing happened!" Song Qingtian snapped, "Women should know when to keep mouth shut."

Mrs. Song was startled, with eyes filled with tears, "Master, you never snapped me or yelled at me since we got married. You didnt blame me even when I sent our daughter away… Master, I know you. Something has happened, right? Master, just tell me."

When Song Qingtian began to get impatient and was about to reproach his wife, a feminine laughter arose.

"Father, has anything happened? Spit it out."

Song Qingtian and Mrs. Song were both stunned, "Who is there?"

"It is me. Father and mother, dont you recognize me?"

Finally, a face appeared. She was Song Cailian.

Although it was dark at night, Song Qingtian and his wife still recognized their daughter through the moonlight.

"Cailian?" Mrs. Song was astonished, "What are you doing here? You didnt fall asleep at this late hour of the night?"

Mrs. Song was taken aback, while Song Qingtians heart trembled. He felt a crisis somehow. But even so, Song Qingtian still stayed calm.

"Cailian, why do you come here?" Song Qingtian also asked.

"Me?" Song Cailian smiled, "I come to kill you, father and mother."

Mrs. Song was stunned. She thought Song Cailian was joking, "Cailian, what are you saying? Stop messing around. That joke is thoroughly perverse and unprincipled."

Only Song Qingtian thought his daughter was not joking at all.

"Mother, you see, father is smarter than you. He didnt think I am joking now." Song Cailian laughed. She looked beautiful at night, but made people feel horrified.

A beautiful lady said such unprincipled words, which was really terrifying.

"Cailian!" Mrs. Song was astonished, "What the hell are you talking?"

Song Qingtian still kept silent, but he looked very calm and composed.

Song Cailian giggled… "Mother, dont you get it? I said I came to kill father and you."

After finishing the words, Song Cailian moved swiftly. In the next second, her hand squeezed Mrs. Songs throat.

Song Qingtian scolded her in a loud voice, "What are you doing!"

Song Cailian responded by twisting off Mrs. Songs neck.

"Oh my!" Song Qingtian widened his eyes in anger. He tried to call out for guards, but failed, because Song Cailians hand squeezed his throat.

"What … an unfilial daughter…" Song Qingtian managed to speak with an effort.

Song Cailian gave a wee smile, "Old man, since you are dying, Ill give you a gift and make you die without regret. Im not your unfilial daughter. Your daughter had died seventeen years ago."

Song Qingtian was stunned, "What…"

Song Cailian smiled, "You abandoned her, resulting in her death. I kill you both, which can be considered to revenge her on you. Sounds good? You gave birth to her but refused to raise her. How irresponsible you are! Tell me… whether you deserve death."

Song Qingtians eyes moistened with tears, "My daughter… how did she die… who are you then?"

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