Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 230

Chapter 230 Letter Of Challenge Ii

Chapter 230: Letter of Challenge (II)

Shi stared at Long and suddenly asked, "Are you sad?"

That question stunned Long. He shook his head and said, "Why would I? You think too much."

Shis eyes narrowed. "You used to love her so much, but you have no feelings for her now?"

Long didnt know what to say.

Shi took a look at him. "Ill go for a walk."

"Qingzhou." When Shi was about leave, Long suddenly grabbed his arm.

Shi turned round, looking very calm.

Long gave a wry smile. "You think Im cruel, dont you?"

Shi did not speak.

Long said gently, "Do you still remember the special dream I told you?"

Shi nodded slowly. "Yes." Long began to change after that, so he remembered it clearly.

Long stroked Shis cheeks affectionately. "I feel like I was reborn after that. I dont want to justify what I did before, but I didnt really love them. This man who is standing in front of you with a new soul is the real me. I fell in love with you and just want to spend the rest of my life with you. So I can only say sorry to those women. Whats more, none of those women really loved me. What they wanted was just high social status, power or something else. Qingzhou, I only have one heart and Im willing to give it to you. Im not interested in others, because having you in my life is already enough for me…"

Shi fixed Long with a gaze. What he saw was deep love and great sincerity in Longs eyes.

The corners of Shis mouth gradually curved up. "Mhmm."

Long leaned over and kissed Shi on the lips.

Shi didnt refuse and gently closed his eyes

The kiss didnt last long, but the warmth and intimacy brought by Long made Shis ears become a little red.

Long could not help kissing Shis pink ears.

"Qingzhou youre so beautiful."

Shi looked at Long with doubt and raised his eyebrows. "Am I beautiful? Im afraid I cant be compared with Liu Suifeng."

Long couldnt believe it. "Qingzhou, you still cant let it go?"

Shi said coldly, "You seldom take a fancy to someone. Of course I remember that."

"I dont like him!" Long tried to defend himself. "Qingzhou, why do you think I like him?"

"Who knows? You said hes very beautiful," Shi had a good reason.

Long hit himself on the mouth. "Right. I shouldnt have said that. Qingzhou, I was wrong."

Shi rolled his eyes. "Dont forget your identity. How could you be wrong?"

"What is my identity?" Long didnt think so. "Qingzhou, in front of you, I dont have a special identity. Im just your husband. Thats all!"

Shi narrowed his eyes

Long looked at Shi sincerely.

Finally, Shi curled his lips and said, "Lets go out and take a look."

"Okay. Lets see if Liu Suifeng is being accosted by some playboys again!"

Shi smiled. "Perhaps you can pretend to be a playboy and experience that feeling."

"Oh?" Long blinked. "What do you mean?"

Shi sneered. "Thatll be a good reason for you to get close to that beauty."

"Qingzhou!" Long cried and jumped him. "Qingzhou, how can you think like that? Im really wronged, okay?"


The two of them walked out of the house talking and laughing.

Once they got to the street, they heard something special!

"Is it really Lord Wangs family?"

"Yes, Im sure its his family!"

"Hes so pathetic. That damned philanderer!"

"Yes, its really unacceptable. The third young master is such a nice person…"

"Yes, hes so beautiful. What a shame!"

"Lord Wang is also to blame. He knows that his son is good-looking and the philanderer hasnt been found. How could he allow his son to wander around the streets?"

"Yes, Lord Wang was so careless!"

Long and Shi looked at each other and realized that something had happened!

The two of them went towards Lord Wangs mansion quietly. The closer they got to that place, the more rumors they heard.

It turned out that the philanderer had sent a letter of challenge there!

A Shadow Guardian approached Long and Shi without trace.

"Master, I was just about to report it to you."

Long nodded. "Lets talk privately."

They went to the teahouse that theyd been to earlier, but they chose a hidden place this time.

The Shadow Guardian reported what the philanderer had done to them.

The letter of challenge was directly shot at the gate of Lord Wangs residence.

There was only one sentence written on it, that was, he would come to take away the third young master in this mansion at night.

The third young master was actually Liu Suifeng, who had been swaggering around the city these two days.

Long said at once, "Since theres another blatant provocation, its best to let Song Qingtian deal with it."

Shi nodded. "Well order the Shadow Guardians to be disguised as soldiers and set a trap in Lord Wangs mansion. We must catch that philanderer this time."

"Song Cailian may also be attracted," Long said gently.

"Dont waste any time. Act now." Long and Shi looked at each other and then quickly gave orders for the Shadow Guardians to take action. As for the two of them, they were not in a hurry to leave the teahouse. They intended to stay outside for a while.

People in the teahouse began to talk.

"The third young master in Lord Wangs family is so pretty. That philanderer really knows when to act."

"Hey, it seems that you also take a fancy to that young master."

"Isnt that quite normal? Dont you like him? Everyone likes beautiful people, am I right?"

"Well, its a pity that Im not as powerful as that philanderer."

"Its a shame for you to say that. That philanderer really should be punished. If such a beautiful person as the third young master is hurt by that guy, it would be regrettable."

"Thats right. But were just ordinary people. We can do nothing to help him."

"Youre wrong. Many hands make light work. I believe that if all of us surround Lord Wangs mansion, that philanderer wont be able to get in!"

"You are so nave. In front of great martial artists, ordinary people are nothing at all. Even if we surround Lord Wangs mansion, the philanderer can still enter with his martial arts. He can even fly! We can do nothing about it!"

"What shall we do then?"

"We can only count on the government. Do you remember that the philanderer didnt succeed in taking Miss Song away last time?"

"Shh How dare you talk about that woman? You wanna die? Shes a vixen! She even killed her own mother. Can she be still called a human being?"

"Right, dont talk about that bitch. Such a woman deserves to be cut into pieces!"

"Its a pity that the philanderer failed in taking her away!"

"Thats right Ah"

All of a sudden, those people, who just spoke ill of Song Cailian, began to scream.

Long and Shi immediately stood up as a white figure flashed past them.

"Song Cailian!" Shi looked very serious, but he did not act. Instead, he ordered two Shadow Guardians to chase after her.

Since Long was there, Shi wouldnt hesitate for a moment about staying by his side. He was worried that Song would come back again. In that case, Long would be in great danger.

"My hands!"

"My ears!"

"Ah! It hurts!"

In the teahouse, the injured people were groaning everywhere.

Song just gave them some warning and didnt kill anyone

Maybe she distained to do that or she just didnt dare to

Neither Long nor Shi looked very good.

They looked at each other and decided to leave the teahouse first.

After the two of them got out of the teahouse, Shi said, "Lets go back."

Long nodded. "Mhmm Lets go back first…"

As the Shadow Guardians followed in secret, they went off in the direction of the mansion.

This time, Long once again felt as if someone was peeking at him. He suddenly turned round

However, like last time, he still didnt find anything

Shi looked at Long and said, "Whats the matter?"

Long shook his head slowly. "Nothing…"

Shi frowned. "You feel someone is looking at you again?"

Long shook his head with a smile. "No. Lets go…"

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