Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 231

Chapter 231 Attacked At Midnight

Chapter 231: Attacked at Midnight

Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou came back to the residence.

When it was getting dark, Long said, "Qingzhou, Lets have dinner first."

Shi nodded, but he didnt have any appetite. Although Long didnt say anything in the street, Shi believed Longs intuition since Long said he felt some one was watching him last time.

They didnt detect any suspicious person, but Shi couldnt help worrying Long.

"Qingzhou, will you participate in the action tonight?" Long asked.

Looking at Long, Shi slowly shook his head, "No."

"Eh?" Long was stunned, "Youre not going? I thought you would like to meet the womanizer in person."

Shi indeed was going to meet the womanizer.

But he was a little scared and upset somehow, so he dared not leave Long alone, even Long was safeguarded by enough shadow guardians.

Therefore, Shi decided not to participate in the action.

"No. Ill stay here." Shi answered firmly.

Feeling Shi a bit strange, Long couldnt help asking, "Qingzhou? Whats wrong?"

Shi shook his head, "Song Cailian probably will not go to the mansion of Landlord Wang. She may come here. It is really possible since she dared to kill the shadow guardian and even kill Mrs. Song after being exposed. In addition, if she takes orders from any force of the Eastern Darkness, it is one of the few opportunities to kill us here."

Hearing Shis analysis, Long thought that was very likely the case.

Then, instead of persuading Shi, Long said, "Alright, you can stay if you want… actually we can get out together."

Shi was stunned a bit.

Long gave Shi a smile, "Since there are so many people in the mansion of Landlord Wang, we can hide ourselves in the crowd and do not participate in the fighting."

Shi meditated on Longs suggestion.

Being eager to meet that womanizer, Long said, "I dont believe the womanizer can flee when the mansion is besieged by so many guards. We probably can arrest Song Cailian at the same time. If we both go there, all the strength can be gathered there and accordingly enhance the possibility to arrest them, right?"

With eyes flashing, Shi stared at Long and then nodded slowly, "Youre right. But you have to promise me not to act recklessly."

Long smiled, "Qingzhou, how can I act recklessly with my martial arts? I will not make troubles for you."

"Youre the emperor. You wont make troubles for anyone." With his lips puckered, Shi said unpleasantly.

"Hum, alright. I will not say it again." Long smiled, "But, Qingzhou, you can completely rest assured because Im wearing a mask. If you are still worried that this mask has been exposed, I can wear another mask."

Shi nodded immediately after hearing this, "Okay, better wear another mask, and I also need to wear a mask. Then we will have no risk at all."

"Hmm, we are just lookers-on. Im really curious whether that womanizer can take Liu Suifeng away."

Long obviously gloated.

Shi also gave a faint smile, "It is not a problem for Ouyang Chuan, Liu Suifeng and so many shadow guardians to arrest the womanizer."

"Qingzhou, is it possible that Song Cailian unites with the womanizer?" Long asked after a possibility occurred to Long.

Shi was stunned before shaking his head, "I dont think so. They probably take orders from a same force, but the womanizer set fire to Song Qingtians mansion and ever was badly hurt by Song Cailian, so I guess he will not unite with Song Cailian."

"Maybe they will unite." Long shook his head, "They are just subordinates of a same leader who can command them to unite. So that is possible."

"The womanizers behaviors… seemed not to coincide with that of the Eastern Darkness." Shi said slowly.

"Uh?" Long was stunned, "Why do you say so?"

Shi answered, "Lurkers assigned here by forces of the Eastern Darkness more sought for great things, and few of them would make trouble on purpose. But what the womanizer did…. had enraged all the people in Songye City. In addition, the sins the womanizer committed were all for himself… which completely does not coincide with the behavior of lurkers of the Easter Darkness."

Hearing this, Long was stunned, "Right… their behaviors are very inconsistent. How impudent the womanizer is. What he did were all for personal gain."

Shi nodded, "Exactly. So I always feel there is something strange about the womanizer."

Long rubbed his chin meditatively, "If so… Qingzhou, tell me your thought."

Shi shook his head, "Its just a feeling, but Im not sure about others things."

Hearing this, Long held Shis hand, "Everything will be fine. Dont think too much. Lets go to have dinner."

Shi nodded without saying any more words.

Long walked away with his empress hand in hand.

Dragged by Long, Shi walked toward the dinning hall with Long.

Unexpectedly, Ouyang came back when Long and Shi almost finished the dinner.

Blinking, Long looked at Ouyang, "Eh? Ouyang Chuan? Why do you return? Youre not staying with Liu Suifeng?"

Ouyang responded, "Im back to ask you how to arrange the action for tonight."

"Okay…" Long nodded, "Well go to the place where Liu Suifeng stays, and all of the shadow guardians will ambush there."

Ouyang was startled, "Both of you are going there?"

"Hmm." Long nodded, "We both are going there, but we will lurk in the crowd and avoid the fighting. If the womanizer and Song Cailian appear together, we will try to arrest both of them."

Understanding their intention, Ouyang nodded, "Alright. But both of you are not common people, you have special identities. Is it safe that both of you go there?"

Long waved his hand with smile, "Dont worry. It is safer if we all stay together."

Thinking for a moment, Ouyang agreed. Then he left without saying any more words.

After Ouyang let, Shi and Long finished the dinner. They stayed in the room for a while before leaving the house in secret.

When arriving at the mansion of Landlord Wang, they had gotten everything ready.

The everything naturally referred to… wearing makeup and masks.

Long and Shi both looked like a common servant at present.

With the night coming, the mansion of Landlord Wang was strongly fortified.

Since guards were arranged from inside to outside, it could be seen that the womanizer was extremely good at martial arts if he could enter and take away Liu Suifeng.

But how was it possible?

Long didnt thought there was a high possibility.

Long was having a conversation with Shi in chair.

"Qingzhou, when do you think the womanizer will come?"

Since the womanizer openly provoked Landlord Wang in advance, people in the mansion of Landlord Wang would not sleep tonight.

Everyone was getting embattled.

"I have no idea. Probably before midnight."

"Eh? Why?" Long was puzzled, "How can you be so sure?"

"Im not sure. Its just a guess."

"Okay, why not making a bet on midnight?" Long suggested.

Shi glanced at Long, "How to bet?"

Long smiled, "Lets bet on the time that the womanizer come is before or after midnight. Qingzhou, you just said the time will be before midnight, then I bet he will come after midnight. What punishment will the one who loses the bet… uh… get? Let me think."

Shi smiled softly, "Hmm, take your time."

Long laughed, "The one who loses the bet…" Long whispered in Shis ears, when Shis ears turned light red.

It could be seen that Long certainly said some frivolous words.

But it was just a stake, as well as the romance between the couple, so both of them felt relaxed.

They were waiting in the nervous and gloomy atmosphere, when midnight passed.

"Qingzhou, you lose." Long said pleasantly.

Shi curled his lips, "The womanizer is a coward."

"Hehe, I dont care whether he is a coward or not. Qingzhou, since he hasnt come, I win the bet… Ill see your performance."

With his lips puckered, Shi glared at Long without saying anything.

That glare certainly didnt mean Shi was angry. He just… was not reconciled with the result.

Maybe that glare more indicated that Shi was ashamed into anger.

However Long was fascinated by that glare, thinking his Qingzhou…

If the time was right, Long probably would rushed to Shi… Qingzhou always had fatal attraction to Long.

Just when Long felt a surge of desire for Shi in mind, Shi turned serious, "He comes…"

Long was stunned and turned serious too. A white figure flied away in the air… very fast.

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