Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Do You Trust Him That Much? Ii

Chapter 246: Do You Trust Him That Much? (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

"Thats right. So I guess when he goes back to the imperial city, those who are involved in this will all be killed," Ouyang said in a deep voice.

"Long Xiaoyuan is with him," Liu said hoarsely.

"Right," Ouyang said gently, "If there is anyone who can prevent Shi Qingzhou from going mad, that man must be Long Xiaoyuan. At least he can tell Shi Qingzhou to restrain himself."

Liu hurriedly said, "I need to have a good talk with him."

Ouyang shook his head and said, "Shi Qingzhou found the second poisonous insect and planned to put it in Long Xiaoyuans body."

Liu was stunned. "What? The second poisonous insect? How could it be?"

"He got it from Tianji Sect," Ouyang said calmly, "The poisonous insect is very helpful to its first master and it can resist all kinds of poisons. He wants to put it in Long Xiaoyuans body. You can see how important Long Xiaoyuan is in his heart. But do you know what he said to me?"

Liu was slightly stunned. "What did he say?" He had a feeling that it wasnt something good.

Sure enough, Ouyang said, "He said if we tell Long Xiaoyuan about those things he doesnt want him to know, including what has happened and what will happen, hell make one of us become the second master of the poisonous insect."

The second master of the poisonous insect was just like him

Liu was shocked. "He he really said that?"

"Not only did he say that, but Im sure that he can do it. Hes not threatening us, but ordering us Do you understand what I mean?"

Liu was completely silent. Of course he understood what that meant.

Shi Qingzhou

No wonder his Brother Ouyang kept saying that man was horrible!

Now that he had said such things, everybody would be scared of him.

"Why did he deliberately let you hurt him?"

"I dont know. He came to attack me that night, but he must know that he couldnt kill me. As for why he didnt ask the Shadow Guardians to help him and why he deliberately made me hurt him in the end, I really dont know…"

After a short silence, Liu said, "Is it because he came to his senses at that moment…"

Ouyang shook his head. "My intuition told me he didnt. I think he was very sober that night."

Liu stopped talking.

Ouyang sighed. "Suifeng, we can do nothing to help Shi Qingzhou now."

Liu pursed his lips. "But Long Xiaoyuan Can he really control Shi Qingzhou?"

"No one can control Shi Qingzhou now. He can only be influenced. If Long Xiaoyuan can influence him, maybe things will not go to a dead end. If he cant I think the nation will be in chaos."

Liu closed his eyes and then opened them again. "Shi Qingzhou has killed too many people and lots of clans are involved in this. So its possible that the nation will be in chaos. However, in the final analysis, those people brought the trouble on themselves. Everyone should pay for their choice."

"That being said, its still a serious problem. Were just some martial artists and its no big deal if we kill some evil people. However, the two of them are the most honorable men in this nation. They not only represent themselves, but also all the people here. If the nation is turbulent, nobody can be free from trouble."

Liu looked at Ouyang and said slowly, "My intuition tells me that Long Xiaoyuan wont let that happen. Brother Ouyang, hes the ruler of this nation, so he wont allow Shi Qingzhou to go that far. Maybe Shi Qingzhou doesnt want to make compromises, but the emperor wont let things run wild. He needs to do that, because he wont make Shi become a sinner. Some people deserve to die, but some people dont. Whats more, Long understands that his previous actions have forced some people to the opposite of himself. Its the fault of both sides, so hell give them a way out."

Hearing those words, Ouyang looked at Liu strangely.

Liu was very confused. "Whats wrong?"

Ouyang said slowly, "Do you trust him that much?"

Liu laughed. "Dont be jealous. I trust him because hes the emperor."

Ouyang narrowed his eyes. "Oh You trust him."

Liu broke out into a cold sweat. "We should trust the emperor, shouldnt we? Brother Ouyang, dont you think he is a qualified emperor now? At least, he treats the common people very well. Hedoesnt put on airs and also has a good character…"

"You have such a good impression of him." Ouyang looked at Liu and smiled significantly.

When Liu heard that, sweat rolled down his forehead.

"Brother Ouyang please dont say that. You scared me." Liu forced a smile.

Ouyang snorted. "Humph."

Liu got very nervous. "Brother Ouyang…"

"I almost forgot to ask you. You and Long Xiaoyuan stayed together for more than twenty days. It must be exciting, right?"

"Exciting?" Lius eyes widened. "What do you mean by that?"

Ouyang sneered. "Dont you understand? For more than twenty days, you stayed together in the wild and both of you like men. Humph, who knows if you have"

Ouyang didnt finish his words, but he expressed that through his eyes.

Hearing that, Liu immediately said, "Brother Ouyang, how can you say that? Youre the only one in my heart. Dont you know that? Youre the only one I love. I"

"Is that all?" Ouyang interrupted, "You can only describe your love for me with such plain language?"

Liu felt helpless. "Brother Ouyang…"

"Dont call me that. Were not that close." Ouyang sneered.

The corners of Lius mouth twitched. "Brother Ouyang…"

Ouyang wrapped the quilt around himself. "All right, you can go now. Dont be an eyesore."

Liu pointed at his own nose unbelievably. "What? Im an eyesore?"

"Yes, you are! You are an eyesore!"

Lius face darkened. "Brother Ouyang!"

"Stop it! Just go away! Im going to sleep."

Liu took a deep breath and compromised. "Well, Brother Ouyang, you can sleep now. Ill wait for you to wake up."

Ouyang snorted. He ignored Liu and closed his eyes

Liu had no choice but to keep silent and sighed inwardly.