Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 251

Chapter 251 Im A Good Man Ii

Chapter 251: Im a Good Man (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

"Its certainly not. They wouldnt put all the eggs in one basket. Were on the way back to the imperial city and this will be their last chance. If they dont grasp it they wont achieve anything. They can only wait for us to eliminate them one by one in the imperial city," Long said.

Shi continued to have wonton soup.

Long also ate several mouthfuls.

Liu wanted to eat that, too. Most importantly, he was really hungry

Long looked up. "Lets talk about it later. The poisonous creatures havent been found anyway. Go to have breakfast first."

Liu nodded and left without saying a word.

Seeing that Liu was so anxious to leave, Long laughed. "Qingzhou, he wants to eat it. Haha!"

Shi glanced at Long and continued to eat.

Long took two wontons out of his bowl and gave them to Shi.

Shi said, "I have a lot here."

Long shook his head. "No. You should eat more."

Shi couldnt refuse and ate them all.

Long felt very happy.

After breakfast, it was their turn to enter the city. Long and Shi sat in the carriage and didnt get off.

"Qingzhou, I suddenly thought of the time when we first arrived here Guards were very strict and the city gate surprised me."

"Mhmm," Shi responded calmly, "There was also the philanderer."

"Uh…" Long touched his nose. "Forget about that guy. I dont think its a good memory. Just forget it."

Shi pursed his lips and didnt speak because some things couldnt be forgotten so easily.

How could he forget the days when Long disappeared without a trace?

Shi thought that just because he failed to protect Long, Long had to jump into the river from the cliff. Every time he thought about that, he was torn with grief. How could he forget about those things?

"Qingzhou." Long seemed to have noticed Shi was upset, so he held Shis hand and kissed Shis lips. "Qingzhou, your lips smell of wonton soup."

Hearing Longs words, Shi laughed and no longer felt so sad.

Long kissed the tip of Shis nose. "Qingzhou, Im already back and Im totally fine. Besides, I want to tell you something. That day, Liu Suifeng wanted to die with Zhou Heng and let me jump into the river alone, but I stopped him. Im not stupid. If he died, what would I do? You know that Im not that powerful. So I pulled Liu Suifeng down with me. Without doubt, he was very useful. In the river, he helped me block the attack of the whirlpool. In the end, he was hurt, but I was fine. Im very smart, right? Dont you think hes a great helper?"

Looking at the smile on Longs face, Shi said gently, "Do you mean to tell me hes saved you twice, so we shouldnt blame him? We should be grateful, right?"

"Of course." Long looked at Shi with a smile. "Qingzhou, do you still blame him?"

Shi didnt speak.

"Qingzhou." Long held Shis hand and said softly, "We should be tolerant and then we will live a happy life. Although sometimes I think this is a bit hypocritical, being tolerant makes me feel better because our position allows us to decide the life and death of others at will."

Shi still didnt speak.

"I know that youll be influenced by me, because Im a good man!"

"Youre a good man?" Shi rolled his eyes and curled his lips. "I dont think so."

"Qingzhou, you made me sad."

Shi said, "All right. Lets go."

Long looked outside. They had already entered the city and they could get out of the carriage.

So, Long held Shis hand and got off

On the other side, at the city wall.

Two young men were whispering to each other at the place a little far away from where Liu and the others dug earlier.

"Fortunately, weve dug it out. If we had been too late, we would have been found out by Shi Qingzhou."

"I didnt expect Shi Qingzhou to come here."

"Mhmm. Liu Suifeng and Ouyang Chuan arent here. Why did he come? He doesnt know how to remove poisons or cure diseases."

"Yes, its so strange. It seems to me that he came straight here. Whats going on?"

"I dont know. We must tell Mr. Chen about this. Hes extremely intelligent. I believe he must know why."

"Thats right. Lets go and find Mr. Chen."

"By the way, did you hear about the matter last time?"

"Whats that?"

"Mr. Chen Hes indeed powerful, but he seems different from us!"

"Oh? You you mean that that thing? You also know that."

"Of course I know. Many people have seen it with their own eyes. How can I not know?"

"Hush, dont talk about it. Thats right. Mr. Chen eats human flesh, but hes very powerful. Thats enough."

"Its just sometimes Im very afraid Do you think Mr. Chen will eat us?"

"How could it be?"

"Why not? It seems that Mr. Chen isnt picky. The man he ate last time was one of his subordinates"

"We never made any mistakes. That man was eaten because he made mistakes before. So we must be careful. Listen, dont say anything about it when we go back later."

"Brother, I just told you about this. Who else would I talk to? Besides, the imperial court plans to eliminate all of us this time, so its normal for Mr. Chen to be angry. But I believe that those people wont be able to defeat him!"

"Mhmm, I also think so. Come on, lets go back. We cant be exposed."

"Yes. Lets go…"

Long and Shi naturally didnt know what happened here.

But Long also thought of a problem.

"Qingzhou, why did you go to the city wall earlier?"

Shi took a look at Long. "Hmm?"

Long said, "Nobody noticed that, but why did you go there?"

"Because of it." While speaking, Shi took out a small box from his pocket.

Long was stunned. "Whats this?"

Shi smiled. "The poisonous insect."

It surprised Long. "The poisonous insect? Where did you get it?"

Shi said, "Tianji Sect gave it to me as a gift of apology."

"Tianji Sect?" Long was stunned again.

"Well, I plan to put it in your body."

"What?" Long was shocked. "Youll put a bug in my body? No way!"

"This bug can cure all kinds of diseases and make you invincible," Shi said slowly.

Long became speechless. Even so, he still didnt want it!

When Long was about to say that, Shi said firmly, "You have to!"

Long didnt know what to say.

Shi said slowly, "When we get to the inn, Ill ask Liu Suifeng to put the poisonous insect into your body."

Long still didnt say anything.

"Its really beneficial. With it in your body, I wont have to worry about you. Isnt that good?"


"There are no buts. Its a good thing and youll be its first owner. Thats enough."

"But…" That was still a bug!

Who would want a bug in his body!

"There are no buts! You cant refuse!"

Seeing that Shi was so determined, Long had to sigh helplessly. "Well, I see Ill agree"