Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Actually In Song Mansion

Chapter 255: Actually in Song Mansion

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

When Long woke up, he found that his empress was no longer by his side.

Yawning, Long got up from the bed.


He called Shis name, but didnt receive any response.

Long curled his lips and walked outside.

When he opened the door, a Shadow Guardian greeted him. "Master."

"Ying Feng, you came just in time. Wheres Qingzhou?" Long didnt see Shi when he got up, so he was a little sad.

Ying Feng said, "Master, Master Shi went out."

"What?" Long frowned. "Where did he go?"

After a pause, Ying Feng said, "Song mansion."

"Song mansion?" Long was puzzled. "Why did he go there?"

Ying Feng kept silent for a few seconds. Then, he said, "Master Shi went to meet Ouyang Chuan and Liu Suifeng before he left for Song mansion."

Long was stunned and a thought occurred to him!

But how was that possible?

Was that thing hidden in Song mansion?

Long was quite smart. He immediately guessed that the mysterious thing might be hidden in Song mansion!

Long pursed his lips and didnt go to find Shi. He thought that Shi had already gone and it was no use for him to go there at this moment. Moreover, he knew that his empress wasnt a reckless person. If it would bring disaster to Song family, Shi wouldnt have done that.

Shi might take action in secret.

Or he had already made arrangements before he left.

After thinking for a moment, Long asked, "How many Shadow Guardians went with Qingzhou?"

"Half of them," Ying Feng answered at once, "But Liu Suifeng and Ouyang Chuan are still here. Master Shi has ordered that no matter what happens, they must stay here with you."

So Shi asked Liu and Ouyang to stay here to protect Long.

Half of the Shadow Guardians had left. Long found that his empress had really made a plan.

Long sighed inwardly. Although his empress didnt tell this to him earlier, he shouldnt get angry.

Besides, even if he was awake at that time, it wasnt suitable for him to participate in such activities.

"Did Ying Qiu go with him?"

"Yes, he did," Ying Feng said.

Long nodded. "Well, I see. Ill have breakfast."

"Yes, Ill order them to deliver the food." Ying Feng was relieved.

In fact, he had been worried that Long would go to find Shi.

Now that Long said those words, he naturally felt relieved.

Long went back to his room and waited for breakfast.

Soon, a lot of food was sent there.

Long had breakfast alone. Without Shi by his side, he found the food was tasteless, but he had to eat some.

Although he was worried about Shi, he was still very rational.

In any case, they had the upper hand at the moment.

Their enemy had no idea that they had already known where the evil thing was hidden, so Shi would have much time to surround it.

Moreover, Shi must have taken away the poisonous insect, so that thing could be taken out.

Thinking of that, Long began to wait for Shi patiently. He was a reasonable person. If he acted rashly, it might affect Shis action.

In that case, he wouldnt be of any help and Shi would be in trouble.

After breakfast, Long finally had some time to calm down and improve his internal strength in the room.

It was Liu who taught him the method. When they were in the wasteland, Liu taught him how to combine internal strength with sleep while sleeping at night. However, Long didnt master it at that time.Read manga at our MangaBob.com

Comprehension was needed for a person to practice martial arts and Long thought that he wasnt good at that at all.

But it wasnt a problem for him to just practice internal strength. Now that his empress was occupied, he had some private time.

Time passed quickly when he was practicing. When Long finished, it was almost time for lunch.

The whole morning just passed like that and Long felt that time passed in the twinkling of an eye.

He never thought that a morning could be so short!

When he walked out the door, Ying Feng appeared. "Master, do you want to have lunch?"

"No hurry. Where are Liu Suifeng and Ouyang Chuan?" Long asked.

"Master, they came here half an hour ago. Since you were meditating, they went back. I guess theyre in their room now."

"Oh, lets go to have a look." Long went to Lius place.

Ying Feng followed him.

When Long got there, the two of them were having lunch.

Long thought that right after they came back from his place, they asked servants to deliver the lunch.

"Whoa, what a big meal!" Long raised his eyebrows and stepped into the room with a smile.

Liu put down his chopsticks. "Here you are Do you want to join us?"

"Of course." Long sat down on one side. "Get me a pair of chopsticks."


Soon, Long got his bowl and chopsticks.

Long didnt mind that Liu and Ouyang had already eaten the food. He just began to eat leisurely.

Although he refused to have lunch at his place earlier, it didnt mean he wouldnt eat here.

Moreover, both Liu and Ouyang were with him. He would ask them everything. So it was okay to have lunch first.

Liu curled his lips. Without saying anything, he began to focus on eating.

Long and Shi acted like a sweet couple while having meal, but Liu and Ouyang were different from them.

So, the three of them had meal quietly.

A quarter of an hour later, they had eaten their fill.

Long wiped his mouth and washed his hands before turning to Liu and Ouyang.

"Tell me about last night."

Liu knew that he would ask.

Therefore, he gave a detailed account of what they found in Song mansion the previous night. He affirmed that they acted naturally and their opponents definitely didnt know that theyd already found out.

Long listened to him quietly and nodded. "Qingzhou has deployed so many people. I guess our opponents had already known."

"Mhmm," Liu responded, "Its quite possible."

Long touched his chin. "Do you think those people will wait and act in the evening?"

Liu was slightly stunned. "Is it possible that they act right now? But the chances of success are lower in the day. After all, during the day, even ordinary people can help us."

"They can help us, but they can also upset our plan. If the leader cant restrain himself, those people will gain the upper hand in the chaos. At least, it must be what they think," Long said firmly.

After a short silence, Liu said, "We havent received any news."

"Fight a quick battle to force a quick decision. When we receive the news, the battle must have ended. We will only know if our enemy has succeeded or failed," Long saidsarcastically.

Liu curled his lips. "I admit that your words make sense. What are you going to do?"

Long said gently, "Lets build the last line of defense, just in case!"

Liu was stunned. "Youre going, too? But Shi Qingzhou asked you to stay here. You know that he is most worried about you."

Long smiled. "Hes worried about me and Im also worried about him. Whats more, you know what Qingzhou is like. If Im not with him, Im afraid hell kill too many people. Its not good."

Liu fell silent. A moment later, he said, "Well, if were going, we shouldnt be too late."

Long smiled and patted Liu on the shoulder. "Yes! Lets go!"

Ouyang narrowed his eyes. He had a feeling that there was a tacit understanding between Long and Liu!

And that was a little annoying!

Liu turned his head and saw that his Brother Ouyang looked upset. He immediately knew that Ouyang was thinking too much, so he went over and held Ouyangs hand.

He learned this from Long.

He saw that Long often did this when Shi needed to be pacified, so he gradually learned it.

And this method was really effective!

Ouyang was surprised that Liu held his hand. Then, he pursed his lips.

Liu smiled at him flatteringly and lovingly. Even if Ouyang was a little upset earlier, he felt very happy now. Besides, Ouyang wasnt stupid. He knew that Long and Shi loved each other deeply, so it was totally impossible for Long to fall in love with Liu!

After successfully pacifying Ouyang, Liu grinned.

Well, Longs method was really useful.

Long didnt know what the two of them were thinking about and he walked very fast.

Liu smiled at Ouyang. "Brother Ouyang, lets go."

Ouyang nodded. "Mhmm."