Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 256

Chapter 256 Ill Wait For You

Chapter 256: Ill Wait for You!

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Long really guessed right!

Those people chose to act in broad daylight!

When Long and his men arrived, those people had been fighting in Song mansion.

Moreover, they did make use of the ordinary people to put Song mansion in chaos.

In fact, it was very simple. A smoke bomb would work.

All the servants in Song mansion were obedient at ordinary times.

But they wouldnt listen to Song Qingtian when they were in danger.

The soldiers and guards still obeyed his orders, but other people, especially some maids, had been struck with panic.

Therefore, the Song mansion had been in chaos!

When Long arrived, there was heavy smoke and the place was in complete disorder.

However, Long knew that it wasnt the truth.

Liu said to Long, "Shi Qingzhou and his Shadow Guardians havent taken action."

Long nodded. "Lets hide away and build the last line of defense."

"Okay. Come with me…"

Shi and his men really hadnt taken action. When several men in black appeared and rushed to the place where the evil thing was hidden earlier, Shi and the Shadow Guardians finally arrived.

More and more men in black rushed in, and Shi also brought a lot of Shadow Guardians with him.

Moreover, an army was also under the command of Shi.

Shi led the army to stop their enemy and surrounded Song mansion.

They surrounded the place to prevent the enemy from escaping. However, there was still a breach, which was specially prepared by them. If they didnt do that, how would more enemies get in? How would Shi kill them all?

Although Long was hiding in the dark, all the Shadow Guardians knew that he had arrived. Otherwise, they wouldnt know how to surround Song mansion.

If Long and his men could enter the place without any trace, their enemy would also do that, wouldnt they?

However, Long had told every Shadow Guardian he met not to tell Shi that he was there.

Therefore, except for Shi, all the Shadow Guardians had known that, including Ying Qiu.

Ying Qiu hesitated for a moment, but Shi didnt pay much attention to him. So he didnt notice Ying Qius reaction.

When there were enough enemies in the mansion, Shi drew the soft sword from his belt.

"Kill!" With only one word, he joined the fight.

Long went there just in case Shi would lose control!

If Shi didnt kill, he would continue to hide in the dark.

However, if Shi killed ruthlessly, he would surely stop him!

Long didnt expect that he guessed right. His express really couldnt help killing people

Long was struck dumb with astonishment, while Shi had already killed several people in a brutal way!

He didnt directly stab those people to death. Instead, he cut off their limbs and let them bleed to death.

It was much more terrible than killing people directly and Shi would easily become more murderous.

Qingzhou Long couldnt help but murmur Shis name in his heart. Then, he rushed into the battlefield.

Qing Feng and several other Shadow Guardians hurriedly followed up.

Liu and Ouyang didnt go with them. They were staying on the outer edge to ensure that no enemy could rush in. In this way, they would also avoid direct contact with Shi.

Undoubtedly, all of them were afraid of Shi at this time, so they didnt want to be so close to him.

When Long approached, Shi just cut off one mans arms.

"Hold on!" Long shouted.

Shi stopped immediately. Then, he turned his head unbelievably.

When he saw Long was really there and it was not an illusion, he looked more murderous. "Long… Long Xiaoyuan"

At this time, the Shadow Guardians had kept all the assassins out.

There were only two people, Long and Shi, standing there.

"Qingzhou." Long walked towards Shi step by step.

Shi looked extremely depressed and Long had never seen him like that.

"Qingzhou." Long finally got close to Shi and called his name gently.

Shi pursed his lips. "Why did you come here?"

Shis pupils had become dark red and he looked very indifferent.

Long worried about him so much, but he was also a little scared.

"Qingzhou, I was waiting for you to go back with me. I was worried about you."

The corners of Shis mouth turned upward. "Worry about me? You dont need to. Youve seen it, havent you?"

Long didnt say anything and Shi sneered.

"Its good that youve seen that. Do you think those people can hurt me?"

"No." Long finally opened his mouth. "Qingzhou, I know youve always been very powerful. Those idiots are no match for you at all. Qingzhou, what Im worried about is…"

"There is nothing to worry about," Shi interrupted, "They cant hurt me and they deserve to die. Dont stop me."

Long shook his head. "I know they cant hurt you, but Qingzhou, Ive told you I dont like your hands being stained with blood. Do you want me to hate you because of these people?"

"Do you want me to hate you because of these people?"

It seemed that Long was asking, "Qingzhou, who are more important, me or these worthless people?"

Shi fell silent.

Long got close to Shi and held his hand.

There was a little blood on that hand and Long raised it.

"Qingzhou, did you see it? Theres other peoples blood on it. Its dirty. I hope the person I like is clean. Qingzhou…"

Shi pursed his lips and said coldly, "Im not clean. I killed people. So you dont like me, do you?"

Long didnt become nervous, but asked, "Qingzhou, let me ask you. If I were still the tyrant in the past and regarded human lives as nothing, would you still like me?"

Shis body became stiff. Long said gently, "Qingzhou, if I were like that, you wouldnt like me, would you?"

Shi looked very cold and Long held Shis hand which had the sword in it. "Qingzhou, give me the sword."

Shi did not speak or act.

Long became a little tougher. "Give it to me."

Finally, Shi slowly loosened his grip.

Long put away the soft sword, which had been stained with a lot of blood.

Long cut off a piece of cloth from a dead person and then wiped the blood on the soft sword.

The place was still bloody and other people were still fighting around them.

In the middle, there was a quiet space for the two of them.

No one bothered them and the killers who wanted to approach them had all been stopped.

After Long wiped the soft sword clean, he put it in the sheath on Shis belt. Holding Shis hand, he said, "Lets just watch here. The Shadow Guardians will deal with it."

Shi still did not speak.

Long pulled him to one side.

More and more assassins appeared and it seemed that there would be no end. Many ordinary people in Song mansion had been implicated.

However, the Shadow Guardians couldnt be sent to protect those ordinary people at this time.

Moreover, these ordinary people who would be killed were all cowards. If they had obeyed the command earlier, they would already have gone to the safe place.

Those who got panicky in the beginning wouldnt end up well.

An hour later, almost all the assassins around Long and Shi had been killed.

The assassins who were still alive were all great martial artists.

Several of them went toward the place where Shi got the evil thing. What they didnt know was that thing had been taken away and it was no long there.

Even if they went there, they wouldnt get anything!


Long said, "Let them pass. Well surround them."

Shi happened to hold the same view and he directly ordered by gesture.

Later, five assassins with great martial arts went to the place where the evil thing was buried earlier. The Shadow Guardians firstly let those people pass and then surrounded them. Liu and Ouyang also took action.

When those assassins got there and found that that thing had been missing, they were all shocked.

"Its gone."

"The treasure is gone!"

"Oh no! Weve been trapped! They mustve taken it away!"

Those people finally realized it, but it was too late.

When they were about to withdraw, the Shadow Guardians surrounded them.

Those people got furious. "Kill! Take our treasure back!"

Another fierce battle began. However, the Shadow Guardians greatly outnumbered them and there were also Liu and Ouyang.

Therefore, those assassins were all killed soon.

Shi had already ordered that they should all be killed.

So no one was left alive.

"Treasure?" Long narrowed his eyes. "Isnt that something evil?"

Shi said coldly, "It varies from person to person."

Long turned his head. "Qingzhou. itll be finished soon. How about we go back first?"

Shi shook his head. "Im going to meet Mr. Song."

After a pause, Long said, "Okay, Ill wait for you."

"No, I…"

"Ill wait for you," Long said firmly.

Hearing that, Shi stopped saying anything