Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 257

Chapter 257 The Real Shi Qingzhou

Chapter 257: The Real Shi Qingzhou

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

All the assassins who entered the Song mansion were captured, and the "treasure" they mentioned was taken away by Liu and Ouyang.

Shi seemed to have restrained himself and calmed down.

He went to meet Song Qingtian and Long was waiting for him outside.

After about an hour, Shi came out of the Song mansion.

Long immediately went to him. "How many casualties are there?"

Shi said, "Eighteen people died and more than twenty got injured."

Long frowned. "So many people died?"

Shi did not speak.

Long sighed. "Lets go back first."

Shi nodded. "Mhmm."

The two of them went back together. Long didnt walk very fast and Shi was right behind him.

After a while, Long said gently, "Qingzhou, youve been out for a long time. Have you had breakfast and lunch?"

Shi kept silent.

As Long took Shis hand, Shi became a little stiff.

Long knew that his appearance made Shi unhappy.

He also knew that his words were not the best answer.

But that was just the truth, even if sometimes it could really hurt people.

Long was willing to give Shi all the best things. He was willing to give his lover everything in the world.

But blood and killing werent what he wanted.

He didnt want the person he loved to lose himself.

Shi could kill, but he shouldnt become like a devil.

That wasnt the real Shi Qingzhou!

Just as the tyrant earlier wasnt the real Long Xiaoyuan!

Therefore, Long said that just now and he didnt regret it.

He believed that his empress would understand.

Their relationship needed to be maintained by both sides. No matter what Shi became like, Long would still love him, but Long didnt want him to lose control and become a devil!Read latest chapters at Listnovel.com

The two of them returned to the house hand in hand.

Long took Shi to the pool and they squatted down.

"Qingzhou, wash your hands."

Shi still kept silent as he washed his hands.

Long also did the same thing.

After a long time, he held Shis hand and stood up.

"Lets go back to the room. Ill order the servants to deliver the food."

Without nodding or speaking, Shi just followed silently.

Long took Shi back to the room.

Then, they sat down at the table.

Shi had been very silent. After the meal was sent there, Long kept putting food in Shis bowl as usual. Shi dropped his eyes and ate the food. However, the atmosphere wasnt as relaxed as before.

The two of them finished eating without saying anything.

After that, Long ordered the servants to clean the table.

"Lets go to rest. Qingzhou, you got up so early today. Go to take a nap."

After thinking for a moment, Shi didnt refuse.

They walked towards the bed hand in hand and Long took off Shis coat.

Shi lowed his head and didnt stop Long.

Later, Shi only had underwear on.

Long held Shis hand and they went to bed.

The two of them lay down side by side. Shi closed his eyes, while Long turned his head and looked at him.

Shi didnt open his eyes, but Long believed that Shi must know he was looking at him.

After a long time, Long said softly, "Qingzhou, do you blame me?"

Shi didnt speak and he looked very relaxed, as if he had fallen asleep.

Long held Shis hand and pressed his body against Shis.

Shi became a little stiff.

Long said gently, "Qingzhou, youll understand what I said. I believe youll certainly understand."

It seemed that Shis eyelids flickered, but they returned to normal soon.

"Qingzhou, its not that I dont love you or I dont love you enough, but that I love you too much. Qingzhou, I love you so much that I dont want you to lose yourself for anyone or for any reason. You must remember who you are. Youre Shi Qingzhou. Take me as an example. I used to be a tyrant and no one liked me at that time. But I have changed. Qingzhou, you like me now, right? If I become cruel and ruthless again, I believe you will still like me and you wont leave me until we die. Weve promised each other. But Qingzhou, all people like nice things. Dont you think so? If theres a choice, youd hope I can be still like this. In the past, I was a fatuous emperor and you were not the only person I liked. I also had many concubines around me."

When he said the last few words, Shi seemed to make an angry reaction.

Long knew that Shi wasnt really asleep.

He knew Shi heard what he had said.

Shi reacted angrily because he heard Long mentioning those concubines.

Shi didnt like those women, who had always been a thorn in his side.

Long kept trying to persuade Shi. He whispered more softly in Shis ear, "Qingzhou, I know you dont want me to become that ruthless emperor again, because that man was different from me now You like the present me, dont you? But you Qingzhou, I love you. No matter what youre like, Ill always love you, because my feelings for you wont change. But I dont want you to kill too many people and be stained with too much blood. Qingzhou, do you remember what I said in the past? Im afraid there will be karma. Im afraid there will be retribution. If one of us must kill and become like a devil, I hope that person is me. Qingzhou, did you forget what Ive said?"

Shis body trembled slightly. Finally, he opened his eyes.

"Qingzhou." Long stared at Shis scarlet eyes. "I like your eyes, no matter what color they are. However, Im afraid that the color will become darker and darker. At that time, will you also want to kill me? I can accept your changes, but I cant accept it if you cant control yourself and lose your mind. In that case, will I still be the most important person in your heart? Qingzhou, do you understand? Im really worried."

"Long Xiaoyuan…" Shi said hoarsely, "Youre worried that Ill be possessed, arent you?"

"Yes, Im worried," Long said gently.

Shi shook his head slowly. "No, Im sober. Even if Im possessed, Im still sober."

"Sober…" Long was stunned slightly. "So Qingzhou, you killed those people not because you lost control, but because you really wanted to do that?"

"Thats right." The corners of Shis lips turned upward. "Im very sober. Long Xiaoyuan, perhaps the poisonous insect really had a great influence on me in the past, but it had gradually weakened. This is just my nature. This is Shi Qingzhou. This is what Im like. Do you understand?"

Long didnt know what Shi said was true or not, so he became speechless.

"You know Ive been developing my own forces. Thats because I need to make preparations. In the past, you and I had a bad relationship and you didnt like Shi family. I was afraid that you would kill my father, so I had the thought of killing you. Long Xiaoyuan, you havent done anything to hurt Shi family, so it doesnt matter even if Im despised and humiliated by you. But if you hurt my family, I will surely kill you. This is me, the real Shi Qingzhou."

Long kept silent. He thought of that novel, in which Shi really killed the emperor. Therefore, when he became the emperor, the first thing he did was to get close to Shi!

"Long Xiaoyuan, do you understand? This is the real me. The man you like is a fake. I cheated you. Im not as kind and gentle as you think. Am I wrong to kill my enemies?

Those bastards deserve to be tortured and slaughtered! This is me, the real Shi Qingzhou. Do you understand?"

Long was shocked and didnt know what to say.

Shi pushed Long away and jumped from the bed. With his internal strength, he waved his hand and made his clothes fall on his body.

Later, Shi stood beside the bed, looking down at Long.

"Long Xiaoyuan, that perfect lover is just your illusion. The real Shi Qingzhou is like what you see now. You cant change me and I dont want to change."

After that, Shi took a look at Long and then vanished without trace.

Shi turned around and sadness filled his eyes. However, that was invisible to Long.

Long could no longer see his lover.

The next moment, Long suddenly sat up from the bed and wanted to chase Shi, but he felt powerless.

He thought he should first sort out his feelings for Shi.

Otherwise he had an intuition that he couldnt get his lover back.

Perhaps, he really needed to think it over