Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 261

Chapter 261 Mr. Chen I

Chapter 261: Mr. Chen (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

When night fell, Liu, Ouyang and two Shadow Guardians went to the place mentioned on the note.

They arrived an hour earlier, because they needed to investigate first.

The reason why they went there only an hour earlier was because of the sincere remarks by those people.

Those people said that if they might be exposed if the guards stayed there for a long time for investigation. As long as they could go to the imperial court successfully, they would tell all they knew.

Therefore, Liu and Ouyang didnt go there too earlier.

It wasnt late at night and Liu didnt understand why this time was fixed.

After an hour, Liu saw two figures approaching and it seemed that they were carrying something.

This place was close to a mass grave, so what they were carrying… was a corpse?

Liu became more vigilant.

At this moment, the two men who were carrying the corpse made a few gestures when they passed this area.

Those gestures meant that they should take action later.

Liu narrowed his eyes and decided to listen to them.

Liu and his men followed the two people to the mass grave not far away.

They hid in the dark, watching the two men bury the corpse.

At this time, two more people went over.

The two men who carried the corpses earlier looked at each other and then suddenly began to fight them.

The other two people were startled. "What are you doing? Do you want to betray our leader?"

At this time, the first two men began to shout, "Come out, heroes! I wrote the note!"

The other two people became more shocked and angrier. "Youve even got helpers! Go to hell!"

The four of them began to fight. Liu didnt go to help them at once, because he wanted to know how powerful those people were.

But it was obvious that the first two men were not as capable as the latter two.

At this time, Liu and Ouyang finally appeared, but the two Shadow Guardians were still hiding in the dark.

"Kill them. They cant escape, or Mr. Chen will move to another place," the first two men hurriedly said.

Liu narrowed his eyes and looked at Ouyang. Then, they did so.

Those two men were killed by Liu and Ouyang.

The first two men fell to the ground. "Lets bury them."

Liu said coldly, "Who are you?"

One man wiped his face. "We are locals. Im Wang Tian and he is Li Yongxin."

After he said that, the two of them quickly threw the dead bodies deep into the mass grave so that nobody could see.

Then, Wang and Li saluted Liu.

"We know you, Doctor Liu."

"Oh?" Liu raised his eyebrows. "How do you know me?"

"Youre a well-known doctor. Of course we know you. Besides, Mr. Chens plans have been ruined by you several times, so he has long regarded you as a thorn in the flesh. As his servants, we know it clearly"

That night, Liu and Ouyang were busy with their task outside. Long knew what they were doing and he had confidence in Liu and Ouyang, so he wasnt worried about them.

Long didnt have work, so after dinner, he planned to take a walk.

The person who had dinner and walked with him was naturally Shi.

But Shi was much more silent than before.

If Long didnt open his mouth, Shi would never speak a word.

After a walk, Long took Shis hand and returned to the room.

Then, they bathed in the tub.

Long went into the tub cheekily, although hed seen that Shi was reluctant.

If he didnt try to be closer to Shi, who knew how long this situation might last?

Long thought that if a man wanted to get his lover back, he needed to pocket his pride sometimes. Otherwise, he wouldnt make it.

Therefore, Long just squeezed into the tub.

More than that, when he was rubbing Shis back, he took the advantage and began to stroke Shis skin.

It seemed that Shi was surprised and he stiffened.

But Long didnt give up.

"Qingzhou…" Long blew gently in Shis ear.

Shi turned his head and avoided that.

Long suddenly put his arms around Shis waist and pressed Shis body against the edge of the bathtub. They, he began to kiss Shi passionately

Astonishment flickered in Shis eyes, but he didnt refuse at last.

After a long time, Long finally let go of his lover satisfactorily. Long gave Shi a bath again and then put him on the bed. At night, Long slept very well.

Shi also fell asleep soon because of exhaustion.

When Long woke up the next morning, Shi disappeared again… Because Shi didnt reject his love last night, Long was very happy, wondering if that meant Shi had softened and believed him.

Thinking like that, Long went out with expectation.

Shi was still practicing sword there and it seemed that he had been there for a while.

"Qingzhou." Long called.

Shi didnt stop, but just took a glance at Long. He looked as cold as the previous day.

Long felt disappointed. He thought that Shi had been convinced, but it seemed that he was just thinking too much…

Long froze when he saw Shis reaction. After a while, Shi put away his sword and Long also returned to normal.

It was expected to be a long-term process and the real Shi wasnt a soft-hearted person, was he?

How could it be so easy to make Shi compromise?

It wasnt that easy to make Shi fully trust him, either.

If he hadnt made Shi fall in love with him in the past and he hadnt become the most important person in Shis life, things wouldnt have developed like this…

Thinking of this, Long became confident again.

After Shi finished practicing sword, Long brought him the handkerchief.

"Qingzhou, dont move, Ill wipe your face."

"Ill do it myself," Shi said.

"No, let me," Long said as he wiped Shis face.

Shi hesitated, but didnt move at last.

Long breathed a sigh of relief and smiled inwardly. Of course, he wouldnt show it to Shi.

After wiping Shis face carefully, Long said softly, "Qingzhou, Ill ask servants to deliver breakfast."

Shi nodded.

Long was glad that Shi responded to him, so he was more confident.