Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 264

Chapter 264 Reconciliation

Chapter 264: Reconciliation

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Long guessed right.

There was indeed an underground passage, but Long and his men acted too late.

When the house fell into chaos, many people went to find Mr. Chen, but he had disappeared!

Although a lot of servants were killed by the Shadow Guardians, the most important person escaped.

The ring of encirclement had been expanded, but Mr. Chen wasnt seen at all.

He left from the underground passage with five confidants.

When Shi and the others found the secret passage, they could only find out where the passage led, but Mr. Chen was nowhere to be found.

Liu knitted his brows. "We miscalculated it… It was too late."

Ouyang said, "We shouldve taken action last night."

On the contrary, Long smiled and said, "Its okay. Big fish are not so easy to catch. Be patient. Even if we came last night, the result would be the same. Even Mr. Chens personal servants didnt know that there was a secret passage in this house. Once we attacked, they would escape. If it was last night, theyd escape more easily. Without knowing where the passage leads, we would still fail."

Although Longs words were plain, Ouyang and Liu felt relieved and less guilty.

In Mr. Chens house, except for those who surrendered, all the other people were arrested.

It was a pity that their leader ran away.

However, Long believed that this battle had hit the bottom line of Eastern Darkness and Mr. Chen had also been exasperated.

Next, Mr. Chen would definitely go further.

Once he took action, he would be exposed!

Now that theyve known there was such a man, Long believed that they would catch him sooner or later.

In the afternoon, Long and his men returned to their house.

Song Qingtian was staying there to deal with the follow-up matters.

Song was the most suitable person for doing that. With him there, at least the common people wouldnt be so panicky.

The army took action in the day, so many people had seen that.

The common people were not idiots. When the guards were killing in Mr. Chens house, they didnt dare to approach them, but it didnt mean that they were not frightened.

Therefore, officials from the local government needed to go there to pacify the common people and Song was the best choice.

After they returned to the house, Liu and Ouyang went to do their own business.

Long and Shi went back to their bedroom.

"Qingzhou," Long said softly.

Shi turned around and looked at Long silently, as if waiting for Long to say something.

Long said gently, "Ive been looking at you."

"What then?" Shi said calmly. His voice was very indifferent, but nervousness showed in his eyes. Shi himself might not even know about that.

Long said slowly and firmly, "When I saw you drawing your sword and killing people, I think that was more like a sword dance, which was gorgeous and thrilling! Qingzhou, I think Ive been enchanted by you."

Shis heart skipped a beat when he heard that, because he couldnt believe Long would say that.

At this time, Long approached Shi and put his hand on Shis shoulder.

"So, I realized what I cant accept is you killing innocent people brutally. Evil people can be killed. Just like what you said, they deserve to die."

Shi pressed his lips together.

"If youve been possessed or this is the real you, then I think Im possessed, too, because I still love you so much, and… youre stunningly beautiful in my eyes."

Shi closed his eyes and said nothing at this moment. It seemed that something had left his body. That was… coldness.

The coldness to Long before.

Even if the real Shi was just like this, he had already become the most important person in Longs life.

Therefore, Shi also felt miserable when he treated Long coldly.

When he chose not to be so cold to Long, he became more relaxed.

Long noticed Shis change and immediately held his lover in his arms.

"Qingzhou… Qingzhou… I love you…"

Shi didnt respond, but he felt that the two of them had become closer.

The hug was about the longest ever between the two of them.

After a long time, Long let go of Shi and kissed him on the forehead.

"Qingzhou… you are mine…"

At night, something was going on in a dark basement.

A figure in black was busy with something at a wooden table.

On the table there were many bottles and cans.

The mysterious man poured the liquid from one bottle into another. Then, he added something…

At this time, one of the bottles was accidentally touched by his servant and it almost tipped over. The man in black quickly held the bottle.

Even though he was fast, some liquid still spilled out.

Then, the table top was corroded by the liquid!

When he saw that it was corroded so soon, the man in black frowned, but he was also very satisfied with it.

There were many bottles and cans on the table and the mysterious man worked for a long time. Later, he heard someone knocking on the stone gate.

He put down the bottle in his hand and walked over.

As he opened the door, one of his subordinates appeared.

His subordinate respectfully presented something, which was placed in a tray. It wasnt something big and was covered with a piece of cloth.

And the cloth seemed to be heaving.

The man in black took it and waved. "You can leave."

His subordinate left soon.

That man could hardly wait to take the cloth away and then something under it was exposed.

It turned out to be a rabbit.

The rabbit wasnt completely dead and its eyes were still open, but its rib cage and belly had been cut open, and its blood had flowed to the tray.

That man put his hand into the rabbits belly and took out its heart.

The rabbits heart wasnt big, but it seemed to be still beating when it was grasped by that man.

That man watched the beating heart before putting it into his mouth…

The sound of chewing could be heard, which was so weird and terrifying in the quiet basement, but that man enjoyed it very much. After eating that little heart, he licked his lips.

"The animals heart… isnt good. Humans hearts taste better after all… Its a pity that there are too many annoying flies here… I cant do whatever I want."

This man in black… was Mr. Chen.

Then, he turned his gaze to the bottles and cans on the table.

"With these things, the Shadow Guardians of the royal family will end up miserable… My treasure I will definitely take it back! I swear!"

Mr. Chen swore in anger. Then, he threw the tray away and continued to work in the dark room…

When Long woke up the next morning, he unexpectedly found that his empress was still by his side.

In the past two days, Shi had already gone every time Long woke up.

After the hug earlier, his empress… finally didnt get up so early this day.

Long thought that Shi didnt sleep well in those days.

That was why he woke up so early in the morning.

Or perhaps Shi wanted to avoid Long, so he didnt want to wait for Long to wake up.

Obviously, everything had become better…

Long just hadnt seen his lovers sleeping face in the morning for two days, but he felt that life was so miserable that each day seemed like a year.

This morning, Long felt excited when he saw his empress was still sleeping soundly beside him.

So he couldnt help but lean forward and kiss Shis lips.

At this time, the person beside him finally woke up.

"Qingzhou." Long grinned. His smile was even brighter than the sunshine outside.

Shi narrowed his eyes and nodded. "Good morning."

Long gently bit Shis lips. "Its a nice day today."

"Well, what then?"

"Qingzhou, lets go for an outing!"

"Outing?" Shi looked at him. "Are you sure?"

Long nodded. "Of course Im sure! We seldom have some leisure time." Nothing could ruin his good mood because the two of them were finally reconciled.

Moreover, most of Mr. Chens servants had just been arrested, so he wouldnt take revenge so soon. He would need some time to get prepared, wouldnt he?

Therefore, it was indeed a good time for them to have fun!