Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 265

Chapter 265 Sneak Attack At Night

Chapter 265: Sneak Attack at Night

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Long was serious about going on an outing.

But after taking Shi out, Long thought of a problem.

Last time they had an outing, they were attacked by assassins by the lake.

He was also injured by them. He still remembered Shi looked very bad at that time…

However, Long believed that such things wouldnt happen again.

Back then, they hadnt eliminated so many enemies and most of the assassins were hiding in the dark, so they were taken by surprise.

But Shi had been making every effort to get rid of them. After such a long time, the enemies had become fewer and fewer.

Soon, the spies of Eastern Darkness would be rooted out!

Even though there were still a few people left, they wouldnt make waves, because everyone understood that impulse meant death!

Until now, the imperial court didnt leave any rebels alive.

Almost all the enemies who were caught had been killed!

Except for a few individuals who had important information and surrendered, all the others were dead!

Hadnt those rebels been frightened by such a bloody massacre?

So, those who escaped unpunished wouldnt cause much trouble.

Long knew that there were still many underlings of Eastern Darkness in the nation, so they needed to be cautious.

Especially Mr. Chen, he had hidden away, so they really needed to guard against him.

Since Mr. Chen was hiding in the dark, they must take extra care.

However, Long thought that he finally found a moment of leisure, so he didnt want to care about those annoying things for now.

This day, he just wanted to have fun with his empress!

His empress finally accepted him and was no longer so indifferent. Of course, he had better strike while the iron was hot to make the two of them closer.

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Holding Shis hand, Long didnt go to the lake or the mountain this time.

When they were staying at such places, there were always some accidents. So no matter how beautiful the scenery there was, he wouldnt go there.

Of course, he wouldnt go to the woods, either, because the enemies would easily ambush them there!

So Long took Shi to the outskirts of the city and there was a wasteland.

Th land was barren and there were no crops because it wasnt suitable for that.

Although it was desolate, they could get everything at a glance, so it was impossible for the assassins to wait in ambush.

Long ordered the Shadow Guardians to take out the canvas and spread it on the ground before asking Shi to sit down.

"Qingzhou, the Shadow Guardians went hunting. Lets wait a while. Ive also asked them to prepare a lot of fruit and snacks."

Shi nodded. "Mhmm."

"Although its a little desolate here, its not hot or cold. Its pleasant," Long said.

Shi nodded in agreement.

Like a kid who was praised, Long became very happy.

As Long guessed, they were not disturbed by anyone this day.

They had a picnic and walked leisurely. When they returned to the city in the afternoon, they did some shopping.

Long enjoyed the day to the fullest. What satisfied him was that he and his empress had become much closer.

It was already night when the two of them returned to the house and Long was really tired after spending a whole day outside.

They went back to the room, took a bath, and decided to go to sleep.

However, Long was bound to be unable to sleep soundly at night!

In the middle of the night, as the arrows pierced through the sky, the house caught fire.

"Assassins!" The Shadow Guardians shouted outside.

Long and Shi woke up with a start and Shi reacted faster.

He quickly dressed Long and then himself. Later, he held Longs waist and went outside the door.

The house hadnt yet turned into a sea of fire and there were not so many arrows. Although every arrow carried fire, not all the rooms had been burned.

Instead of staying there, the assassins just left after setting fire!

Some Shadow Guardians went to chase them, while the house had been in chaos.

Liu and Ouyang appeared.

Liu frowned and said, "There are only three assassins and its easy for them to escape. The Shadow Guardians may not be able to catch up with them."

Long narrowed his eyes. "There are only three men… I dont think theyre able to kill us How are their martial arts?"

"Theyre as powerful as the Shadow Guardians who worked for Ying Feng," Liu said.

Long thought a moment and guessed, "They may want to use guerrilla tactics. They dont have many people, so large-scale assassinations are no longer possible. Its very likely that theyll attack us from time to time. They wont kill us, but itll be really annoying."

Shi said, "If this is their purpose, we can just move to another place."

Long nodded. "Yes. Lets move to another place, but the Shadow Guardians will stay here."

Liu raised his eyebrows and noticed that… the two of them didnt seem to be estranged from each other.

Maybe that was a good omen.

Ouyang also noticed that and said, "Where should we go?"

"Lets do it secretly to see if anyone will come to disturb us. If there is, it means we are being watched," Long said.

The others agreed and didnt say anything more.

Sure enough, the Shadow Guardians who went to chase the assassins soon came back and they failed.

Mr. Chen didnt take many people with him. However, Wang Tian said that something serious would happen in Songye city, which would require a lot of men. Therefore, there must be some people hiding in the city.

It wasnt difficult for Long and the others to act in the daytime, but the local government needed to help them.

"Qingzhou." After returning to the room, Long said, "It seems that Song Qingtian must help us this time. There are still many things that can be done during the day."

Shi immediately understood what he meant, "Well, Ill go to talk with him tomorrow."

"By the way, is there any news from your father?" Long suddenly asked.

Shi glanced at him. "What do you mean?"

"The envoy of Northern Barbarians is still in the imperial city, but there hasnt been any news from him lately. Originally, he would beg for an audience every two days, but now, he just shows up every five days. I have a feeling that something is wrong."

After a pause, Shi said, "Father has attacked several cities in Northern Barbarians, but he just destroyed them, instead of occupying them. Those cities are very important to them, so they should rebuild the cities and wouldnt have much time to do anything else."

"I understand…" Long frowned. "Have they started to build those cities?"

"Yes." Shi nodded. "The news says theyve started two months ago."

Long was confused. "Could it be that we didnt stop them, so the envoy of Northern Barbarians allowed them to do that?"

Shi didnt say anything and also began to think about it.

Somehow, Long thought that things were not that simple.

However, they werent in the imperial city and the Shadow Guardians who were keeping watch on the envoy didnt send them any message Therefore, they couldnt be sure about anything.

"All right, forget it. Lets go to sleep. It wont be long before day breaks," Long said.

Shi nodded.

The two of went back to bed and nothing happened until dawn.

It took a long time for Long and Shi to fall asleep at night.

So they got up late the next morning.

Waking up almost at the same time, the two of them looked at each other and smiled. Then, Long kissed Shi on the cheek.

After breakfast, Long, Shi, Liu, Ouyang, Ying Feng and Ying Qiu secretly left the house.

They were very cautious when they left. If some people still went to attack them this night… then it could only prove that they had been stalked.

It was highly possible that the evil people were hiding near them!

Perhaps, they were just staying underground, which Long and his men didnt notice at all!

At night, Long and Shi stayed in the same room, while Liu and Ouyang lived in two rooms, which were next to Longs on both sides!

Ying Feng and Ying Qiu were guarding outside.

In the second half of the night, the arrows with fire were shot at the house again.

Since Shi and the others had been prepared, they werent surprised at all!

Liu and Ouyang even didnt sleep!

Therefore, once they saw the arrows, they went to chase the assassins.

There were still three people and it was very likely that they were just the ones who came the previous night.

Liu, Ouyang and Ying Feng fought the three men respectively.

Although the assassins attacked the place, they failed to escape like last time!

After they fought for a while, one assassin was arrested and two were killed!

Liu caught his opponent alive, while Ouyang and Ying Feng just killed them!