Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 267

Chapter 267 The Unsafe Environment

Chapter 267: The Unsafe Environment

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Shis words stunned Long. "Gambling? What do you mean?"

"If the one who entered that room and checked carefully wasnt Liu Suifeng, but one of us, the bead would definitely shatter and we would instinctively run outside. Then, we would be dead and the poison would spread far."

Long took a breath. "Qingzhou, you are right. Liu Suifeng is an excellent doctor. Except for him, no one else knows about the bead. The Shadow Guardians are quite powerful. If the bead was broken, they might be able to escape, but all of us would be hurt by then."

"Yes." Shi nodded. "So he may be gambling on our presence."

"Wait." Long suddenly thought of a problem. "He can also smash the bead beforehand. In this way, no matter whether its Liu Suifeng who enters the room or not, they will be poisoned, right?"

After thinking for a while, Shi said slowly, "Something else may have happened. Perhaps, he originally planned to break the bead, but Liu Suifeng went there too early…"

"Too early… Right. If he smashes the bead in there, hell also be poisoned, right? Oh no, he should have an antidote." Long muttered to himself and was quite confused.

In fact, what Long didnt know was that Shis guess was completely correct.

Mr. Chen didnt expect that his place would be discovered so soon. He thought it would take at least a few days.

In that case, he could study for a few more days.

And his plan could be more perfect!

However, this place was discovered so soon, so the poison was still a work in progress.

Since time was pressing, he could only put it in a container first, which was actually that special bead.

Then, he embedded the container on the wall.

Why didnt he take it away? That was because he needed to take away too many things!

It wasnt the only kind of poison he was making. Moreover, he didnt even have an antidote to this poison! What if something bad happened to him?

He knew that this secret room would be discovered soon.

Therefore, he could only escape with the most important things. As for the bead, he hit it with proper strength before leaving. He thought that after those people opened the stone gate and entered the room, the bead would definitely be broken and the poisonous gas would spread in there. If it wasnt Liu who went there, the poison would spread further and hurt more people. Because it was a semi-finished product, Liu might find an antidote, but that would also take time, wouldnt it?

Mr. Chen thought that the people from the imperial court were really annoying. If he didnt cause more trouble, those people would keep disturbing him!

Therefore, even though they had an antidote, it could still cause a lot of trouble for the imperial court and buy time for his plan. As for Liu, Mr. Chen thought that the possibility of him entering the room was not very high. Because Liu was a great martial artist, he would definitely stay with the emperor to protect him and wouldnt go to the secret room.

Mr. Chen hadnt expected that he would have such bad luck.

It was Liu who entered the room and the bead hadnt been broken by then!

In fact, Mr. Chen hadnt escaped for long at that time.

His subordinates, who had been killed by the Shadow Guardians earlier, were sent by him to attract the attention of the imperial court. He took his treasures with him, thinking that as long as he escaped, every death would be worth it.

Moreover, in Mr. Chens eyes, all his subordinates were worthless and it was an honor for them to sacrifice their lives for him!

He really had a good plan. He thought he could cause small trouble first and then destroy them completely. What a pity, things hadnt been going the way he expected!

After Liu left, Long and the others did not catch anyone else this night.

And Mr. Chens whereabouts were still unknown.

Long frowned. "Hes hiding so well just like a mouse. Where on earth did he go?"

Shi said calmly, "A mouse will come out sooner or later."

"Okay." Long took hiss hand. "Lets go to the house."

Shi didnt refuse and the two of them went to the first house.

They would wait for Mr. Chen to make a move again.

They hoped that he would take action soon.

If he didnt, they would force him to show up!

It was already too late and it would be dawn soon.

After Long and Shi returned to the house, they went directly to their bedroom. They took off their clothes, embraced each other and fell asleep…

The next day, they didnt get up until almost noon because they didnt sleep well at night.

Songye city had been heavily guarded.

Song Qingtian personally led the team and searched everywhere in the city.

He paid more attention to the underground and places where there were different kinds of people.

In addition, he encouraged public tip-offs.

If the common people found someone suspicious and reported him to the government, they would be rewarded.

Of course, if someone reported randomly, he would inevitably be punished!

It was really a good method.

In the morning, the government received six tip-offs and two men were found guilty.

When the guards went to arrest those two men, they were frightened and wanted to escape, but it was obviously too late.

Through the two men, they also caught one of their group leaders!

It was really unexpected!

Long and Shi heard the news once they got up.

That group leader wasnt on the list, but nineteen people were found out because of him.

That man was very depressed, because he didnt expect that his neighbor would expose him!

His neighbor thought he was too mysterious and many strangers always went to his home.

Therefore, his neighbor reported him.

The group leader never thought that he would be exposed in this way… It was so ridiculous!

"Oh?" Long smiled. "What a coincidence. I didnt expect it."

"Well, nineteen more people were arrested. There are so many," Shi said.

The Shadow Guardian left after telling them the news.

Long smiled and said, "I guess Mr. Chen must be very depressed now."

Shi said calmly, "It made us happy."

"Haha." Long laughed and kissed Shis lips. "Qingzhou, youre right."

After lunch, Liu and Ouyang came over.

Long immediately asked Liu, "How is it? Are you done with that?"

"Well, that poison can cause infectious disease, but it seems to be unfinished. It is not difficult for me to develop the antidote, but it will take a few days… I think its a little strange. This poison shouldnt be the trump card of Mr. Chen. Otherwise, he wouldnt leave it in the stone room."

"Right." Long nodded in agreement. "Thats definitely not."

Later, Long talked about the doubts he had the previous day.

Liu also found it strange and couldnt figure it out, but he felt that Shis guess might be right.

"Maybe he really didnt have time… The poison in the bead hasnt been completed. It is very likely that Mr. Chen himself hasnt worked out the antidote, so he couldnt break the bead while he was there. We arrived much earlier than he expected, so the bead hadnt been broken when we went in. If it had been broken, there would be a serious problem."

Liu really guessed correctly.

Long said, "Its indeed very possible… All right, lets not talk about this. Is there anything else you need to tell us?"

Liu said, "Nothing important. I just want to tell you that in the afternoon, Brother Ouyang and I will go out to see if we can find anything else."

"Okay, you can go. Everything is all right here."

"Okay." Liu replied. Without saying anything more, he left directly with Ouyang.

Long turned to look at Shi. "Qingzhou, do you have any plans tonight?"

Shi also looked at him. "No. What about you?"

Long thought for a while. "Neither do I. But weve been delayed in Songye city for such a long time. If we can catch Mr. Chen, everything will be worth it."

"Yes." Shi said. "Things here cant be rushed. Many guards have gone to look for him, so he wont hide for a long time."

"I hope so." Long took a deep breath. "How about we go to Song mansion in the afternoon?"

"Youre going, too?" Shi raised his eyebrows and he really meant to go there.

Long smiled. "Anyway, I can disguise myself as your servant. Song Qingtian wont think much about it."

Shi nodded. "Then lets go together. There wont be any big problem in Song mansion, so we dont need to worry about our safety."

"Theres still that so-called treasure…" Long frowned. "Although we have put it in an airtight box and buried it, wed better study it thoroughly if possible. Its a pity that Liu Suifeng has no time now."

Shi said calmly after hearing the words, "The Shadow Guardians and soldiers can go to find Mr. Chen. If you are worried about that object, just ask Liu Suifeng to study it."

Long thought for a while and finally shook his head. "Now its still not safe. Lets wait and see. If we take that thing out… those people will go crazy."

Shi nodded. "Right. If too many flies are attracted, that will be troublesome."

"Yeah." Long smiled. "At least wait until Mr. Chen is arrested."

"Okay… lets go out."

"Yes, lets go…"