Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 268

Chapter 268 The Anticlimactic Kidnapping

Chapter 268: The Anticlimactic Kidnapping

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Mr. Chen still wasnt found in the next two days.

He didnt take any action, either.

In Songye city, all the people had felt the tension.

The merchants and martial artists had a deeper experience.

Some small groups in the martial arts world were also the main focus.

Those places had been investigated more carefully and the imperial court had really sent a large number of guards this time.

Qiu Ming, who had been following Long, also led his army and participated in the search.

Two days had passed. In the middle of the night, Long slept late, because he took a nap in the afternoon.

Since he didnt want to sleep at night, he naturally had a wonderful time with his empress.

Long didnt go to sleep until the small hours of the next day.

When he finally let go of Shi with great satisfaction, he seemed to hear the rooster crowing outside.

In fact, the rooster didnt only crow at dawn. Sometimes it also crowed at night.

Long was very satisfied, while Shi had been exhausted.

Seeing that his empress was lying on the bed weakly, Long wanted to do it again.

But Long knew that he should restrain himself.

So, he wiped Shis body with hot water, which had been prepared earlier. Long also took a bath himself and then put on new underwear before going to bed.

Shi had long been drowsy. Long held his empress in his arms and fell asleep with satisfaction…

Long had planned for the next day. He thought that he could sleep until the lunch time, but things would always go contrary to his wishes.

Just after Long fell asleep, a Shadow Guardian appeared.

Both Long and Shi were awakened.

The Shadow Guardian said directly, "Two masters, Mr. Song was kidnapped."

"What?" Long and Shi were both shocked and immediately sat up from the bed.

If it werent for an emergency, the Shadow Guardian wouldnt dare to bother them at this hour.

"Who did it?" Shi asked in a deep voice.

Ying Feng said, "Mr. Chen. He also left a note."

"Where is it?" Long asked immediately.

Ying Feng took it out.

Long didnt have the ability to see things clearly in complete darkness, so he didnt know what was written on the note.

He wanted to ask the Shadow Guardian to light the candle, but something suddenly occurred to him, so he waved his hand and said, "All right, you can leave now."

"Yes." Ying Feng left soon.

Long went to light the candle himself. Then, he sat back on the bed and opened the note.

"Your Majesties, lets meet at midnight by Songye River. Otherwise, Im afraid Song Qingtian will be killed."

Longs face darkened at once. "This man is so bold!"

Shi looked very cold. "Mhmm."

Long took a deep breath. "At midnight. Time is running out."

Shi said calmly, "Ill go take a look."

Long took his hand. "Youll go?"

Shi nodded. "I must go there to meet him in person. I think hes been driven into a corner."

"He must be desperate. But why did he kidnap Song Qingtian?"

"He asked us to meet him, so it must have something to do with us. What do you think?" Shi quickly put on his clothes while speaking.

"Qingzhou, what do you mean?" Long was also wearing clothes while talking to Shi.

Looking at Longs reaction, Shi understood that Long wanted to go with him.

Shi pursed his lips and said, "We can ask a Shadow Guardian to be disguised as you."

Long shook his head. "I want to go with you."

Shi frowned.

When Long was about to say something more, Liu and Ouyang arrived.

Liu said directly, "Weve heard that Mr. Song was kidnapped. Long Xiaoyuan, you cant go."

Long looked at Liu with a frown. "Why cant I?"

"Mr. Chen is an expert on poison. Youre not that powerful and the poison is too dangerous. Moreover, its night now and we cant see clearly. Dont run the risk. You can stay with the Shadow Guardians to assist us."Read latest chapters at Listnovel.com

Long carefully thought about what Liu had said… Well, he had to admit that Liu was right.

So Long said, "Okay, I will stay with the Shadow Guardians."

Shi also felt relieved.

Later, a group of people quickly went to Songye River.

Ying Qiu stayed and dispatched the army to surround the river.

Moreover, a Shadow Guardians had posed as Long and left with Shi.

When the group arrived at Songye River, they saw a bonfire there.

Six people were standing by the fire.

And a person in a black robe was surrounded by them.

That man was wrapped all over, leaving only a pair of eyes.

Next to the black-robed man was sitting a man, who was motionless, and there was no rope on his body. That man was undoubtedly Song Qingtian.

The reason why Mr. Song didnt move was because his acupoint had been hit!

The arrival of Shi and his men naturally caused those people to react immediately.

Except for those people by the fire, Shi didnt see anyone else.

By contrast, Long had hundreds of Shadow Guardians with him!

These people, however, showed up audaciously.

Did they have some people to rely on? Why were they so bold? Just because they kidnapped Mr. Song?

If Mr. Song wasnt an old friend of Shis father, Shi wouldnt go there!

It was impossible for those people to threaten the imperial court with Mr. Song!

Shi and the Shadow Guardian who was disguised as Long didnt move, while Liu stepped forward.

"Are you Mr. Chen?"

The black-robed man turned to look to Liu. "My name is Chen Mengxing. Doctor Liu, your reputation precedes you."

Liu raised his eyebrows. "Im flattered."

Chen also glanced in Shis direction. "Empress, youre also here. Im surprised."

Shi walked forward coldly and stopped by Lius side.

Liu said, "Mr. Chen, why are you against the imperial court?"

Chen glanced at Liu and sneered, "Doctor Liu, why do you help the imperial court?"

Liu shrugged. "I naturally hope… our nation is peaceful. Mr. Chen, you seem to want chaos."

Chen sneered again. "Yes, I want chaos in this nation. Dont you think… thats fun?"

"Fun?" Coldness filled Lius eyes. "So many people have been dead. Is that fun?"

Chen waved his hand. "Were serving different masters, so theres no need to talk about it. I have no interest in Mr. Song. Since the empress has come as promised, I cant go back on my word. Ill return this man to you."

Chen finished speaking and waved his hand. Then, Mr. Song was thrown towards Liu.

Liu didnt dare to be rude and hurriedly caught him.

Now that Liu knew that Mr. Chen was a master of poison, Liu would definitely have made preparations before coming here.

He wore special gloves just for fear that there was poison on Mr. Songs body.

After catching Mr. Song, Liu quickly felt his pulse and found nothing wrong, so he asked the Shadow Guardians to take care of him.

The Shadow Guardians took Mr. Song away.

Liu looked at Chen and planned to take action.

Just then, Chen suddenly laughed. He took out a smoke bomb from his pocket and threw it towards Liu and Shi.

Liu shouted immediately, "Watch out!"

It was so sudden and everyone reacted at once.

When the smoke dissipated, Chen had jumped into Songye River with his men.

The current was swift at night and there was also undercurrent.

The undercurrent could bring people to many different places.

Long had experienced it earlier.

Both Shi and Liu rushed to the bank.

"Shall we jump down?" Liu looked at Shi.

Shi said calmly, "Its no use doing that."

That was right, but seeing those people escape like this was really disappointing.

"Mr. Song needs a thorough examination. The Shadow Guardians who touched him earlier should also be isolated for an examination. I dont think Chen Mengxing has done nothing to Mr. Song."

"Right." Liu nodded. "Im also a little worried. He returned Mr. Song so easily and asked you to come here, saying that he just wanted to see you. I dont think he has told the truth."

Shi asked some Shadow Guardians to stay where they were.

If Chen came up from here, he would be surrounded by the Shadow Guardians.

Even if the Shadow Guardians couldnt arrest him, they could still know his whereabouts.

Long and his men went back, while Mr. Song was taken away by Liu…

Back in the house, Long approached Shi. "Qingzhou, dont worry. Mr. Song will be fine."

Shi let a long breath out and nodded. "Mhmm."

The next day, Long and Shi got up very early in the morning.

They thought that Mr. Chens action last night was anticlimactic.

They didnt fight. He just set off a smoke bomb and also returned Mr. Song to them.

Long and Shi were very confused. It was really anticlimactic.

Chen had already used tactics to make both the emperor and the empress go there, but why did he do nothing?

Why did he just run away like that?

Things were certainly not that simple. It wasnt that Long and Shi liked conspiracy theories. They just thought that since Mr. Chen could hold such a high position in Eastern Darkness, he definitely wouldnt be easy to deal with!

Moreover, as an expert on poison and dirty tricks, all those people in Quanzhou did his bidding.

How could the imperial court treat such a person lightly?

"Where is Liu Suifeng?" Long asked after walking out the door.

"He hasnt come back yet," Ying Feng replied.

"Oh?" Long raised his eyebrows. "Didnt he come back last night?"

"No, he didnt."

Long frowned and looked at Shi who was next to him. "Qingzhou…"

Shi asked Ying Feng, "Where are they?"

Ying Feng told them an address.

Long said, "Are we going to take a look?"

Shi shook his head. "No need. Liu Suifeng will let us know if there is a result. Chen Mengxings behavior was so weird last night. Lets wait until Liu Suifeng is sure that there is no problem with Mr. Song."

"You are right. Safety is the top priority," Long finally said.

Shi nodded.

Later, Long asked the Shadow Guardians to prepare breakfast. After breakfast was delivered, Long took Shi to the dining room.

While they were eating, Ouyang came back.

Ouyang left with Liu the previous night, but Liu didnt come back with him.

Long immediately put down his chopsticks. Instead of asking about Liu, Long said, "Have you had breakfast? Lets eat together."

Ouyang shook his head. "No hurry. Im here to borrow the poisonous insect."

"What?" Long was stunned. "Is it very serious?"

"Its a bit weird indeed. Suifeng asked me to borrow the poisonous insect. Fortunately, the insect isnt in anyones body now, otherwise it wouldnt be of great use," Ouyang said.

Shi pursed his lips, thinking that he hadnt put the poisonous insect into Longs body just because of that evil object!