Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 270

Chapter 270 A Serious Problem Ii

Chapter 270: A Serious Problem (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

In fact, he used a guards sword. His hand was stained with blood and he had already washed it.

But the smell of blood couldnt be washed away easily. Long had a keen sense of smell, so he noticed that.

Shis words stunned Long. "Two… officials?"

"Yes," Shi said coldly, "Now the whole city is under siege. At this crucial time, some people still colluded to make secret deals. I just punished them as a warning to others."

After a pause, Long smiled and said, "I trust you, Qingzhou."

Shi glanced at Long coldly.

Long raised Shis hand and kissed it. "I guess they did more than that, right?"

After a short silence, Shi said, "Several innocent people were killed by them."

"I knew you wouldnt kill them for no reason." Long smiled and kissed Shi on the cheek. "Qingzhou, you did a great job."

Shi looked into Longs eyes and found that Long was very sincere. Shi knew that Long didnt say that just to make him happy.

Then, Shi dropped his eyes and said, "Lets eat."

"Yes." Long naturally wouldnt disagree.

The next day, Liu still didnt come back.

At noon, Long became very anxious for him.

"Its been almost two days. Hasnt Liu Suifeng come back?"

Shi also frowned with worry. He thought for a while and said, "I will ask the Shadow Guardians to inquire about it."

"Okay." Long immediately agreed.

The Shadow Guardian returned soon. Given the distance, it seemed that he came back once he got there!

Long hurriedly asked, "Whats the situation over there?"

"Ouyang Chuan was guarding outside, not allowing anyone to get in. He said that Doctor Liu was still doing research and couldnt be disturbed. No can could enter the room in case of accidents."

After a short silent, Long turned to look at Shi and said slowly, "Qingzhou, it seems that theres something wrong with Mr. Song."

Shi frowned. "The Shadow Guardians guarding Songye River have found nothing."

"There are many undercurrents and those people wont come ashore from the banks." Long curled his lips. "If Chen Mengxing really wants to escape, he can definitely make it."

Shi slowly shook his head. "No. Their so-called treasure is still here."

Long sighed. "Now we can only rely on that object to lure them out."

At night, Long and Shi went to bed early.

They didnt have sex, mainly because Long didnt want to make Shi too tired. Every time after they did it, his empress would be exhausted and it might affect his business the next day.

In addition, many evil people had been arrested in Songye city these days.

So Shi was very busy during the day.

He also needed to deal with the official documents. Therefore, Long didnt have the heart to make his empress more tired.

What they wanted was just an early night.

However, they were woken not long after they fell asleep.

Ouyang went to meet them again. Last time, he took the poisonous insect away, while this time… he wanted that evil object!

That object was naturally guarded by many Shadow Guardians. If he wanted to take it away, he needed the consent of Long and Shi.

"You want that thing? Whats going on?" Long asked.

Ouyang shook his head. "I dont know about the details and I havent seen Suifeng for a whole day. He just told me through the window to bring that thing to him quickly. He also said that no one can approach that place, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable."

"But you"

"Suifeng didnt ask me to leave. I think I should be fine. Anyways, there used to be a poisonous insect in my body. Although it has been taken out, it must have exerted an effect on me. Except for that, I cant think of anything else that makes me different from others."

Long and Shi looked at each other, and then Long said, "Since Liu Suifeng is waiting for you, you can take it away. I wanted to ask some Shadow Guardians to go with you, but since he said that no one was allowed to go there, Ill drop the idea. You must be careful. If there is anything wrong, you can set off the signal flares. The Shadow Guardians will be staying in a distance."

"Okay, I understand." Ouyang nodded and cupped one hand in the other before his chest. "Ill take my leave."

After Ouyang left, Long blew out the candle and went back to bed.

Shi said, "Im afraid its a big problem for Liu Suifeng."

"Right." Long sighed. "Liu Suifeng has excellent medical skills. If it werent a big problem, how could he have stayed there for such a long time? Even the plague in Quanzhou didnt make him behave like this."

Shi looked at him. "Mhmm."

Long turned over and kissed Shi on the cheek. "Qingzhou, if Liu Suifeng cant…"

Long didnt finish his words, but Shi understood what he meant.

If even Liu couldnt solve the problem caused by Chen Mengxing, they would be in big trouble!

Long decided not to think too much, because it was useless, so he took Shis hand and said, "Qingzhou, lets sleep."

Shi nodded. "Okay."

When Long woke up the next day, Shi was still sleeping.

Although there was something in his mind, Long had a good sleep.

Since Shi hadnt woken up, Long got out of bed quietly, but Shi was still woken.

Shi opened his eyes. "Youre awake."

Long didnt leave and sat down on the edge of the bed. "Well, I was very careful. I didnt expect Id wake you up."

Shi smiled. "I woke up naturally."

Long pulled Shi up. "Qingzhou, hows your sleep?"

"Not bad." Shi smiled. "Whats wrong?"


Shi looked at Long with a faint smile at the corners of his mouth.

Long also smiled. "Qingzhou, youre so beautiful."

"Oh?" Shi looked at Long.

Long didnt say anything, but kissed Shis lips with tenderness. "Good morning."

Shis long eyelashes flickered and touched Longs face, making it a little itchy.

Then, Long kissed Shis eyes.

After a while, Long helped Shi put on his clothes. "Will you go to deal with the government affairs?"

"There are not many affairs. I just need to take a look. Ill go after breakfast and come back before lunch," Shi said.

"Well, I really didnt expect that youd have to deal with government affairs after we left the palace. Qingzhou, youve worked so hard."

Shi shook his head. "Its no big deal."

Long held his hand. "But Im worried about you. I dont want you to be too tired."

Shi smiled. "Ive got used to it."

"Okay." Long put his arm around Shis waist. "Lets have breakfast."

After breakfast, Shi left and Long planned to continue to practice in his room. At this time, Ouyang came again and he directly took Longs hand.Read manga at our MangaBob.com

Long was startled. "Whats the matter?"

"I suspect that Suifeng has a serious problem, but he didnt let me in. I need your help."

"Me? How can I help?"

"Lets go there first," Ouyang said.

Long was really concerned about Liu, but… he cared more about Shi.

No one knew how Liu was at this moment. Long was the emperor after all. If he went there and was put in danger, he really didnt know what his empress would do!

So Long shook his head and refused. "I cant go there alone. Qingzhou just left. Lets go with him."

"But…" Ouyang was very anxious.

Long said slowly, "It cant be rushed. Liu Suifeng must have a reason for not letting you in. Dont worry too much. Lets go find Qingzhou."

Ouyang took a deep breath and calmed himself down. "Well, I see. Lets go find him."

Shi just left the house. Ouyang and Long, followed by Ying Feng and other Shadow Guardians, found him soon.

After hearing Ouyangs intentions, Shi frowned.

Long said softly, "Qingzhou, Liu Suifeng is facing a serious problem. We really need to go take a look."

Shi nodded. He glanced at Long and was delighted because Long came to find him instead of going there alone

Since Shi agreed, the group of people quickly went to Lius place.

After arriving there, they didnt get too close, but stood where Ouyang had stayed.

"There is a Shadow Guardian in there, right?" Long asked.

That day, a Shadow Guardian caught Song Qingtian and took him away. Then, that man was isolated by Liu for a thorough examination. That was why Long asked.

"Yes." Ouyang nodded. "That Shadow Guardian, Song Qingtian and Suifeng are all in the inner room. None of them have been out."

"Its been three days. How much did they eat?"

"Suifeng just asked for some porridge, but theyve drunk a lot of water."

Long thought for a while and said, "Go to communicate with him again. If he still doesnt allow you to enter the room, you can tell him that we are all here. No matter what, he must see us and explain whats going on. Otherwise, well break into the room!"

"Okay." Ouyang nodded and left immediately.

Long and Shi waited outside.

After a quarter of an hour, Ouyang still didnt come out. Long frowned and said, "Why hasnt he come out yet?"

"Lets go to a higher place to see whats going on," Shi said.

Long nodded in agreement.

So, a group of people went on to the roof in a distance The room Liu and the others were staying was in the east, while Long and his men were on the roof of the room in the west, where they could see the situation there.

Standing on the roof, Long and his men could see that Ouyang was in front of Lius room.

He was talking to Liu outside the door and they couldnt hear what he had said. Ouyang spoke in a low voice for fear of disturbing the people inside, but… no one relied to him at all!