Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 279

Chapter 279 They All Arrived In The Imperial City Ii

Chapter 279: They All Arrived in the Imperial City (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

The next day, Long and Shi received a message early in the morning.

It said that Liu and Ouyang would arrive in the imperial city in one day.

There was also some news about Mr. Chen.

After reading it, Long said, "That evil object hasnt been taken back by Mr. Chen. I think hes gone crazy."

"Yeah." Shi agreed. "But I didnt expect that he would choose to fight the final battle in the imperial city."

"Eastern Darkness has only a few people left here. What can he do if he doesnt grasp the last chance? Now we are all back. If he does something in the imperial city, like what has happened to Quanzhou… he could show others how powerful he is, right?" Long sneered.

Shi also sneered, "Indeed."

"All right, Qingzhou, the defense of the imperial city must be strengthened. I suspect that theyve already arrived."

"Yes. Liu Suifeng and his men will arrive one day later. Mr. Chen must have arrived."

"Who is responsible for guarding the gate?"

"Well, Ill have a check. I dont know that."

After that, Long went to attend the morning meeting, and Shi summoned the general who was in charge of guarding the gate.

"There were several men looking suspicious. Ive already sent some guards to keep an eye on them."

Shi narrowed his eyes. "Arrest them."

The general was taken aback. Then, he nodded soon. "Yes!"

Shi believed that Mr. Chen still had more people than that.

However, they would just catch as many as they could. The more they caught, the few people their enemy would have!

That general led his men to arrest those people, and Shi secretly sent at least ten Shadow Guardians to follow them.

When Long returned from the morning meeting, that general had already left.

After Shi told Long everything, Long agreed with his decision. "Right. Itll be threatening then."

Shi nodded. "Did anything special happen during the meeting?"

Long shook his head. "Nothing special. But there is news from Qin Yuechun that Eastern Darkness has sent one hundred thousand troops to the border. They may want a fierce battle."

"One hundred thousand troops?" Shi was slightly surprised. "They suddenly sent so many soldiers there?"

"Yes." Long nodded and his eyes narrowed slightly. "One hundred thousand troops have been sent there. Originally, the troops on both sides should be equal, but now they suddenly have so many people. I think Qin Yuechun must be struggling now. Qingzhou, do you have any good plans?"

Shi thought for a while and said, "Eastern Darkness sent one hundred thousand there not necessarily for war."

Long looked at his empress. "I understand what you mean, but what if that really happens?"

Shi smiled. "The number of troops isnt the determining factor in the battle between two sides. Moreover, if they want a large-scale battle, they wouldnt send so many troops there at once. Therefore, an army of one hundred thousand soldiers is the bottom line. If the number continues to increase, they may really plan to attack us. That means that the war between the two countries will begin."

Long blinked. Well, he really didnt understand the military strategies.

"Well, Qingzhou, since you said so, theres nothing we should do now?"

"Yes." Shi nodded. "We just need defense. Theres nothing else we should do."

"Well…" Long said in a low voice, "You are right. Qin Yuechun will tell us if he really needs something."

Shi smiled. "Thats right."

"Qingzhou, thank you for being here, otherwise, Ill have to make the wrong decision." Long hugged Shi and said like a kid.

Shi looked at him. "No, you wont. If you discuss it with the officials in the Ministry of War, they will also tell you what to do."

Long curled his lips. "Thats not necessarily true. Theyre not as smart as you."

Shi found it funny and laughed. "Really?"

"Of course, my Qingzhou is the best!"

With the help of the Shadow Guardians, that general acted with amazing speed.

In less than half an hour, all those who had been under surveillance were arrested.

However, because it happened in broad daylight, it still caused confusion among the people.

Luckily, that general was quite smart and he directly stated that those people were thieves.

Therefore, the people were just curious, not frightened.

Those who were arrested all resisted, but none of them escaped.

In this regard, the guards of the imperial city did a good job.

Long asked one Shadow Guardian and learned that more than ten people were arrested.

"Interrogate them. Arrest all the people who have been working with them."

"Yes." The Shadow Guardian left.

At this time, another Shadow Guardian came in.

What he brought was the message from Tianji Sect.

Long raised his eyebrows after reading it.

"Whats wrong?" Shi asked.

Long handed the note to him. After reading it, Shi also raised his eyebrows. "Tianji Sect is amazing. We cant find out where Chen Mengxing is staying, but they made it."

"Yes, theyre really amazing." Long also expressed his admiration for them.

"But the terrain of this place is complicated. It will be difficult to catch him." Based on the address, Shi immediately had a map in his mind.

Long was not familiar with that place, but he thought since Shi said the terrain was complicated, things would definitely not be simple!

"It will be hard to catch him there?" Long asked.

Shi nodded. "Yes… we have to lure him out, or drive him into a place like a cave."

"Well… not so many people can be unlucky like Song Cailian and Zhou Heng," Long said.

Shi also smiled. "Its true… Moreover, Mr. Chen has escaped so many times and he must be very cautious in the imperial city. Liu Suifeng is coming soon. We cant act rashly and alert him. Maybe other methods can be used."

"Right." Long nodded. "Lets discuss it with Liu Suifeng later."

"What should we do to Tianji Sect?" Shi looked at Long.

Long blinked. "I have to ask you, Qingzhou. I bet Tianji Sect told us this for the sake of Wu Xiangyuan. We also took their poisonous insect. Why dont we just let her go? But if she makes mistakes again in the future, we wont spare her."

Shi pursed his lips and didnt speak.

Long sighed. "Qingzhou, I know you want to kill her… Thats just my suggestion. If you really want her dead, Ill listen to you."

Shi slowly dropped his eyes. After a long time, he said coldly, "I can let her go, but Tianji Sect hasnt paid enough."

Long blinked. "Oh?"

Shi sneered. "They want to save Wu Xiangyuans life just with a poisonous insect and a piece of news? Theyre daydreaming!"

Well, Long could only feel sorry for Tianji Sect.

"Okay." He felt pity for Tianji Sect in his heart, but he had a smile on his face. "Qingzhou, you can ask anything from them. If they cant do it, Ill punish them!"

Long said flatteringly, looking like a servant of his lover.

Shi looked askance at Long. "Really?"

"Of course! Im always the staunch supporter of my dearest Qingzhou!"