Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 283

Chapter 283 Mr. Chens Death Ii

Chapter 283: Mr. Chens Death (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

At present, Chen Mengxing was staying in the center of the city.

The roads there extended to all directions, but the only advantage was that there were no underground passages in the imperial city.

Therefore, if he wanted to escape, he could only escape through the roads on the ground!

To be exact, there were still some things underground. For example, the cellars.

The walls of the cellars were actually not very thick. Those with great strength could break the walls and go through the cellars before coming out from the underground of another house.

It was a bit like what people did in a tunnel war, but it was quite destructive.

Therefore, Long and Shi were worried that if they couldnt kill Mr. Chen at one go, he would definitely escape faster than the rabbit! Several masters from Tianji Sect were also waiting there.

When Long and Shi arrived there, the masters from Tianji Sect immediately greeted them.

"Is it here?" Liu looked down.

"Yeah." Shi nodded. "Mr. Chen is in there."

"Okay." Liu smiled faintly. "Dont show up. Ive already told you how to deal with the drug. Take care of yourselves."

"Yes!" All people responded in unison.

Liu didnt waste any time and directly threw two bottles into the courtyard.

A few seconds later, the Shadow Guardians and others broke in.

Mr. Chen instinctively had a sense of crisis, so he went out from the basement.

He found that his several subordinates who stayed there didnt even make a sound!

Chen Mengxing was startled and immediately felt something was wrong.

However, it was already too late!

Just then, a Shadow Guardian rushed to attack him!

At the critical moment, Mr. Chen calmed himself down and realized that his hiding place had been discovered again!

In addition, the people from the imperial court had come to attack him!

Chen Mengxing dropped his eyes, but he didnt panic.

He fought with that Shadow Guardian for a short while, and ran to the cellar before the other Shadow Guardians arrived.

That Shadow Guardian followed him closely. Then, three Shadow Guardians, together with Liu and Ouyang, also went in.

Although Liu arrived late, his speed was faster.

Moreover, Liu sprinkled the drug when he entered.

Mr. Chen was startled and snorted slightly, but he was also a ruthless man. After knowing that he had been severely drugged, he immediately bit the tip of his tongue.

At the same time, he sneered and threw something out.

"Be careful. Retreat!"

While speaking, Liu pushed out the two Shadow Guardians who were close to him.

Meanwhile, he hit Ouyang hard. Ouyang was caught off guard and moved backward quickly.

But Liu himself moved forward.

He rushed into the innermost part. At this time, the thing that Mr. Chen threw out had exploded.

The black smoke contained highly toxic substances.

The two Shadow Guardians who rushed to the innermost part and couldnt escape immediately let out screams.

At the same time, Liu also threw something towards Mr. Chen.

Mr. Chen was hitting the wall of the cellar with his palm. If the wall was broken, he would escape!

He hit the wall hard, but at the same time, that thing Liu had thrown also arrived!

Once that thing fell on Mr. Chens body, he screamed in pain.

A large piece of skin on his back had been corroded.

"Liu Suifeng!" Mr. Chen shouted angrily. Then, he turned around and took out a bottle from his pocket. "Do you think only you have it?"

With that, Mr. Chen threw the bottle towards Liu.

Liu had preparations and dodged.

However, he didnt entirely avoid that. Some liquid in the bottle was still sprinkled on Lius body.

Liu felt great pain and his face twisted.

However, in terms of endurance, Liu was obviously better than Mr. Chen.

Therefore, in the next moment, Liu rushed towards Mr. Chen and tried to slap him, regardless of the great pain in his body.

Mr. Chen had no way to dodge, so he could only hit back with his palm.

They confronted each other, but Mr. Chens internal strength was obviously lower than that of Liu.

So Mr. Chen was hit hard and bumped into the wall.

With a bang, a hole appeared on the wall and Mr. Chen moved backwards quickly.

Liu didnt stop moving. At the moment Mr. Chen fell to the ground, his soft sword had been thrown out and thrust in Mr. Chens chest!

Mr. Chen let out a loud scream.

Liu fell to the ground and spit out a mouthful of blood, with his face all black and blue.

At this time, the two Shadow Guardians who were exposed to the black smoke had already died, which showed how deadly that poison was.

After Liu spit out a mouthful of blood, he rushed to Mr. Chen.

When Liu was about to hit his acupoints and take him out, Mr. Chens eyes brightened and an evil smile suddenly appeared on his face.

"Liu Suifeng, its not so bad to die with you."

Liu was startled and instinctively had a strong sense of crisis. He didnt have time to think and could only retreat quickly.

Just then, Mr. Chens body suddenly exploded.

As his body exploded, something black, which was like smoke, poison, or small insects, scattered everywhere.

Liu retreated quickly, but his clothes were still stained with those black things.

Fortunately, Liu wore a golden silk armor during the action.

The golden silk armor wrapped most of his body, but his arms and other parts were still exposed.

Therefore, those things infiltrated into his thin clothes.

And they touched his skin.

Lius expression immediately changed and he quickly ran backwards.

Finally, Liu got outside and Ouyang went forward to catch him at once.

In fact, it wasnt a long time since Liu went into that cellar.

Ouyang caught Liu, but Liu only said one sentence before he fainted!

And that sentence was, "He died"

Long and Shi had been staying outside. When they saw something happened to Liu, they immediately went over.

"Suifeng!" Ouyang exclaimed.

Unfortunately, Liu looked very bad and there was an unpleasant smell on his body.

That smell even made Ouyang feel dizzy.

Shis expression also changed. He also smelt something, so he pulled Long back. "Dont come near."

Long took a deep breath and said, "Lets go back soon and ask the imperial doctors to treat him. Where are his detoxification pills? Whether theyll work or not, let him take two pills first."

Upon hearing this, Ouyang hurriedly took out the detoxification pills from his pocket and forced Liu to take them.

Then, Ouyang also took two pills.

Shi was worried about Long, so each of them took one pill.

After leaving some Shadow Guardians to deal with the aftermath, the group quickly returned to the imperial palace…

Ouyang held Liu in his arms and tried to stand up, but he staggered when he did it.

Despite this, he refused to give Liu to others, so it was he who carried Liu back to the imperial palace.

Shi and Long also went back quickly.

Long said worriedly, "Mr. Chen is dead, but Liu Suifeng…"

Shi pursed his lips and said softly, "Dont worry. Liu Suifeng will be fine."

Long took a deep breath. "I hope so…"