Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 284

Chapter 284 Liu Suifeng Woke Up I

Chapter 284: Liu Suifeng Woke Up (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Mr. Chen had died, but if something bad happened to Liu, it might not be worth it.

No, it wouldnt be worth it at all!

Liu had been in a coma since he came back late that night.

Six days had passed.

In the past several days, most of the men brought by Mr. Chen were eliminated in the imperial city.

Some people were still hiding somewhere, but obviously there were not so many!

Despite that, Long and Shi still couldnt relax.

Mr. Chen was just a big boss there, but he wasnt the ultimate leader.

As long as Eastern Darkness didnt give up on their ambitions and the crisis in Northern Barbarians wasnt solved, they wouldnt be really safe. Therefore, although Mr. Chen had been dead, Long and Shi didnt dare to take things lightly.

Moreover, Liu hadnt woken up yet.

On this day, Zhang Yuan came to report on Lius condition.

"Doctor Zhang, how is Liu Suifeng?" Long asked.

"Doctor Liu is in a bad condition. The corrosive toxins have been completely removed, but… there are other things in his body. They seem to be toxins, or poisonous insects. Im still not sure, so I can only try to suppress them. I dont know how to get rid of them."

Long frowned. "Is there no other way?"

After a short silence, Doctor Zhang said, "If Doctor Liu can wake up… maybe there is a way."

"How can he wake up?" Long asked immediately.

Doctor Zhang smiled bitterly. "Im incompetent. Ive used many methods, including acupuncture, but Doctor Liu still didnt wake up…"

Long stood with his hands at his sides and slightly clenched his fists.

After Doctor Zhang left, Shi came over from the other side.

Long walked over and gently held his hand.

Shi raised his head. "Youre worried?"

Long smiled bitterly. "Yes."

Shis eyes flashed with confusion. "Why?"

Long hugged Shi. "Because he is our friend, of course Im worried."

Shi fell silent. Then, he said slowly, "Hell wake up."

Long kissed Shis ear. "Qingzhou, Im actually afraid."

Shi narrowed his eyes. "Afraid of what?"

Long said slowly and softly, "Im afraid… if one day, the one whos lying there were you, what would I do? If it werent Liu Suifeng, but you, who rushed in and killed Chen Mengxing desperately… would the consequences be more serious?

Liu Suifeng is a wonderful doctor. He can protect himself at such a critical moment. He knows how to deal with the deadly poison. But what if it were you? Qingzhou, Im so scared…"

"Qingzhou, Im so scared…" These words softened Shis heart.

In the end, Shi embraced Long tightly. "Dont worry, I will be fine."

Long took a deep breath. "Well… Qingzhou, remember what you said today. Otherwise, I wont forgive you and Ill punish you. You hear me?"

Shis lips curved upwards. "Yes, I see."

"You cant scare me like this," Long said.

"I promise I wont scare you like this," Shi said firmly.

On the night of the seventh day, Lius fingers finally moved.

These days, Ouyang was almost on the verge of collapse and he had been staying by Lius side.

He often looked at Liu with staring eyes, fearing that he would miss it when Liu moved.

Moreover, Ouyang often talked to Liu during these days. Regardless of whether Liu could hear him or not, he would talk to Liu whenever he had time.

It was as if Liu was still fully conscious!

So, when Liu moved his fingers, Ouyang immediately felt it.

"Suifeng!" Ouyang looked at the person on the bed in surprise, "Suifeng, are you awake? I know you are awake. Suifeng, open your eyes and look at me. Please. Please stop sleeping…"

Ouyang had almost never left Liu for seven days, so he looked rather down at the heels.

Liu finally opened his eyes.

Although Ouyang had been talking to him, Liu never responded.

Therefore, when Liu really opened his eyes at this time, Ouyang was taken aback.

"You… Brother Ouyang… you are really… so ugly…"

That was the first sentence Liu said after he woke up. Although his words were so annoying, Ouyang felt joyful deep inside.

"You… Youre so ungrateful. I became like this all because of you. Do you know how long have you slept?"

Liu blinked. "Huh? How long did I… sleep?"

Liu only felt that he had been asleep for a long time, but he still didnt know how many days had passed.

While he was sleeping, he felt that Ouyang had been staying with him, so he was at ease and slept with peace of mind…

But later, he had a feeling that his Brother Ouyang got anxious. Otherwise, he would not force himself to wake up…

"You have slept for seven days. Seven days! Do you understand?"

Liu was shocked. "What? Have I… slept for such a long time?"

"Yes, you have slept for seven days, lazybones," Ouyang said angrily.

It had been seven days. His Brother Ouyang must be burned with anxiety…

Liu looked at Ouyang with loving eyes.

"Brother Ouyang, sorry, I worried you."

Ouyang pursed his lips, "You still know that you worried me! Now that you know, you cant do this again in the future, understand?"

"Yes." Liu nodded as his lips curved in a smile. When he was just about to say something, his expression suddenly changed.

Ouyang was surprised to see that. "Suifeng? Whats wrong with you?"

Liu took a deep breath and forced himself to say, "Call Zhang Yuan. Hurry up."

"Okay, Ill go right away." Ouyang answered and then quickly left.

Doctor Zhang was staying not far away and Ouyangs speed was very fast, so Ouyang brought him there directly!

When Doctor Zhang appeared in the room, Liu said immediately, "Zhang Yuan, I will teach you a set of acupuncture methods. Treat me after I fall asleep. You must remember the order. Not a single mistake is allowed…"

Liu endured the pain and forced himself to tell the methods. As the last word was spoken, Liu fainted again.

"Liu Suifeng!" Ouyang was shocked. He grabbed Doctor Zhang and asked, "Whats wrong with Suifeng? Whats on earth going on?"

Doctor Zhang hurriedly said, "Dont worry. I will treat him with acupuncture right away."

At this moment, Ouyang hated himself so much for knowing nothing about medicine. Otherwise, he could do a favor.

Ouyang could only stand there anxiously, waiting for the doctor to save his beloved…