Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 288

Chapter 288 What A Shame I

Chapter 288: What a Shame (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

The morning sunshine flooded into the room.

In the bedroom of the emperor and the empress, Long seemed to be continuing the beautiful dream of last night.

Because he didnt have to hold the morning meeting this day, Long didnt have any pressure at all. Having nothing to worry about, Long was sleeping peacefully.

Shi didnt wake up, either. He was sleeping as a log.

The sunlight came through the window. After a long time, Long finally yawned lazily and opened his eyes. Instead of getting up, he turned his head and looked at the person beside him.

His empress was still sleeping.

Long blinked. Looked at Shis beautiful face, he smiled.

With his lips curving up, Long leaned forward and kissed Shis lips.

When their lips touched, Shi opened his eyes.

His long eyelashes flickered and rubbed Longs face.

That subtle feeling made Long have a surge of desire for Shi.

Therefore, he looked at Shi with eyes full of tenderness.

"Qingzhou…" Long called Shis name softly, so that Shi could clearly feel his desire through his soft voice.

Shi blinked. "Hmm?"

Long pecked Shi on the lips, and then he did it again.

Shi narrowed his eyes slightly. "You"

When Shi just said one word, Longs lips had already pressed against Shis…

About two hours later, Long finally let go of Shi with satisfaction. Shi was a little tired, and Long carried Shi in his arms.

Shi just glanced at him lazily.

Long said softly, "Qingzhou, you can sleep for a while. I will bath you."

Shi really didnt have much strength, so after hearing Longs words, he directly closed his eyes.

Long carried him to the hot spring and put him down carefully.

Shi was very obedient, with his whole body curling up in Longs arms.

Long bathed his empress very gently.

Shi was so comfortable that he felt drowsy.

After Long finished, Shi was already asleep.

Long put him on the big bed and covered him with a quilt before leaving.

Liu Xiangyang was already waiting outside.

Long said, "Dont disturb Qingzhou. Lets go out first."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Liu Xiangyang responded and followed Long out of the room.

When he got outside, Long first asked the servants to prepare the breakfast and he specially told them that it didnt need to be sumptuous.

While eating, Long looked inside from time to time, but Shi still didnt wake up after he finished.

That was understandable. He just fell asleep. How could he wake up so soon?

In late morning, when Long had finished dealing with most of his memorials, Shi finally woke up.

When Shi came out, Long immediately went towards him. "Qingzhou, you are awake."

"Yes." Shi nodded and he was in good spirits.

"You must be starving," Long said with concern.

Shi rolled his eyes. "Im not that hungry as you said."

Long blinked. "Impossible. Qingzhou, you must be starving."

Shi didnt want to talk about this with Long, so he just said, "How is Liu Suifeng?"

"Dont worry. Bad guys tend to live a long life. Everything is going very smoothly these days. Liu Suifeng said he will recover in less than ten days." Although Long said that as if he disliked Liu, the relaxed tone showed that he was in a good mood.

"Thats good." Shi nodded. "Okay, Ill have breakfast."

"Its all prepared. Ill ask the servants to deliver it."

Soon, breakfast was delivered. Although it was quite late, it still wasnt time for lunch. So Long also ate a little with Shi.

When the two of them were still eating, Liu Suifeng and Ouyang Chuan came over.

Liu could get out of bed and walk around, but his internal strength was still restricted. It would take ten days to fully recover. Looking at Liu coming over, Long joked, "Youre almost disabled. Why dont you just lie on the bed? You shouldnt have run around."

Liu rolled his eyes. "What are you talking about? Whos disabled? Thats nonsense!"

If Long was not the emperor, Liu would really curse him. What would you expect from a pig but a grunt?

However, considering Longs identity, Liu controlled himself and didnt say anything.

Ouyang took Lius hand and sat down at the table.

"Havent you had breakfast, either?" Long asked with doubts.

Ouyang nodded directly. "No, we havent eaten yet."

Long looked at the two men in surprise. "What have you done last night? Why havent you had breakfast yet?"

Ouyang felt a little embarrassed. "What do you think weve done?" He felt that Longs words… had some implied meaning. "We didnt do that. We just did research!"

"Research?" Long blinked. "Research on what? You researched on which posture could make you more comfortable?"

Ouyang was not the only one who felt embarrassed at this moment. Liu and Shi were also surprised to hear that.

"What the hell are you thinking about all day long?" Ouyang said angrily.

Ouyang was the submissive one in his relationship with Liu, so he was very sensitive to such topics. Of course, he didnt want others to mention it at all!

Long curled his lips as if he was wronged. "I didnt think about anything else. Your words were too ambiguous. How can you blame me?"

Ouyang felt even more embarrassed.

Long chuckled. "All right, I misunderstood you. I thought too much. Please forgive me. Well… what did you research then? Is there anything else you can research?"

Ouyang became speechless.

Liu said unhappily, "We studied medicinal materials."

"Huh?" Long looked at Liu in surprise, as if he had heard some joke. "You studied medicinal materials?

You two did it together? Does Ouyang know anything about that?"

The contempt in his words made Ouyang so angry that he wanted to kill him! "You… Dont look down on me!"

"Uh…" Long blinked, realizing that Ouyang really got angry.

"Why did you study medicinal materials?" Shi tried to smooth things over.

Long quickly nodded his head. "Right. Why did you study medicinal materials?"

Liu smiled faintly, "Brother Ouyang wanted to know more about those things, so we studied together."

"What?" Long turned to look at Ouyang and it seemed that his look was still contemptuous!

"He is no longer young. Can he still learn that?"

Shi really didnt know what to do, thinking that why this person liked to offend people so much.

Ouyang glared at Long and directly stood up from the chair. Then… he ran away.

After Ouyang ran away, Liu looked at Long helplessly.

"If you have any problem, you can just talk to me in private. Brother Ouyang doesnt stay with me all the time. Why do you have to anger him like this?"

Liu loved Ouyang deeply, so Liu felt so sorry for him at this moment.

Long blinked innocently. "I didnt expect that hed get angry so easily!"

The corners of Lius mouth twitched. "So you mean its his fault?"

Long blinked and smiled awkwardly. "No, no, I didnt mean that."

Liu curled his lips. "Now tell me. What do you want to say?"

"Well nothing serious. I just feel that theres something wrong with your Brother Ouyang these days, so I want to ask if he has been affected by something and hasnt recovered."

Liu didnt say anything after hearing the words. After a while, he shook his head. "Thats not the case."

"Oh?" Long raised his eyebrows. "Then whats wrong with him?"

Liu looked at him. "I dont know how to explain it. I only know… Brother Ouyang is indeed a little weird, but I dont think hes been affected by anything."