Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 292

Chapter 292 Just A Minor Injury Ii

Chapter 292: Just a Minor Injury (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

After breakfast, Long said with doubts, "Qingzhou, why dont those people take action? I think its a bit strange."

Shi smiled faintly. "Whats wrong? Are you upset that they dont take action?"

After thinking for a while, Long shook his head. "Im not upset. I just think its so weird. Logically speaking, Northern Barbarians plan could work. Even if it doesnt work, it shouldnt be like it is now… Nothing has happened, right?"

Shi shrugged slightly. "Maybe theyre afraid after so many people have been killed."

"Are they?" Long was puzzled.

"Why not? Weve killed so many people, havent we?"

"Well… its possible if thats the reason."

In fact, Long and Shi were right about this!

Why was the imperial court still so calm when there were so many rumors outside?

Of course it was because Long and Shi had killed too many people!

Those courtiers were mostly civil officials, so they were naturally afraid of death!

Never stick your neck out. They had learned such a lesson from the bloody murders in the recent period of time.

Yes! There were many rumors recently!

But what could they benefit from that if they got involved?

If all the courtiers united… maybe the emperor could be forced down. However, it was more likely that they would be all slaughtered by him!

Moreover, it was impossible for the courtiers to unite.

Since some courtiers were killed and dismissed, more and more people began to support the emperor and the empress.

The rest of the courtiers couldnt achieve anything, alright?

Therefore, they had to be obedient. Disloyalty to the emperor could make them dead! They were not that stupid!

After breakfast, Long watched Shi practice swordplay in the courtyard.

Long tried to learn it for a short while, but of course, he didnt learn much.

During this period of time, Shi and Ouyang insisted on studying medicine from Liu Suifeng, and they had already learnt something. After Shi stopped practicing, Long left the courtyard and went to deal with the memorials.

Shi went to Lius place to study medicine.

When he arrived, Ouyang and Liu had already started.

Liu said, "I plan to go to the mountains today."

"The mountains outside the imperial city?" Shi raised his eyebrows. "What are you going to do there?"

"Remember the animals that were buried there?"

Shi nodded. "Yes. So what?"

Liu smiled faintly. "I think that should be a good place now. Its been burned by fire, and after a few months, some special plants should be growing there. Of course, its just my speculation."

After a pause, Shi said, "What is the use of those plants?"

Liu said with a smile, "Theyre very useful. They can be used to make poisons or antidotes. Sometimes such places are very peculiar."

Shi thought for a while and said, "Okay. Ill go with you."

Liu was a little surprised. "Are you free? It will take a bit longer this time."

"Im free," Shi said calmly.

"Okay." Liu nodded. Since Shi said it was okay, Liu stopped saying anything.

After that, the three of them left the imperial palace directly, followed by several Shadow Guardians secretly.

When Long knew that Shi had gone out, it was already time for lunch.

"What? He went out?"

"Yes, the empress went to the mountains with Liu Suifeng," a Shadow Guardian reported.

Long curled his lips, wondering what they would do in the mountains.

Long knew that Shi wouldnt be able to come back for lunch…

Since Shi was not with him, Long just ate a little food casually. He really had no appetite!

After lunch, the wet nurse went to meet the emperor with the little boy in her arms.

Long felt much happier when he saw the boy. Long held him in his arms and pinched his chubby little face.

The boy was ill for only three days, so he didnt lose weight at all.

With rosy cheeks, the boy looked so cute and healthy.

Perhaps Long pinched too hard, the boys face became a little red, but he didnt cry and still felt very happy. Looking at the boys reaction, Long no longer felt guilty.

"Doesnt it hurt?"

"It doesnt hurt. Father, play with me."

Well, this kid had regarded this as a game.

"Baby, do you want to fly?"

Fly? The boy didnt know how to fly.

Long carried the boy, threw him into the air, and then caught him.

The boys eyes brightened and he was obviously very happy.

He giggled and the laughter continued for a long, long time.

When the boy was tired, Long asked the wet nurse to take him back.

At that time, the boy was already drowsy.

After Long gave the boy back to the wet nurse, he went to the imperial study.

He dealt with the memorials for a while. After meeting with two ministers, he returned to Qiankun Palace to improve his internal strength.

It was almost evening when Long woke up from meditation, but what made Long very upset was that Shi had not yet returned!

After asking the Shadow Guardians, Long began to waited for his lover in anger.

And he kept waiting until it was dark.

Finally, Shi came back, but… there was a little blood on his body!

Long was shocked. "Qingzhou! Whats wrong with you? Why is there blood?"

Shi smiled bitterly. "Dont worry, Im fine."

"There is blood on your body. Youre injured. How can you say youre fine? Dont you think its very serious?"

Shi blinked. Seeing that Long was a little angry, he was touched and felt a little… guilty.

"Where is Liu Suifeng? Didnt he treat you?" Long said angrily. "Didnt you go out with him?"

Shi said softly, "Yes, we went out together. Theres only a small cut on my arm and some ointment has been applied. Ill just wash it and apply some ointment again when I come back. It doesnt even need to be bound up."

"It doesnt?" Long still knitted his brows. "No way. Show me!"

Shi helplessly showed his arm to Long. "Look."

"Its a long cut." Long cared about him very much. The cut was indeed a bit long… but it didnt look like he was wounded by a sharp blade, but by a branch. Long was very confused. How could he be injured by a branch? Oh right, they went to the mountains earlier…

"Qingzhou, were you hurt by a blade?"

"No, I was scratched by a tree branch," Shi said immediately.

Long frowned. "What happened? How were you hurt by a branch?"