Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 297

Chapter 297 So Handsome Ii

Chapter 297: So Handsome (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

With Longs order, those thirty criminals were beheaded.

Some timid people, who didnt have time to mentally prepare for it, passed out

"More than two hundred people were bribed and incited to make trouble… They shall be banished for five years. Do it now!"

"Yes!" A lot of guards took the two hundred people away.

"No! Please forgive me, Your Majesty! Im wrong!"

"Your Majesty, please show mercy! We just made a small mistake!"

"Your Majesty! I still need to support my parents and children. I know Im wrong!"

"Your Majesty"

The noise didnt last long, because the guards were very efficient and some people who struggled a lot were directly knocked out.

"As for the rest who followed the herd…" Long paused.

The other two hundred people looked very pale.

"Theyll be banished for three years. They arent allowed to return to the city during this period!"

The two hundred people became desperate.

"Your Majesty, its none of our business."

"Your Majesty, we are innocent…"

"Your Majesty"

"Tyrant! You are a tyrant!"

Anger showed in Longs eyes. "Oh? You said that Im a tyrant? I really cant agree with you. You came to the imperial palace, trying to overthrow me. Youll just be banished for three years, but you refused to accept it and said that Im a tyrant? I still think Im too nice to you! Guards, kill him!"

That mans head immediately fell to the ground.

Suddenly, a perfect silence prevailed.

Long said coldly, "My people, listen carefully. Im your emperor. What you should do is to love me and support me. Every inch of land in this nation is under my control. Im not a tyrant, but dont force me to become one! Next time, use your brain and dont be motivated by greed. Youre first offenders. Therefore, those who have been bribed and incited will just be exiled. If someone dares to do it again later, youll lose your life! Since ancient times, what crime is the gravest? That is rebellion! What are you thinking about? You take bribes and want to force me to step down, yet you cant accept it when I punish you? Do you think the nation revolves around you? I love my people, but you have to be the one who deserves my love. Therefore, Im also very happy today, because only a few hundred people came to make trouble! It proves that the rest of my people are all smart and they love me. Im very pleased. I have always been fair in meting out rewards or punishments. If you havent done anything wrong, then dont worry. I said this not only to the people, but also to the ministers. My people, listen carefully. I wont punish a good man, but I wont let an evil man go! My people, you can also supervise the ministers. If they do evil, you can just tell me. You dont need to be afraid. I will back you and make the final decision!"

"I will back you and make the final decision!"

Punishing the bad guys and encouraging the good ones. Long used this method to pacify the crowd.

As the place was dead silent, Long coldly told everyone to stand up.

Then, he took Shis hand and left.

The more than two hundred people down there were taken away by the guards and they would be banished soon.

Many of them were just ordinary people in the imperial city. Just as they said, they still needed to support their parents and children.

However, everyone should pay the price for their choice!

There were still rumors across the nation.

However, few people dared to be incited to go against the emperor.

Those five hundred people did that at the right time.

They had been punished as a warning to others, which was a good result.

Moreover, what could they achieve only with some common people?

It was indeed important to win popular support, but it also depended on what the matter was.

Since they wanted to rebel, why couldnt the emperor kill them?

No one was an idiot. Those who had taken bribes and been used… regretted having done that.

Among the thirty people who had been killed, some actually didnt know anything. They got themselves killed just because of ignorance.

The Ministry of Punishments was ordered to investigate the whereabouts of the mysterious person and Long believed that there would be results soon.

Anyway, it didnt matter if nothing was found, because it was already the best result!

Back at Qiankun Palace, they saw Liu Suifeng and Ouyang Chuan were waiting there.

There was a faint smile on the faces of both of them.

Liu said, "Your Majesty, you were awe-inspiring just now. Everyone focused their eyes on you."

"Oh?" Long raised his brows. "What did you say?"

Liu chuckled and said, "Nice words cant be said twice."

Shi glanced at Liu coldly. "You already have a lover. Dont turn your back on him and go with another. You wont succeed."

The corners of Lius mouth twitched. "You… think too much."

Ouyang turned to look at Liu with doubts.

Liu noticed Ouyangs reaction and quickly said, "Brother Ouyang, you dont believe his nonsense, do you?"

"Is that nonsense?" Ouyang glanced at Liu coldly. "Why do I feel like its true?"

Liu suddenly felt deeply wronged. "Brother Ouyang…"

Ouyang snorted in anger. "Im going back."

"No, Brother Ouyang, wait for me." Paying no attention to Long and Shi, Liu hurriedly went to chase Ouyang…

Long curled his lips. "These two men… Tsk."

Shi smiled faintly. "Come on, lets get inside."

"Well, lets go."

As Long sat down on the chair, the servant immediately served tea.

Long took a sip.

Shi said softly, "After this matter, the common people wont be easily fooled and used."

"Thats right." Long smiled. "All people want to live a good life. No one wants to be killed or exiled. Everyone has a family and they need to be responsible for others."

"Yes." Shi sat down beside Long and suddenly said, "You used your internal strength properly today."

"Oh?" Long was surprised to hear that.

Shi smiled faintly. "Almost all people have heard what you said today."

Long blinked. "Qingzhou… what do you mean by that?"

Shi coughed. "Nothing."

Thinking of Lius words earlier, Long said slowly, "Qingzhou, do you… also think I was very handsome on the city wall just now?"

Shi felt a little embarrassed and turned away when Long guessed right. "Theres nothing to be proud of!"

"Ahem." Long coughed. "So thats true!"

Shi couldnt stand it, so he stood up directly from the chair and walked into the bedroom.

Long blinked and then quickly followed.

"Qingzhou, dont leave so soon. Wait for me."

Shi ignored him and walked very fast.

Long grabbed Shis arm when Shi was about to reach the bedroom.

"Qingzhou, wait for me."

Shi rolled his eyes. "Why are you following me?"

"I will be where you are!"

Shi became speechless.

Long cheekily hugged Shi from behind around the waist. "Qingzhou, since you are here… then lets…"

Shi interrupted him immediately, "Stop daydreaming!"

Shis words made Long very sad. "Qingzhou, how can you be like this?"

"We just got out of bed. What on earth do you want to do?" Shi couldnt believe there was such a cheeky man in the world.

Long blinked. "Although its still morning… several hours have passed…"

"Go deal with the memorials."




"Just go!"

"Well… Ill go…"