Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 298

Chapter 298 Such A Brilliant Idea

Chapter 298: Such a Brilliant Idea!

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

After what happened at the gate of the palace, everything returned to calm.

Meanwhile, Longs reputation had greatly improved.

The dissidents in the court didnt dare to do anything.

And the others became more loyal to the emperor.

In this way, Long and Shi had nothing to worry about.

Several people brought by Mr. Chen were arrested. Everything seemed to be proceeding in an orderly manner.

On this day, the weather was clear and the sky was cloudless.

Therefore, after staying in the palace for a long time, Long decided to go out for a walk.

Shi had no objection, so the two of them went out together.

They finally left the palace. Breathing the fresh air outside, Long felt much happier.

Shi turned his head and looked at Long. "Where should we go next?"

"Well…" Long thought for a while. "Whatever. I dont have a destination in mind. What do you think, Qingzhou?"

Shi shook his head. "How about go to Tianji Sect to exchange information?"

"Tianji Sect." Long blinked and immediately thought of that woman, Wu Xiangyuan.

He curled his lips.

Shi looked at him. "Whats wrong? Are you unwilling?"

Long shook his head. "Not really. Lets go."

Shi narrowed his eyes and nodded. "Well, lets go."

The two of them walked to Tianji Sect. When they got there, they naturally chose to meet Wu Ronghan directly.

Wu Ronghan hurriedly greeted them.

"Greetings to you, Your Majesties."

"Skip the formalities, Mr. Wu." Long smiled faintly. "Lets get inside first."

Wu Ronghan quickly led them into the room.

When Long and Shi entered the room, Wu Xiangyuan appeared from behind. Looking at Shis back, she had mixed feelings.

Her Brother Shi… had become another mans lover…

She thought that Shi must hate her a lot at present.

If it wasnt for her father, she might have already been killed…

Thinking of that, Wu Xiangyuan couldnt help feeling sad.

After the figures of Long and Shi disappeared, Wu Xiangyuan intended to leave. Suddenly, a hoarse voice rang in her ears.

"Youll just give up like this? Dont you feel ashamed?"

Wu Xiangyuan was stunned, and then her expression changed.

"Who are you?"

"Miss, dont be nervous. You cant see where I am. I just want to ask whether you really plan to give up. The person you like was taken away by another man and your father almost lost the entire Tianji Sect in order to save you. Are you really going to give up?"

Wu Xiangyuans face turned pale and her fists clenched.

The mysterious person continued, "As long as the damn emperor Long Xiaoyuan is dead, the man you like will come back to you and Tianji Sect wont be suppressed by the imperial family… That damn emperor, he deserves to die…"

Wu Xiangyuan bit her lips and said, "Where are you? Who on earth are you? Show yourself if youre a man!"

"You want to see me?" The mysterious person laughed. "No problem, but… you need to think about it first. When you think it through, Ill naturally come to meet you…"

After that, the sound stopped and the person disappeared without a trace.

Wu Xiangyuan wanted to find that person, but she failed…

At this time, Long and Shi were talking with Wu Ronghan.

"Your Majesty, I dont dare to hide it from you. In fact, I also plan to send some information to you."

"Oh?" Long raised his eyebrows. "Whats it about?"

Wu Ronghan said immediately, "Please wait a moment, Your Majesty. Ill go and fetch something."

Long nodded.

After Wu Ronghan left, Long asked curiously, "Qingzhou, what information do you think Wu Ronghan will tell us?"

After thinking for a moment, Shi said, "Maybe its about Eastern Darkness, or Northern Barbarians."

"Oh?" Long was a little surprised. "Why do you think so?"

Shi said calmly, "We just need the information about these two places. If he wants to contact us, he mustve known something related to them…

Of course, its just my speculation."

Long blinked and suddenly held Shis hand with a smile.

Shi turned to him with doubts. "Whats this?"

Long shook his head and smiled. "Nothing. I just think youre so smart, Qingzhou."

Shi raised his eyebrows. "I just guessed it. Maybe it was wrong."

"I think all your guesses are very close to the truth. Qingzhou, youre intelligent."

After a pause, Shi said slowly, "Do you envy me because you think youre stupid?"

Longs face darkened. "Of course not! You think too much!"

Shi shrugged slightly. "Well, I overthink it."

Long angrily pinched Shis waist.

"Hiss…" It hurt and Shi also felt a bit itchy.

Long said bitterly, "Ill punish you when we go back."

Shi narrowed his eyes. "Hmm?"

Long coughed. "Mr. Wu is coming soon. Stop messing around."

"Whos messing around here?" Thinking of that, Shi curled his lips.

As Wu Ronghan returned, Shi and Long became serious again.

Especially Long, he looked solemn.

Wu Ronghan handed the bamboo slips to Long. Long took them and began to read.

After a while, Long said slowly, "Is this true?"

Wu Ronghan said seriously, "The spy who sent me the information has been staying in Eastern Darkness for twenty years. It should be true."

When Shi looked at Long, Long gave the bamboo slips to him.

After Shi read it, he also raised his eyebrows.

"Can you find these people?" Long asked.

"I need to contact the spy first. Its hard to tell now," Wu Ronghan said honestly.

Long and Shi took a look at each other. Then, Long said, "We already know about this. You can keep the bamboo slips, but you must keep it a secret."

"I understand."

Long said nothing more.

Shi exchanged some more information with Wu Ronghan and instructed him to do several things before leaving.

After getting outside, Long said, "Qingzhou, if the information is true… Im afraid Fang Shuoyang and Xu You will be in danger."

Shi nodded. "Thats right… I didnt expect that Emperor Zhou had already chosen the crown prince and hes so secretive about it."

"The three princes of Eastern Darkness, including Fang Shuoyang, are all his pawns… Theyre just the stepping stones for the real successor."

The two of them looked at each other again. Then, Long said softly, "If I write to ask Xu You to come back, will he listen to me?"

"If Fang Shuoyang stayed there, he wouldnt come back," Shi said calmly.

Long let out a long breath after hearing that. "Fang Shuoyang If we ask him to come back… will he do so?"

Shi thought about it carefully and then slowly shook his head. "Im not sure."

Long smiled bitterly. "Fang Shuoyang went there to find out about Eastern Darkness. Now, he has achieved something there. If we ask him to come back, he may refuse because of his special identity. Even if its dangerous, he may fight for it."

Shi looked at Long. "I also think so."

"Even if it isnt for power, but only for the person he loves, Fang Shuoyang… will not come back. Here in our nation, hed feel awkward with such an identity. If I were him…"

Long didnt finish his words, but sighed softly.

Shi pursed his lips and asked calmly, "If it were you, what would you do?"

Hearing the words, Long stared at Shi and said softly, "If it were me, I would try my best to protect my loved ones and provide them with a peaceful environment, rather than… living under other peoples roof."Read latest chapters at Listnovel.com

Shis heart skipped a beat as Long was looking at him affectionately… Shi slowly looked away and his ears turned a little red.

"But our nation is so large. He can stay wherever he likes… Qingzhou, what shall we do?"

"The person that Emperor Zhou has hidden is the biggest problem," Shi said.

Hearing Shis words, Long nodded in agreement. "If we know that mans character and some more information… we can predict our relationship with Eastern Darkness in the future."

After thinking for a moment, Shi suddenly said, "If Fang Shuoyang became their emperor… there would be no trouble."

Long was stunned.

Shi said calmly, "Isnt it true? If Fang Shuoyang ascended the throne, Eastern Darkness and Heaven Dragon wouldnt fight again within a hundred years."

Longs heart beat violently. "You"

Shi dropped his eyes. "Im just guessing."

Long suddenly grasped Shis hand with great strength and Shi was almost hurt!

"Be more serious about it. This is such a brilliant idea!"

Shi didnt expect it and became speechless.