Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 299

Chapter 299 Speaking Without Any Consideration I

Chapter 299: Speaking Without Any Consideration (I)

Shi didnt really mean it.

Moreover, he thought that Long would definitely disagree, because there would be great risk.

But he didnt expect… that Long said it was a brilliant idea.

Shi didnt know what to say at this moment.

Long giggled. "If Fang Shuoyang really becomes the emperor, then Xu You will be his empress, right? Tsk. This idea is really good."

Shi couldnt believe what he had heard and thought that Long was a little nave. "If Fang Shuoyang becomes the emperor, then Xu You will be the empress. Thats right, but the risk would be great."

"Its okay. Qingzhou, havent you heard about this? Success comes from danger!"

Shi looked at Long with doubts. "I understand what that means, but I dont think you will allow Xu You to take the risk."

"Of course not," Long said immediately.

Shi became speechless.

"Xu You doesnt need to take risks. Fang Shuoyang is with him," Long said.

"Hmm?" Shi didnt agree. "If Fang Shuoyang stays there to do such a dangerous thing, will Xu You come back?

"Well… I have an idea," Long said.

Shi doubted him. "What can you do?"

"Well, Ill keep it secret for the time being. But… Qingzhou, do you think we should go to meet Qin Yuechun? First, we can get Xu You back. Second… if there is an internal strife in Eastern Darkness, then we wont have much to worry about. Besides, almost all their spies in our nation have died. We have nothing to fear, do we?"

Shi didnt say anything.

"If theres a choice, I wont make war, which will make all people suffer. But if they force me to the corner, I wont care about so many things. Ill just fight against them. I still think its beneficial to all parties if we solve the problem peacefully."

Shi took a look at Long. "Its impossible, unless Fang Shuoyang really becomes the emperor."

"Yes." Long touched his chin. "I think this plan is feasible, but it requires strategy and manpower. It seems that Fang Shuoyang just lacks these two things."

"In fact, Fang Shuoyang has played an important role there. Otherwise, the other princes of Eastern Darkness would all pay much attention to us and we wouldnt have so much time to deal with the spies here," Shi said slowly.

If it werent for Fang Shuoyang to distract them over there and even give them a sense of threat, the three princes would have begun to fight for Heaven Dragon fiercely!

In that case, the common people in the nation would suffer the most.

"Right, Fang Shuoyang has already helped us a lot, but the most important thing he can do is… to make Emperor Zhou suffer! He wants his four sons to fight in order to protect the real successor, right? Then lets silence him forever!"

Shi pursed his lips. "The plan is feasible, but… are you going to assassinate him? This is the last resort."

"Not necessarily." Long smiled. "I came up with a good idea."

Shi raised his eyebrows. "Whats that?"

Long smiled. "Making use of other people to kill him."

"Hmm?" Shi was taken aback. Then, he said slowly, "You mean…"

"Doesnt he want his sons to kill each other? Well, if we add fuel to the flames… will the princes hate him? Will they feel that theyve been abandoned and will die sooner or later? Then they might fight against him to the end."

Shi paused because he was surprised that Long could be so scheming.

But that was really a good plan.

Then, Shi said slowly, "Theoretically speaking, it will succeed. If we handle it well, we can benefit from it, but if theres one mistake, well lose everything."

"Well, thats right." Long nodded. "But we should still remember this. Success comes from danger. Qingzhou, in order to protect the people from the war, its worthwhile to take the risk, but we have to meet Fang Shuoyang before making the final decision."

"You want to go to the border?" Shi asked.

Long nodded. "Thats what I meant. Currently, the imperial court is very peaceful and those ministers are much more obedient than we thought. Even if we suppress Eastern Darkness, they dare not make trouble. So, if the problem there can be solved, then Northern Barbarians wouldnt be able to achieve anything."

After a pause, Shi said slowly, "Lets go back first."

Long smiled. "Okay."

After returning to the palace, Long and Shi met Liu and Ouyang to ask their opinions.

If they went to the border of Eastern Darkness, these two men would definitely accompany them.

Moreover, if they wanted to sneak into the territory of Eastern Darkness, Liu and Ouyang must go with them.

Besides, they had always been intelligent.

As it was very important, Long and Shi decided to talk with them about it.

Liu and Ouyang were dumbfounded. Later, Liu asked, "Have you decided?"

Long shook his head. "It hasnt been decided yet, so we want to ask your opinions."

Shi said calmly, "You can just say what you think."

"Although its very risky, it might solve the problem once and for all. If we succeed, Eastern Darkness and Heaven Dragon will be allies in a hundred years, or even longer," said Liu.

"I also think so." Ouyang agreed with him.

"Perhaps we need to assassinate their emperor. Of course, this is just an overall plan. If all of us agree, Im afraid youll have to do a lot in Eastern Darkness." Long said the purpose of talking with them.

Liu and Ouyang looked at each other and nodded. "I understand."

The two men spoke in unison and then smiled.

Long let out a sigh of relief. "Its settled then. Well set off the day after tomorrow. We still need to make arrangements for things here."

"Okay." Liu and Ouyang didnt stay there and just left.

After they left, Long said slowly, "I thought we would catch some disloyal ministers after we came back this time, but I didnt expect those guys to be so obedient. We didnt find anyone suspicious and decided to go out again."

Shi said, "As long as were still alive, it makes no difference whether were staying inside or outside of the palace."

"Thats right." Long smiled. "Now no one dares to neglect court affairs. But… I guess well be outside for a long time. Qingzhou, who do you think can be responsible for dealing with so many affairs?"

"Just the same as last time. Besides the left prime minister can be used."

"Haha." Long laughed. "Qingzhou, great minds think alike."

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