Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 30

Chapter 30 General Lian Its Great Disrespect

Chapter 30: General Lian, Its Great Disrespect

Translator: -Peggyan

Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou made the decision and then wanted to inform Lian Qingyang before working out a plan.

But, Long Xiaoyuan didnt show up to see Lian Qingyang.

Shi Qingzhou went to meet Lian Qinyang by himself, but the latter frowned upon hearing the plan out. No way, its dangerous! Shi Qingzhou said, Its dangerous, but this is an imperial edict, General Lian.

Lian Qingyang took a deep breath. Have you talked him out of this? Its childish.

Shi Qingzhou glanced at him. General Lian, watch your tone. Youd better not say those disrespectful words.

Lian Qingyang changed his expression a little. Qingzhou, I

Please call me Your Grace. Shi Qingzhou interrupted Lian Qingyang.

Lian Qingyang changed his expression again. Youvechanged.

Shi Qingzhou indifferently looked at Lian Qingyang. General Lian, it should be me asking. Im the empress, but your intimate tone will make us misunderstood. Do you know this? Even if we were colleagues before, the rule is the rule, and we cant neglect it. Mind your behaviors, General Lian.

Each word Shi said was like a knife stuck into Lians chest. After a long time, Lian Qingyang slowly lowered his head. Yes, Your Grace.

Shi Qingzhou replied to Lian Qingyang. General Lian, please make your prepared for this.

After that, Shi Qingzhou directly walked away

In the evening, 10,000 people set up a base camp here.

Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou stayed in Jiang Ans camp, but Jiang was asked out by Lian Qingyang, so only Long and Shi were inside the camp.

Qingzhou. Long Xiaoyuan slightly called Shis name and kissed Shis lips. Lian Qingyang has made preparations. Do we need to do something?

Shi Qingzhou winked. What do you want to do?

After some thoughts, Long Xiaoyuan said, Neither of us can do disguise, so the man capable of this will definitely follow usBy the way, who is that man?

Shi Qingzhou said, Hes on the way here. Hes not a soldier.

Oh, welldoes he live in the Mansion of General Shi? asked Long Xiaoyuan with curiosity.

Shi Qingzhou said after a pause, Yes.

Ah. When he arrives here, Ill have a look at him. After all, disguise is fantastic, said Long Xiaoyuan with interests.

Shi Qingzhou said with a faint smile, OK.

They intimately talked to each other for a while. Long Xiaoyuan then asked, Do we need to keep watch at night?

The people are enoughwed better sleep. After all, we have a plan to work out.

Youre right. Long Xiaoyuan laid down. Here is not so comfortable as home, but it gives me a different feeling. Qingzhou, will Jiang An come back?

No, he wont. Shi Qingzhou smiled. General Lian wont allow him to come back. After all, they were here.

Its alright. Having felt tired, Long Xiaoyuan closed his eyes and then signaled Shi Qingzhou to come over. The latter went over and laid down beside him.

Long Xiaoyuan kissed Shis side face and closed his eyes again

Shi Qingzhou smiled and closed his eyes, too

Jiang An didnt come back this day, which proved that Shi Qingzhou was right. Long Xiaoyuan slept well with Shi Qingzhou in his arms.