Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 303

Chapter 303 Got Sick Ii

Chapter 303. Got Sick (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Liu frowned, and then looked at Long carefully. "Give me your hand. I dont think youre fine." "Huh? Really?" Long shook his head. "I should be alright."

"Stop speaking. Just give me your hand. Let me have a check."

Long didnt think it was a big problem. "Well, let me get out first."

Then, Liu and Long walked to one side.

A cushion was placed on the ground. After Long sat down, Liu said, "Your hand."

Long curled his lips and stretched out his hand after sitting down.

Ouyang looked over. "What happened?"

"I think hes ill. Ill feel his pulse," Liu said.

Ouyang looked at Shi who was beside him.

Shi frowned slightly. Although he didnt keep looking in that direction, he caught a glimpse of what was going on there.

Ouyang didnt know whether Long was really ill or he was just pretending in order to draw Shis attention…

Obviously, Ouyang wasnt the only who thought like that.

Shi didnt do anything. Perhaps he also thought so or he was not sure.

After feeling Longs pulse, Liu frowned immediately.

"You have a low fever. Dont you have any feeling?"

"Huh?" Long blinked. "Low fever? Really? I really dont feel anything."

The corners of Lius mouth twitched. "Now that Ive told you, did you feel it?"

"Uh…" Long blinked. "Well, no wonder I feel a little groggy."

Liu glared at him. "You are too careless. We hate it most when we get sick on the road. Itll be very troublesome."

Long said innocently, "Thats not what I want."

Liu sighed. "What should we do now? We planned to camp at night, but it would only make you feel worse, right?"

Long blinked. "What shall we do then?"

Liu looked at Long helplessly. "I am asking you."

Long tilted his head. "Well… how about we keep going?"

Liu looked at Shi. "What do you think, Shi Qingzhou?"

Shi pursed his lips. "Keep going. Were not far from the next town. Lets take a rest there for a day."

Long turned his head and glanced at Shi. Then, he turned to Liu again. "Im hungry. Lets eat something before leaving."

Liu had no objection and nodded. "Okay."

Although he was hungry, Long didnt eat much for dinner. He just drank some water and ate a piece of roasted meat. He didnt eat any staple food.

Liu didnt ask him to eat more.

Since he felt unwell, it was better to eat less.

Otherwise, he would feel worse.

The group of people continued on their journey.

Long and the others were in the front, while Lian Qingyang and the army were some distance away. They were not at this place and the person who was in contact with him was the Shadow Guardian, Ying Feng.

Long sat in the carriage, feeling dizzy and sleepy.

Shi wasnt in there. The one who stayed with Long was Liu.

About three hours later, the carriage arrived in the town.

After Ouyang checked in, Liu led Long into the room.

Long didnt say anything. Once he entered the room, he went to lie on the bed.

And he fell asleep after a short while.

A moment later, Shi came in.

Liu looked at him and said, "He may feel a little thirsty at night. Prepare some water. Will you stay here to take care of him or do I need to ask the Shadow Guardians to do it?"

Shi said coldly, "Ill stay here."

Liu nodded. "Okay. Call me if he has a high fever at night."

Shi nodded.

Liu stopped disturbing these two men and left.

Shi sat on the edge of the bed, looking at the person on the bed with mixed feelings…

After a long time, Shi seemed a little tired and blinked sleepily.

Then he leaned against the bedpost and closed his eyes.

Shi didnt know how long it had passed when Longs heavy breathing awakened him.

Shi hurriedly looked towards Long.

It seemed that Long felt very bad and he tossed and turned restlessly.

Shi touched Longs forehead.

It was very hot.

Shi knitted his brows. He got some cold water and soaked a towel in it. Then, he put it on Longs forehead.

With the help of the cold towel, the temperature of Longs forehead dropped a little.

Shi didnt feel relieved. He took a teacup, helped Long up and asked him to drink some water.

Liu said that Long would feel a little thirsty at night and he naturally remembered it.

Long seemed to feel better after Shi had fed some water to him. Then, he fell asleep again.

Shi kept staying with Long and finally breathed a sigh of relief after he found that Long was sleeping soundly.

The next day, Long woke up very late.

Last night, he vaguely felt someone put a cold towel on his forehead.

He didnt feel good at the beginning, but with the cold towel, he felt much better.

So, he slept very well…

He had a feeling that Shi was taking care of him…

However, when he opened my eyes, he didnt see Shi by his side. He wondered if he was mistaken.

Well, maybe Shi went out early in the morning…

Being confused, Long summoned a Shadow Guardian.

When he spoke, he found that his voice was hoarse and his throat was a little sore.

Didnt they say that he would be in good health after his meridians were dredged?

Then why did he catch a cold so easily?

Long felt like he had been deceived…

Ying Feng entered the room soon. Long asked directly, "Who took care of me last night?"

Ying Feng said, "Its me."

Long was surprised. "Its you? Are you sure?"

"Yes, Im sure."

Disappointment flashed in Longs eyes.

After a while, Long waved his hand. "Alright, I see. You can leave."