Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 305

Chapter 305 No Space For Him

Chapter 305. No Space for Him

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Shi came back. Looking at each other, Liu and Ouyang smiled and left.

They also wanted to give these two men some space.

If the two of them kept quarreling during the trip, those who suffered most would be the people around them, right?

When leaders fought, their subordinates would suffer!

Liu and Ouyang were aware of it.

Moreover, if they could make up and ease the tension, everyone would be happy and relaxed, right?

So Liu and Ouyang left.

Long stared at the person by the door.

After a long time, he said slowly, "You are back…"

"Mhmm," Shi responded in a low voice, and then walked inside.

Long meant to ask where Shi had gone.

However, he remembered that Shi didnt answer this question last time…

He didnt want to ruin the peaceful moment, so he didnt ask Shi.

Shi sat down at the table.

Long looked outside and said, "Have you had lunch?"

Shi nodded. "Yes."

"Oh? Thats good. Its getting dark. Its almost time for dinner."

Shi finally looked at him. "Are you hungry? Do I need to ask the servants to deliver the food?"

Long shook his head. "No, wait a moment."

Shi no longer said anything.

Long didnt know what to say and the atmosphere between them became awkward again.

Long really didnt expect that the two of them would be like this again.

It seems that last time they quarreled… was when Shi decided to go to the battlefield.

That time, Long couldnt accept it, so he gave Shi the cold shoulder and didnt know how to get along with him

But this time… there was no big problem between them.

Long also knew that Lian Qingyang wasnt a threat.

Shi already said that he had nothing to do with that man, but Long still talked nonsense out of jealousy.

After that, Long found that it wasnt so easy for them to be reconciled…

Long sighed inwardly, feeling a little frustrated.

Lost in thought, Long lost his sense of time and soon it was completely dark outside.

Long looked at Shi, who was still sitting at the table with a book in his hand, and said, "Ask them to deliver the food."

Shi put down the book and nodded.

The dinner was soon delivered. Long had recovered, so he had a better appetite.

In addition, he just ate a little in the morning and missed lunch. So, he found the dishes on the table were really appetizing.Read latest chapters at Listnovel.com

However, Long didnt serve Shi while eating because the atmosphere was still a little awkward.

The two of them just helped themselves and ate silently.

After dinner, Long was stuffed and his belly even bulged a little.

Shi also ate a lot, but Long didnt realize that Shi just ate mechanically. Long thought that he was also hungry…

After that, Long asked the Shadow Guardians to take the dishes away.

Long thought for a while and said, "Ill go for a walk."

He didnt "invite" Shi. But he thought if Shi said "Ill go with you", the two of them would naturally be closer.

However, Long didnt get the response he wanted.

Finally, Long went out alone helplessly.

There was a backyard in the inn, where Long intended to walk around.

There wasnt beautiful scenery there. The courtyard was separated so that the rooms at the back could accommodate more people.

When Long was walking, he ran into Ouyang and Liu who also went there for a walk.

"Hmm? Wheres Shi Qingzhou? Didnt he come?" Liu asked with doubts.

"No." Long curled his lips.

Looking at Longs reaction, Liu knew that they hadnt made up yet, so he couldnt help but ask, "Someone must compromise first."

Long narrowed his eyes. "Mhmm. What then?"

Liu said calmly, "Go to apologize to him and everything will be fine."

Long pursed his lips. "Well, I understand… but… sometimes I cant just do it."

After a short silence, Liu said, "You cant always be like this, can you?"

Long was a little agitated. "It wont always be like this. Lets wait and see."

Ouyang looked at Long and said, "Dont regret it later."

Hed regret it? Long sighed inwardly and found that he didnt know how to retort.

Naturally, he hoped that he and his empress would always be happy, but there would always be many problems in real life.

At this moment, Ying Feng went over and said, "Master, Lian Qingyang asked for an audience."

Long was surprised. "What? He wants to talk with me?"


Liu didnt know who that man was. "Lian Qingyang? Who is this?"

Ouyang shook his head. "Dont look at me. I have no idea."

"Qiu Ming didnt come with us this time. Lian Qingyang is leading the troops." Long pursed his lips.

Liu knew who Qiu was, because they had cooperated a few times, but he didnt know Lian. However, he found Longs expression was a little weird, so he asked, "Whats wrong with Lian Qingyang? Is there any problem?"

After a pause, Long said softly, "Shi Qingzhou found that there was something wrong with him, but we havent had any evidence."

Liu immediately became serious. "Shi Qingzhou has always dealt with things carefully. What did this man do?"

Long lowered his voice. "Maybe he has something to do with Eastern Darkness."

"He holds a senior position now, right?" Liu asked at once.

"Yes. Hes a major general."

"Hiss…" Ouyang was also a little surprised. "You know hes suspicious. How dare you ask him to lead the troops and follow us?"

Long curled his lips. "Thats Shi Qingzhous idea."

Liu and Ouyang blinked at the same time. They noticed that Long was jealous.

Liu said significantly, "You acted strangely… because of Lian Qingyang, right?"

Long immediately glared at Liu, but he didnt talk back.

Ouyang suddenly laughed. "Its really because of him… Whys that? You said Shi Qingzhou made the decision… Could it be that they knew each other before?"

That was really euphemistic.

Long pursed his lips. "They served in the same army before."

"Whoa." Liu stared at Long. "You think… Lian Qingyang likes Shi Qingzhou?"

Ouyang also fixed Long with a stare, waiting for his answer eagerly.

Long curled his lips again. "You guys like gloating over my misfortune. Well, Lian Qingyang really wants to be with him, but its a pity that my Qingzhou isnt interested in him."

"Why did you emphasize Shi Qingzhou is yours?" Liu said with a smile.

Ouyang also smiled and said, "Yes. Why did you do that? Besides, you guys just had a fight."

Long became angry. "We just had a fight. We didnt break up!"

Hearing the words, Liu and Ouyang burst into laughter at the same time.

Long glared at the two of them. "Stop laughing!"

Ying Feng didnt dare to say or do anything, in case that the emperor would vent his anger on him.

But it was a pity that the Shadow Guardians usually bore the brunt!

"Go tell him. Im busy. I wont see him."

"Yes!" Ying Feng wanted to leave.

"Wait." Long suddenly stopped him.

Ying Feng turned his head at once. "Master."

"Tell this to the empress."

"Yes." Ying Feng responded and left.

Liu couldnt help but ask, "Are you okay?"

Ouyang also said, "You know clearly that he likes your dear Qingzhou, but you still allowed them to meet?"

Ouyang specially stressed the three words "your dear Qingzhou".

Long gave them a cold look. "You also think Qingzhou is mine. Cant they meet each other? Humph. Do you think that Qingzhou will go with him after they meet? Thatd be ridiculous."

Liu shrugged. "Since you said that, then its up to you."

Ouyang also said, "Yeah, its up to you. Well go for a walk. Excuse us."

"Excuse us," Liu also said with a smile.

Long squinted at Liu and Ouyang as they left. Then, he curled his lips and… went back to the room.

Shi was no longer in the room. Long guessed… he went to see Lian Qingyang.

Long ordered the Shadow Guardian to get some water because he planned to take a bath.

Hot water was delivered soon.

Long took off his clothes and went into the bathtub.

He sweated a lot while sleeping and his body was sticky, so he felt uncomfortable.

Lying in the bathtub, Long felt extremely refreshed… but he wasnt in a good mood!

Long controlled himself and tried not to think too much.

He would wait and see when Shi would come back…

Long bathed for almost an hour and asked the Shadow Guardian to add water twice.

However, Shi still didnt come back after he took the bath.

When the Shadow Guardian went to take the bathtub away, Long finally asked, "Where is the empress?"

"Hes talking with Lian Qingyang."

"Oh? Theyre still talking?" Long narrowed his eyes.

The Shadow Guardian didnt dare to speak.

Long curled his lips and waved his hand. "Alright, you can leave."

The Shadow Guardian left soon. Long put on the underwear and lay on the big bed.

The bedding had been changed again, which was quite clean and comfortable.

Lying on the big bed, Long stretched his arms and legs. He didnt want to think too much and decided to sleep…

He didnt know when Shi would return, so he didnt bother to wait.

After a short while, Long really fell asleep…

Soon after, Shi returned to the room and saw that Long occupied the entire bed with his arms and legs spreading out. Then, he left…

In the past, if Long sincerely waited for him to come back, he would leave some space for Shi.

But this night…

Obviously, there was no space for him on that bed… Shi gently pursed his lips.