Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 32

Chapter 32 His Majesty Is Back

Chapter 32: His Majesty Is Back!

Translator: -Peggyan

When Long Xiaoyuan turned impatient and was about to lead his soldiers uphill, he eventually saw several torches.

As the torches got closer and closer, he saw Shi Qingzhou.

He rushed over and held Shi Qingzhou into his arms.

Qingzhou, Qingzhou…

Long Xiaoyuan called Shi Qingzhous name and kissed the latters ear.

Not until the latter shyly made a dodge did Long Xiaoyuan let him go and see a dozen people follow him behind.

Having stayed on Mount Yong for a few days, Long Xiaoyuan knew them, of course. They were the first owner, the second owner, the third owner, as well as the mysterious adviser.

My Majesty, may you live long and prosper, said Shi Qingzhou after kneeling on the ground.

Those bandits gasped with terror and knelt on the ground in unison. Your Majesty, may you live long and prosper.

Long Xiaoyuan originally stood here under the company of Lian Qingyang who was not far.

Now, Lian Qingyang led the army with a population of 10,000 soldiers to kneel on the ground.

What a magnificent scene! You couldnt experience this from watching TV, because you were unable to experience firsthand!

Long Xiaoyuan tightened his fists while looking at those before him and first helped Shi Qingzhou up. Qingzhou, my empress, please stand up.

Shi Qingzhou stood up. Thanks, Your Majesty.

Long Xiaoyuan held Shis hand and said augustly, Stand up.

Then, all the people stood up. Long Xiaoyuan said upon looking at the bandits, I feel glad you guys can put down your weapon and chose to do good, but the country has its law like each family has its rules…Youll be punished by law due to your crimes. However, given that you guys forsake darkness for light and have some reasons, so Id like to punish you with leniency. Concerning the detailed punishment, Ill leave it to Minister Shi Qingshan. Do you have any objections?

Your Majesty, thanks for your leniency.

Having appeased them, Long Xiaoyuan directly went back with Shi Qingzhou.

What happened tonight enabled Long Xiaoyuan to think a lot and understand his real thought.

After they got into the tent, Long Xiaoyuan held Shi Qingzhous hand. Do you know I was…a little afraid when I waited for you at the foot of Mount Yong?

Shi Qingzhou winked with his eyes twinkling and said embarrassingly, Your Majesty, what were you scared of?

I scared that youd be hurt or stuck uphill. I was afraid that you couldnt come back to me.

Shi Qingzhou got his body stiffened first and then turned soft.

Long Xiaoyuan tightly hugged Shi in his arms. Qingzhou…Qingzhou…Its terrific that you come back…

Shi Qingzhou slightly curled his lips and said, En.

With Shi Qingzhou in his arms, Long Xiaoyuan couldnt help but kiss Shi Qingzhou. The latter cooperatively opened his mouth, providing convenience for Long Xiaoyuan to get inside.

Their clothes were taken off, indicating that the torrid night was coming.

Long Xiaoyuan hugged Shi Qingzhou beneath him and felt extremely satisfied physically and physiologically for the first time.

Before this, he always considered himself a strange existence, a passer-by of this world.

He didnt think he belonged there all the time, so he had to instinctively develop a good relationship with the protagonist to remain alive…

He just did whatever he could to stay alive.

But now, he had a sense of belonging, for he knew that he fell in love with Shi Qingzhou.

He loved Shi Qingzhou, not because Shi Qingzhou was the leading character in the book…

The next day, Long Xiaoyuan didnt see Lian Qingyang. The bandits of Mount Yong surrendered themselves without fighting. Did this credit owe to Lian Qingyang or His Majesty? It was open to discussion.

But as far as Long Xiaoyuan was concerned, Shi Qingzhou, his empress, was the one who made this happen.

Back in the imperial palace, Long Xiaoyuan was in a good mood, for the bandits’ issue was settled satisfactorily.

However, he didnt leave the sadness and sighs he sensed on Mount Yong behind. Without doubts, the sadness and sighs were related to the bandits.

Except for some good-natured people, most of the bandits had their own stories.

If they didnt kill someone, he would spare them this time. For those who killed someone, he would make them stay in prison lifetime.

He would definitely execute those who had committed felonies. All the above cases needed tackling.

However, he couldnt handle these by himself, for he had appointed Shi Qingshan to be in charge of these.

After Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingshan left the imperial palace, Shi Qingshan was caged in the imperial palace even with good purposes, so Shi Qingshan felt extremely happy when they got back.

Only God knew that! If he hadnt had the military leadership, he must have been beaten to death by all the imperial censors these days.

Shi Qingshan was a general, not an emperor, so why could he handle government affairs?

Although there was an imperial edict from His Majesty, where was His Majesty? If His Majesty was in good shape, why would he ask someone to take care of government affairs? After all, it was disrespectful.

Besides, each time when the emperor went out on a tour, government affairs would be left in the care of several ministers. When could a general take care of it alone?

They even doubted whether Shi Qingshan wanted to hold His Majesty hostage to conduct a coup.

Thus, Shi Qingshan had had rough days recently and encountered many terrible things.

Now that when His Majesty got back, he finally came clean!