Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 38

Chapter 38 His Majesty Was Capricious This Time

Chapter 38: His Majesty Was Capricious This Time

Translator: Peggyan

When Long Xiaoyuan met Shi Qingshan, Shi Qingzhou also received this message at the Qiankun Palace. He immediately turned serious and ordered the Shadow Guardian to leave.

If Long Xiaoyuan was here, he would know that this Shadow Guardian reporting to Shi Qingzhou was Ying Qiu.

Ying Qiu protected them when they got out the first time and also followed Shi Qingzhou when he went back alone.

Another side-

Long Xiaoyuan was upset. Besides, he also felt blank which might not be spotted by others.

He had read the novel namedThe Empresss Way to the Throne.

Based on the novel, Shi Qingzhou killed the emperor and succeeded to the throne, but his father and grandfather had been killed.

However, his father and grandfather were still alive now. Additionally, he had become Long Xiaoyuans real empress.

In that case, Long Xiaoyuan originally deemed that he would be safe from that time on.

However, what did the tip-off brought by Shi Qingshan say? The First Wangyeh and Second Wangyeh conspire with the northern Barbarians.

In the novel, did such an incident really exist?

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But now? Shi Qingzhou didnt kill the emperor, but those Wangyehs conspired with the barbarians.

How did this happen?

It was like something was out of his control

He originally thought that as long as he got along with Shi Qingzhou who wouldnt kill him, he would be the emperor forever. However, it turned out that the original emperor had deeply impressed his people with his cruel image so that many people wanted to raise in rebellion?

Under the circumstances, in the novel, Shi Qingzhou did the right thing by killing the cruel emperor, didnt he?

Out of the blue, he felt somewhat sadfor himself or the original emperor who looked like him

Was the original emperor he in his previous life?

Therefore, he felt so sad

He was upset and disappointed and thereby didnt go to the Qiankun Palace.

Although he didnt know the reason, he didnt want to see Shi Qingzhou for the time being. He wasnt angry, neither was he indignant. Besides, he possessed no other negative moods

He only wanted his own time and space.

Having stayed in the stone pavilion alone for a while, he got changed and went out of the imperial palace.

Yes, he got out.

He felt more depressed if he stayed at the imperial palace alone, so he went out. After all, there was more freedom outside, and he might feel better.

He thought so and also capriciously did what he thought

Of course, he was under the company of Shadow Guardians, and that was all. He even didnt take Zhou Qing with him.

At the Qiankun Palace, Shi Qingzhou asked, Where is His Majesty now?

One eunuch said nervously, His Majestygets out of the imperial palace

Shi Qingzhou paused for an instant with his eyes turning more profound, making the eunuch hold his breath.

After a long time, he said coldly, Youre off to go.

The eunuch felt relieved and swiftly withdrew himself

Shi Qingzhou looked into the distance with his fists clenched tightly..