Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 55

Chapter 55 His Heart Broke

Chapter 55: His Heart Broke

Translator: Peggyan

Long Xiaoyuan took Xu You back this day, dropping a bomb in the imperial palace.

All the imperial concubines turned livid, especially Lady Shan.

She planned to utilize the little prince to get closer to His Majesty again. When this was going to work, a teenager showed up. How could this happen?

There was already Shi Qingzhou, so why did another man appear?

Her face was twisted with anger and hit two sets of teacups. Seeing this, a group of palace maids and eunuchs grasped with terror and shrank their heads to reduce their existences.

On the other side, Lady Rous palace was enveloped with a weird atmosphere.

When His Majesty liked her, Lady Rou also acted domineeringly.

However, since that palace maid was found dead in the dry well, she felt scared, laid on the bed ill for over half a month, and still couldnt explain herself.

From that day on, she had kept a low profile for some reason.

No, to be exact, she was extremely low-keyed. Perhaps, it was because she lost the love of His Majesty or something else. She even seldom left her palace!

Of course, Long Xiaoyuan didnt care about how those imperial concubines responded to it.

To him, Xu You was his younger brother and his fellow-townsman. That was all!

Xu You made him feel that he wasnt alone in this world.

He couldnt say some things to Shi Qingzhou, because he was scared that they would affect them.

But, he could talk to Xu You about them.

To be frank, he secretly tested Xu You to see if Xu You knew that all this was a story described in a novel. It turned out that Xu You knew nothing.

In Xu Yous knowledge, he only thought that he came to a parallel strange world that didnt exist in history.

Since Xu You knew nothing about this, Long Xiaoyuan wouldnt say more.

No one wanted to say that the world he lived in was just a novel, didnt he?

No one could accept this!

Thus, Long Xiaoyun decided not to tell Xu You the truth.

More importantly, his understandings might be wrong, because Xu You didnt exist in the novel called The Empresss Way to the Throne.

Based on his knowledge of the novel, he didnt know that there was a character like Xu You.

Furthermore, the plots had actually gone off the track.

The character of him should have died in that book!

Instead, he was still alive

The plots had been derailed, so he didnt need to care about Xu You

After dinner with Xu You, he arranged Xu You in the Yushang Palace.

Situated near the Qiankun Palace, Yushang Palace was an independent palace but was different from the palaces where the imperial concubines lived.

It was the princes of other countries and the like who used to live in the Yushang Palace

Apparently, Xu You wasnt a prince, which everyone knew.

If Xu You was a real prince and lived there, His Majesty would have told all the ministers.

Hence, it was thought-provoking that Xu You lived there.

It was also why many imperial concubines got panicked.

If Xu You was only a toy-boy, then he wouldnt be allowed to stay there.

However, His Majesty indeed asked Xu You to live there. Did it mean that His Majesty wanted to grant the teenager a nobler identity?

This was prevailing speculation, so the imperial concubines turned scared.

His Majesty only loved His Grace already, but now another man showed up? Did His Majesty only like men? Then what about the women?

Each imperial concubine was worried about herself.

Interestingly, Long Xiaoyuan didnt think that far. Xu You was a man who was improper to live in the Imperial Harem, so he simply made such an arrangement.

Although he had no interest in the imperial concubines, he would feel embarrassed if Xu You got closer to them.

He didnt expect that his action would make others indulgent in their fancies.

Xu You officially settled down in the imperial palace.

Mysterious and powerful, Sky Hermit Fort owned many strong martial artists whom Long Xiaoyuan was worried would sneak into the imperial palace.

Therefore, Long Xiaoyuan secretly ordered three Shadow Guardians to protect Xu You, one of whom was Ying Qiu. Few other Shadow Guardians could compete with Ying Qi in the martial arts. Otherwise, Ying Qiu wouldnt have been the deputy leader. Consequentially, Shi Qingzhou received a message sent by a flying pigeon.

As soon as he saw the content, his expression was slightly changed, and he crumbed a teacup into powders.

Shi Qingshan was there with Shi Qingzhou at that moment, so he was surprised at the drastically emotional change of his son, for he immediately sensed what from his son? Anger, the killing intent, and disappointment

In a word, the mood of his son was rather complicated.

Staring at Shi Qingzhou, Shi Qingshan asked after a pause, Whats going on?

Shi Qingzhou said with his lips curled, Father, nothing happened.

Shi Qingshan didnt buy it.

Qingzhou, you can tell me everything. Im your father.

Shi Qingzhou fell into silence.

Shi Qingshan asked slowly with his eyes fixed on Shi Qingzhou, Is the message from the imperial city?

In order not to embarrass Shi Qingzhou, Shi Qingshan said the imperial city, not the imperial palace.

However, who else could affect Shi Qingzhou except for His Majesty?

Shi Qingzhou took a deep breath and said with a nod, Yeah. It comes from the imperial palace.

It was about His Majesty as expectedShi Qingshan asked seriously, What happened?

Shi Qingzhou said in an undertone with his head down, A master lives in the Yushang Palace. His Majesty brought him back personally.

Hearing this, Shi Qingshan was in a daze. A master?

Shi Qingzhou said with a nod, Yes. You heard me right.

Shi Qingshan felt somewhat surprised and murmured, A master? Does His Majesty like men now?

Speaking of which, he stopped.

His son was a man, too. But, Shi Qingzhou was appointed as the empress for some political reasons.

Besides, His Majesty didnt get into menso why

Shi Qingzhou said calmly, I dont know.

Shi Qingshan couldnt help but say upon seeing that Shi Qingzhou held back his anger, Qingzhou, youre already the empress. You should have stayed in the imperial palace.

Hearing this, Shi Qingzhou slightly clenched his fists and took a deep breath. Father, I got it. But, Im here, so I wont regret.

Shi Qingshan said after a pause, Yushang Palace is special. If His Majesty only wants a toy-boy, he wont let that a toy-boy live there. It seems His Majesty cares about the toy-boy very much and may promote his ranking in the future

Shi Qingzhou looked calm but said with cold eyes, I dont know the details yet.

Shi Qingshan asked gently while gazing at his son, Qingzhou, do you like His Majesty?

Shi Qingzhou slightly shivered without knowing how to deny it or how to answer it.

Understanding his son so well, Shi Qingshan knew that Shi Qingzhou fell for His Majesty.

Having bitterly smiled in his heart, Shi Qingshan turned serious and enjoined Shi Qingzhou, Qingzhou, Ive told you what it meant when you entered the imperial palace. You should know His Majesty cant just love one person. As the empress, you cant be as jealous as women and cant hurt others because of the love of His Majesty. The people in our family cant do these things. Do you understand?

Shi Qingzhou was frozen for an instant and looked up at Shi Qingshan whose eyes were rather strict.

After a long time, Shi Qingzhou said with a nod, Father, I know that.

Shi Qingzhou got relaxed with relief and patted Shi Qingzhou on his shoulder. I know youre sad, but its your fate. Besides, His Majesty has loved you so much lately. If you want to stay here, I wont stop you. His Majesty will value you more when you bring victorious news back.

Shi Qingzhou didnt say a word.

Shi Qingshan sighed and silently stepped out of the tent.

When Shi Qingshan left, Shi Qingzhou instantly turned gloomy with a hint of blankness in his eyes.

It was like yesterday when Long Xiaoyuan said that he only loved Shi Qingzhou! But how could Long Xiaoyuan fall in love with someone else so soon?

Was this the kind of love Long Xiaoyuan meant?

Could the heart of His Majesty not be trusted?

Shi Qingzhou slowly closed his eyes with a broken heart.

In the imperial palace far away from the border, Long Xiaoyuan didnt know that his empress thought he loved someone else.

Now, he was dazedly staring at a memorial to the throne.

There was nothing wrong with the memorial. Instead, he was thinking of Shi Qingzhou who had left over a month.

Except for the victorious news sent from the border, he hadnt contacted Shi Qingzhou during this period.

Shi Qingzhou sent nothing back.

He didnt pass anything on.

Suddenly, a thought crossed his mind! Were they having a cold war?

It felt like so

Since he promised that Shi Qingzhou could go to the battlefront, things between them seemed odd.

He didnt show up on the day Shi Qingzhou left until Shi Qingzhou went a long distance.

When he stood on the top of the city wall alone and watched the residual shadow of the troops, how did he feel?

He had a mixed feeling.

After a long time, he sighed and stopped reading it since he got distracted

At the moment, the voice of Here Master Xu comes arose.

Master Xu namely meant Xu You.

Long Xiaoyuan was upset, so he naturally invited Xu You inside.

By coincidence, Xu You felt upset, too. The longer he parted with Fang Shuoyang, the panicked he felt.

Both of them felt gloomy.

Xu You said, Elder brother, lets go have a walk outside.

Long Xiaoyuan nodded and said after glancing at the sky outside, Its afternoon, so we cant get out. How about going to the Imperial Garden?

Xu You said with a nod, It doesnt matter anywhere.

They had a chit-chat on the way to the Imperial Garden and found a pavilion to sit down.

In the eyes of others, they intimately had a stroll.

Xu You said, Elder brother, I wanna drink.

Long Xiaoyuan wanted to drink, so. After some thoughts, he decided to overindulge himself and ordered the eunuchs to bring some liquors over.

The eunuchs immediately went to fetch the liquors.

When two jars of Imperial Liquor were brought over, Xu You took a sip of it and said, Tut tut, it tastes good.

Long Xiaoyuan said with a nod, Yeah, it does. But youll be drunk if you drink more.

Be drunk Having glanced the liquor in front of him, Xu You said in an undertone, I havent been drunk for a long time and even forget how it feelsElder brother, lets get drunk today.

Long Xiaoyuan thought that he shouldnt be so capricious, but he wanted to get drunk.

No worries, he had made up his mind to overindulge himself.

He said with a laugh, Okay, lets drink.

Subsequently, they started drinking without any dishes that went with liquor!

As a result, the rumor that His Majesty and Master Xu drunk and merrily chatted spread over the entire imperial palace.

All the imperial concubines were angry and twisted their faces

Lady Shan was the most furious one among those. She was almost out of her mind to rush to the Imperial Garden, but she finally restrained herself

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