Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 56

Chapter 56 How Much I Mean To You I

Chapter 56: How Much I Mean to You (I)

Both Long Xiaoyuan and Xu You werent in a good mood.

They drank to get drunk, so they got drunk in the end.

Long still had a sense of sobriety, but Xu was completely drunken.

Xu even acted drunk by throwing the jar away and throwing himself into Longs arms.

Elder brother, can you tell me why he is so incompetent? Such a grown man cant handle his parents.

Long got thick-tongued even if he still had a sense of sobriety.

In fear of Xu falling, Long gave a hand to Xu and said by following what Xu meant to solace Xu, En, hes too incompetent. Rest assured, for Ill avenge you.

Avenge? Xu winked with his blurred eyes. Avenge how? Kill his parents? If so, will he hate me?

Ah Long also blinked and thought to himself if his parents were killed by his lover, would he hate his lover? Well, he would hate his lover, too.

Thus, Long said after a hiccup, Then what should I do? I cant kill them for you

Right, what should we do? Xu turned sad.

Long didnt know how to comfort Xu, for he drank too much and wanted to sleep.

Xu strongly shook his head and held Longs hand.

Elder brother, Im sad and want to drink more.

Long said shaking his head, Im done the drinking. Im sleepy and want to sleep.

Sleep? Xu blinked. Okay, lets go to sleep.

Long didnt find Xus words wrong.

After all, it was quite normal in the modern world where a person would drink with his brother who had a lovelorn and they could sleep together. It was called emotional therapy.

Under the circumstance, Long, who was also drunk, nodded instantly. Sure. Lets go to bed.

Afterward, Long put his arms around Xus shoulders and walked away.

The eunuchs behind them looked at each other in terror.

Standing far away from His Majesty, they didnt know what Long said to Xu.

They only saw His Majesty merrily drink with Master Xu and they hold each other and go to the sleeping chamber of His Majesty.

That was right. They returned the sleeping chamber of His Majesty.

Long Xiaoyuan had slept at his sleeping chamber since Shi Qingzhou left.

Now, he felt tired and wanted to sleep, so he naturally headed for his sleeping chamber.

Xu was totally drunken and instinctively followed Long.

To the two drunk people, their behaviors were quite normal but completely odd in the eyes of others, such as the eunuchs following them, the imperial guards, and the other eunuchs who worked at other palaces.

All in all, the news that His Majesty liked Master Xu and took the latter to his sleeping chamber spread over

If it was only a rumor in the beginning that Master Xu might become a member of the Imperial Harem, then it became the truth after His Majesty slept with Master Xu.

Of course, the so-called truth was far from what really happened.

The next day, Long woke up with a headache and chest pain.

When he looked down, he saw Xus leg on his chest. What a terrible sleeping posture! After all night, it was no wonder that his chest was in pain.

With his lips twitched, Long pushed the leg away and sat up from the soft bed.

Perhaps his behavior was fierce, waking Xu up.

Without spotting something wrong, Xu opened his eyes and asked immediately after seeing Long get up, Elder brother, you get up?

Eh, Long replied to Xu and then unsatisfactorily looked at the clothes which he wore for yesterday. It smelled bad.

With his brows knitted, Long said, Ill go have a shower.

Xu said, Oh! Elder brother, go ahead. Ill sleep a little longer.

Long said, Okay.

Long then went to bathe himself.

When Long finished the shower, Xu was still sleeping. Long started wearing his clothes.

Shortly, Xu woke up. He might really sober up, for he immediately found something wrong with himself.

It stinks!

Long couldnt help smiling. Is it?

Xu jumped out of the bed and said, Elder brother, I want to have a shower.

No problem. There is a bathing pool behind. Knock yourself out.

Okay. Xu couldnt stand the smell and rushed there.

Having worn the clothes, Long was about to step out and heard Xus voice.

Elder brother, I forget I dont have new clothes. Please ask someone to bring them over.

Long curled his lips and opened the door right away without thinking too much. Xiangyang, go and bring the clothes for Master Xu

Yes. Liu Xiangyang hurried to get the clothes.

Except for Liu Xiangyang, there was a group of eunuchs and palace maids waiting outside.

They waited there since Long and Xu got inside yesterday.

It would be a joke if they waited inside when His Majesty wanted to have sex with Master Xu! Did they still want to live if they disturbed His Majesty?

Thus, they guarded the door outside.

Now, His Majesty opened the door to order someone to bring the clothes for Master Xu. Wasnt it clear what happened last night?

Hence, Long opening the door this morning proved the rumor of yesterday.

However, Long didnt learn of it yet. After all, no people dared to speak this to His Majesty. Otherwise, they would wound up beaten to death.

Of course, Longs loyal underlings wouldnt tell him, either, for, in their eyes, His Majesty indeed had sex with Master Xu.

So, there was no need to tall this to His Majesty, wasnt there?

Under those circumstances, Xu had been considered a concubine of His Majesty, which both Long and Xu didnt know of, though

Five days later, Shi Qingzhou received intelligence from the imperial palace.

His Majesty has had sex with Master Xu in his sleeping chamber.

It was Ying Qiu who sent it. Shi immediately burned the paper into ashes the moment he finished reading it.

If he thought several days ago that this might be a misunderstanding, or someone rigged this news, he found it ridiculous now

He laughed at himself, not others, who even made excuses for Long.

He still chose not to believe it after early knowing that Long apparently ceased to be faithful to him and that what Long said to him was just lip service.

He didnt believe it until he saw such solid proof.

He felt that he was so pathetic

He gently closed his eyes and shook off all his feelings. At that moment, he sensed that there was a small hole in his heart, but it was soon filled with something.

It was his bloody killing intent that filled the hole.

He really needed to do something to vent his killing intentotherwise, he was afraid that he couldnt control himself.

He was afraid that he couldnt stop himself from killing Long.

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