Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 57

Chapter 57 How Much I Mean To You Ii

Chapter 57: How Much I Mean to You (II)

Translator: Peggyan

From generation to generation, the Shi family was always loyal to the imperial family, so how could he ruin this tradition? No, he couldnt be the sinner to his family.

However, the lanterns by the riverside were like still in front of him.

He still remembered the monogamy said by Long.

How could Long like someone else so soon?

Was it only because he came to the battlefront? Battlefront? Hahaha, it was so absurd!

Long Xiaoyuan, Long Xiaoyuan, months ago, you didnt like me, and I held no expectations for you. Why not we keep that situation for good?

As the empress, I could accept your insults and ignorance.

But how come you came to mess with me?

Did my feelings only deserve you to trample?

At the moment, he was overwhelmed with hatred. He never considered himself a coward, so he wanted to kill Long.

However, how could he kill His Majesty? As a member of the Shi family, his father would the first one to swing the sword at him if he tried to kill His Majesty!

Hence, he couldnt do that!

Since he couldnt kill His Majesty who didnt honor his promise, he would vent his anger on the battlefields.

Three days later, victorious news was passed on repeatedly. Under the leadership of Shi, the troops defeated the enemies in a row and took up three cities of the enemies.

Now, the enemies retreated to a city 250,000 meters away.

This news dropped a bomb among the ministers. Some ministers taking Shi Qingshans side reported asking rewards for Shi Qingshan.

This time, Shi made his name known to the world.

Staring at the news on the table, Long felt very excited, let alone others.

Shi Qingzhou! His empress was awesome!

Having read The Empresss Way to the Throne, he knew that Shi was powerful.

But, it never came to his mind that Shi would be that powerful.

What Shi showed was his military prowess, not his imperial talents.

Surprisingly, Shi was a badass on the battlefields!

Did it mean that the protagonist was omnipotent?

Alas! Long sighed and found that he missed Shi more.

He even wrote a letter to Shi.

Qingzhou, Im glad about reading the victorious news. My empress is awesome as I expected. Im very lonely at home and miss those days when we were together. When you come back, Ill welcome you with my arms unfolded.

After writing them down, he seemed to pacify his exciting heart.

Taking a deep breath, he sealed the envelope and ordered it to be delivered…

The delivery man was a Shadow Guardian he trusted most.

However, what he didnt know was that the Shadow Guardian was unlucky.

The Shadow Guardian didnt run into bandits on his way, but there was something wrong with his horse.

He rode an excellent horse and planned to send the letter to the border at top speed.

However, when the horse leaped over a small muddy pit on the third day, it suddenly fell off.

Although he quickly responded to this sudden accident at the critical juncture, he had a bad fall, dropping the letter.

The envelope got wet, so did the content it contained…

He turned dumbfounded, gnashed his teeth, and then opened the envelope, finding the letter unreadable.

His Majesty hadnt told him what was written in the letter. The unreadable letter turned useless even if it was sent to the border.

He couldnt do anything but return with an awareness that he would be executed.

Having made such a huge mistake, he didnt think that he would be alive.

To his surprise, His Majesty asked him to receive his punishment but didnt issue an executive order!

When the Shadow Guardian left, Long smiled bitterly with the unreadable letter in his hand.

Is it fate? Ive compromised first and written this letter…Due to such a ridiculous accidence, it wasnt sent to you…Qingzhou, is it destiny?

He wrote the letter on the spur of the moment on that day…but now, he felt very helpless but didnt get the impulse to re-write the letter…

He sighed in the end.

Forget it! We have won again, so I believe youll come back within a month. Its no big deal I wait for you for one more month. Qingzhou, will you write to me? Will you?

In the final analysis, he felt unwilling.

Why did Shi not write to him first?

Shi had left for such a long time but hadnt written to him…Was Shi so indifferent?

Shi Qingzhou, what was the most important thing in your heart?

Right, it might be the battlefields. How about me? How much did I mean to you?

He couldnt help clenching his fists at the thought of this.

His unwilling and gloomy feeling took the upper hand, so he didnt re-write to Shi in the end.

At the border now-

Having fought against the enemies, Shi let some of his bloody killing intent off.

Now, he turned calmer and more peaceful but scarier.

All the soldiers and generals in the troops learned that Shi Qingzhou, the empress and the young General Shi, was a strict leader and disliked his men making mistakes. Once they made mistakes, the punishment was severe.

Besides, he remained strict all day along, and no one saw a smile on his face.

No one saw him smile and even sensed the joyful breath from him no matter they defeated the enemies, disposed of the prisoners or they took over the cities of the enemies.

Therefore, all the soldiers and generals were scared and in awe of him.

Ying Qiu didnt pass the intelligence along again, but he didnt expect it, either.

After all those days, he appeared to only care about how to kill the enemies as many as he could. After killing so many enemies, he at least found himself more peaceful.

However, it was on the surface.

Late at night, he couldnt sleep and dazedly kept staring at something.

He didnt want to think of Long, but what Long said to him and did for him popped upon his mind, even blurring the harms Long did to him.

Among those, the clearest words were that Ying Qiu said His Majesty had sex with Master Xu.

Those words repeatedly lingered on in his mind, keeping him awake. In the end, he had to hit the sleeping acupoint to put himself into sleep.

He sometimes couldnt help thinking of his position in Longs heart.

Why could a man eat his word so quick?

Was love so cheap?

Each time he thought of this, he found that his killing intent became thicker and thicker…

His impulse to kill Long rise slowly…