Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Youre Thinner

Chapter 60: Youre Thinner

Translator: Peggyan

Shi Qingzhou led Long Xiaoyuan into his tent.

Not all those in the troop could sleep in tents during the march at night.

In fact, there were only three tents, one for Shi while the other two for two generals who were lower than Shi in the ranking.

Having not seen a marching tent before, Long said while looking around the simple arrangements inside, Qingzhou, have you slept in this way these days?

Shi said with a nod, Yeah.

Sitting on the bed, Long said, Its hard. Do you sleep comfortably on it?

Shi said with a faint smile, Yes, its fine after you get used to it.

Getting used to it… Long said with his heart ached, Qingzhou, youve grown used to it these days?

Shi said with a smile after glancing at him, Its different from at home.

Point taken. Long sighed and walked up to Shi.

I only care about you…

Shi fell into silence.

Long put his arms around Shis waist and felt the stiffness of Shi, thus, getting his hearts more ached.

After a long time, Long said, Qingzhou, lets sleep.

Shi said with a nod, Eh.

They undressed their coat and slept on the bed.

Long held Shi into his arms, making Shi stiff again.

Long buried his face into Shis neck, letting Shi turn as stiff as a piece of wood.

Long gloomily bit Shis neck and said, Im sorry for not contacting you earlier.

Shi curled his lips and said lightly, Your Majesty, youre over-worried.

Long sighed. If youre not angry, why do you keep calling me Your Majesty and why is your body stiff when I embrace you? Is this your not angry look?

Shi lowered his head and said nothing.

Alas… Long sighed again. Qingzhou, can you share your thoughts with me?

Shi still kept silent.

Long held Shi tighter and asked, Qingzhou, you still dont trust me?

A trace of dark gleam passed through Shis eyes, but Shi didnt look at Long at that time, so the latter didnt spot this.

Trust him? He didnt trust Long at all. If he had trusted Long, he wouldnt…

Long said that it was a misunderstanding, but how could such a word remove his disappointment and unhappiness these days?

No, he couldnt do it.

Thus, he kept silent.

Seeing this, Long just said instead of forcing Shi, Never mind, its too late. Lets sleep first and talk about it later.

Eh, Shi replied and then closed his eyes…

Long sighed in his heart once again and felt like he received his karma!

Thinking of which, Long gloomily sniffed Shis neck and closed his eyes, too.

However, both of them didnt sleep well this night.

Shi woke up the next morning finding that Long was still sleeping.

Long had rushed here. Plus, Shi remained estranged from him. Thus, he didnt fall into sleep until almost daybreak.

Naturally, Long who was that exhausted couldnt wake up quickly and didnt even know when Shi got up.

Shi got out of bed and stepped outside after wearing his clothes.

The troop made up of more than 3,000 people ate breakfast without making any noise.

Shi subconsciously frowned when seeing that Long didnt wake up after everyone finished breakfast. Subsequently, he bowed his head down and entered his tent.

Long was still sleeping. Standing beside the bed, Shi had mixed feelings upon seeing the one on the bed.

Long got dark circles around his eyes. Shi noticed this and slowly lowered his head.

A few moments later, Shi turned around and walked away.

His vice general came over and asked when the tent could be taken down…

In fact, the tents of the other generals had been taken down, so when this one was put down, they could march forward.

Shi lightly made an order. Well set out an hour later.

The vice general got stunned. An hour later? Why?

But, as a sensible man, the vice general didnt ask his question out.

Now that the vice general didnt ask why, Shi didnt make an explanation, either. He directly went into his tent and sat on the bed waiting for Long to wake up.

He then waited for the whole hour.

An hour later when Shi was hesitating whether he should wake Long up, the latter finally opened his eyes…

The moment Long opened his eyes, he saw Shi and instinctively gave the latter a bright smile.

Shi was slightly dazed.

Long sat up and said, Qingzhou.

Shi said with a nod, Your Majesty, youre awake. Were about to set out…

Ah, is it that late? Long got stunned and hurriedly put on his clothes.

Shi ordered breakfast to be served. Long freshened himself up and took several bites.

Shi said involuntarily, Your Majesty, you dont need to rush things like this. Its fine if youre a little later.

Long said with a nod, No, Ive delayed you.

Long finished breakfast and wore his mask.

He usually carried masks with himself when out of the palace just in case.

When Shi stepped outside with Long, those soldiers didnt know because they stood at attention with their backs against them, but the vice general turned dumbfounded.

Of course, the vice general hadnt known that the stranger coming outside with his general was His Majesty.

Even so, he got stunned, didnt he?

Who was able to sleep in his generals tent?

After all, his general was not only a general but also the empress!

He felt that he discovered something big.

However, he knew what he could say and what he couldnt say.

Therefore, he instantly lowered his head and pretended that he saw nothing.

When the troop was on the march, Long followed Shi behind.

He couldnt take the carriage back, so he followed Shi behind on a horse.

The troop marched on at a slow speed, probably because Shi cared about him.

Even so, he felt the pain all over his body when the troop took a break, especially his butt. Alright, he was too fragile!

At lunch, Shi secretly walked up to Long.

Eat full at lunch. Otherwise, youll be more powerless.

Oh. Did Shi discover that he was in bad condition?

Long said shyly in an undertone, I seem to have caused trouble for you.

Right, he had definitely caused trouble for Shi.

Shi shook his head without saying a word.

Subsequently, Shi walked away. Long sighed and considered his thoughts too simple.

He had thought that he could make peace with his empress on the way back! But, it didnt go as he expected, did it?

This troop was different from that one that took part in taking down the bandits of Mount Yong.

Serious and decent, it was the real army.

How could he take advantage of such a troop to make peace with his empress? It was good that he could follow Shi behind, wasnt it?

No, it should be said like this that it was lucky he could have a horse to ride on!

After all, the majority of the soldiers marched forward on foot.

Under those circumstances, he regarded himself as a lucky dog.

Almost sunset, the troop stopped outside of the imperial palace.

The emissary delegation needed arrangements, so did the troop. Without the demand of His Majesty, the troop couldnt enter the imperial palace and had to go somewhere it was supposed to be!

The Imperial Edict from His Majesty arrived right on the time, because Long had asked Sun Youjing, together with the Left-Prime Minister and the Right-Prime Minister, to welcome Shi back before he was out of the palace.

All the ministers were here to welcome His Grace back, which could show how much importance His Majesty attached to His Grace.

After the cordial welcome ceremony, Shi went to the imperial palace.

The emissaries of the Northern Barbarians were brought to the post house by the officials of the Ministry of Rites and waited for His Majestys Imperial Edict.

Otherwise, the emissaries couldnt even enter the imperial palace.

Back the imperial palace, Shi headed for the Qiankun Palace. Long wasnt with Shi and entered the imperial palace under the help of the Shadow Guardians. When Shi reached the Qiankun Palace, Long had waited there for Shi.

Long was the only person there. The group of eunuchs and palace maids were ordered to back down.

Hence, when Shi arrived at the Qiankun Palace and entered the inner room, he only saw Long clad in the army uniform who was smiling at him.

Long watched Shis approaching step by step and suddenly held Shi into his arms.

Shi slightly dropped his eyelids with a stiff body that was much softer than yesterday. Long then gently kissed Shis ears.

Qingzhou, welcome back.

Shi slightly closed his eyes.

Having embraced Shi for a long time, Long let go of Shi.

Qingzhou, you hungry? Ill go and ask them to prepare dinner.

Shi said with a nod, Sure.

Long ordered dinner to be prepared after letting Shi go inside to get changed.

Shi not only got changed but also took a quick bath.

Shi showed up in the outer room in less than 15 minutes.

With the table full of food, Long sat by the table and waited for Shi.

Long instantly beckoned Shi after seeing the latter and said, Qingzhou, you took a bath?

Shi replied to him with a nod, Yes.

Come here and sit down. You must be hungry.

Shi walked over and sat down.

Long ladled a bowl of broth for Shi. Its Old Duck Soup. You should nourish yourself. Look at you, youre thinner.

Shi slowly lowered his eyelids…