Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 72

Chapter 72 No Sneak Attack In The Middle Of The Night Ii

Chapter 72: No Sneak Attack in the Middle of the Night (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Humph. Long snorted. I didnt know that earlier But, your father said that himself!

The of Shis lips trembled slightly. I have nothing to do with him.

Of course I know. Otherwise, havent I been cuckolded before we got married?

Shi felt embarrassed and stared at Long.

Long said in a loud voice, If that was the case, I would have killed him! I was a self-important tyrant anyway! Fortunately, it was just his wishful thinking. Qingzhou, I know you dont like him at all!

Shi still stared at Long.

Long touched his nose as if he felt wronged and said like a spoiled child, Qingzhou, I just want to express my love, and… a little possessive towards you. Thats all.

However, given Longs figure and appearance, it was really inappropriate for him to behave like this.

Therefore, Shi glared at him angrily, and then went out of the Imperial Study in a rage.

Ah, Qingzhou, where are you going? Long shouted at the back, but naturally, Shi didnt answer.

Long chased him to the door of the Imperial Study, but he just stopped there

He knew that he had said too much and both of them needed a little time.

Especially Shi. He thought Shi needed to calm down and think about it carefully.

He looked at the sky outside and found it was barely noon.

Later, Long had lunch in the Imperial Study and sent someone to inform Shi.

Long also had dinner at the same place and of course, he didnt forget to send someone to inform Shi, either. However, there was no response at all.

Long sighed. When night came, he went back to his chamber.

It had been a long time since hed gone back there. Long even felt uncomfortable when lying on the big bed!

On that day, all the eunuchs and maids in the imperial palace were secretly gossiping that the empress had angered the emperor.

The emperor would go to the empress palace every day to eat, deal with government affairs and sleep at night, but not on that day!

The empress, was likely to fall out of favor!

Meanwhile, at Qiankun Palace.

Shi Qingzhou was lying on the bed. He had been used to having another person lying beside him. When that person suddenly disappeared he wasnt used to it, either.

In the past, when marching and fighting, he would force himself to get used to it. He would think about other things to distract attention and devote himself to fighting. But at present it was a little difficult.

In fact, he knew that Long meant to give him more time.

He was grateful for that. However… just because of the time he spent with Long, he realized to what extent he had been used to Longs accompany.

He also knew it more clearly how important Long was in his heart.

A dream, the things that hadnt happened, the things about blood and hatred couldnt stop his longing and love for another man. So what else should he worry about?

For a long time, Shi could only smile bitterly alone.

Just let it go. Just like Long said, those things never really happened. They just happened in a dream. It was just a dream

He believed that dream was quite true, because, he really had the idea of killing the emperor. Besides, he wouldnt be loyal to anyone blindly.

When he was sure that he had fallen in love with Long and heard from Ying Qiu that Long had favored others how he wished he would kill him back then.

At that time, his father was still by his side!

In his life, what he cared about most was his family and the man he liked.

However, if in that dream, Long didnt like him, didnt treat him so well or give him so much trust and commitment, and he also didnt like Long, after Long had killed his family he most cared about, he would certainly kill him! That was Shi Qingzhou!

So, he believed that the dream was quite real.

However, would they break up just because of that dream? He… It seemed that he couldnt do it. And, it wasnt worth it. It seemed that only stupid people would let what hadnt happened affect the present!

In addition, Long had tried his best to show his sincerity.

When he woke up, he had known that Shi had earned the support of many Shadow Guardians and even some ministers. He had known Shis ambition and that he would kill him in the future. However, he did nothing

How could Shi still not believe Longs feelings for him?

At present, those disasters had not yet happened and they were in love with each other. So, what else to worry about?

As his lover, Long had been frank enough with him. Should he still hold the grudge against him? In that case, was that still him?

Shi Qingzhou thought it through. Looking at the vacant space beside him, he curled his lips and thought, Forget it. Just for this one night. Tomorrow morning Ill ask someone to invite him over for breakfast.

He murmured and closed his eyes.

Unexpectedly, not long after he closed his eyes, he heard that someone was sneaking in and that guy deliberately slowed down.

Shi was alerted. Long told him what happened two days ago. With no eunuchs or maids in the palace and guards standing outside, Lady Shan broke in and seemed to go to get the little prince Nobody knew what she was going to do.

Was it true that there was really a mole in his palace?

Shi was confused. His eyes were still closed, but in fact, his whole body was on guard.

Just then, the door was pushed open from the outside!

Shi frowned. Long Xiaoyuan had arranged two Shadow Guardians there. At ordinary times, when he stayed there at night, there would be dozens of Shadow Guardians around. Although Long wasnt there that night and there might not be so many Shadow Guardians, there were still many guards outside! In addition, some of his eunuchs and maids were also good at martial arts!

That mans footsteps were rather clear. How could he not be noticed by others?

What was his purpose of entering his chamber?

When Shi was thinking about that, that sneaky man had already approached his bed Then, he felt that man was likely to reach for his face!

Shi sneered in his heart and immediately grabbed that arm.

Then… A crack was clearly heard in the middle of the night.

Ah! It hurts! Qingzhou! Longs groans were heard.

Shis eyes widened in surprise. He jumped up from the bed and his face turned pale. Your Majesty?

Long swung the arm that had been hurt. Qingzhou It hurts

It really hurt. He wasnt acting at all.

In fact, Long was still a modern person who couldnt bear hardships. When his arm was hurt like that of course hed only have one feeling! It hurt!

As a matter of fact, he felt that he deserved praise since he hadnt uttered a heartrending cry! It was all thanks to his poor health in the previous life and hed already suffered a lot before.

Otherwise, hed groan more seriously.

Shi was also shocked. Your Majesty, why are you here? Youre wearing a dark cloak and being so sneaky. I

Sorry, I didnt know it was you Shi quickly grabbed Longs arm and then twisted it again.

Well, he replaced his dislocated arm, but

Ah! It hurts!

Shis face became paler. Im sorry. How are you? Im going to send for an imperial doctor!

Okay… Long didnt refuse. See if theres any painkiller here…

Shi rushed to ask the servants to send for the imperial doctor.

After Shi left, Long touched his chin and felt miserable. He realized that he shouldnt have launched a sneak attack in the middle of the night.

Especially when his lover was a powerful martial artist

What was the point of that? He just brought it on himself, didnt he?

It would be good to go to coax Shi in broad daylight. But he chose to sneak in.

Alas, although the Shadow Guardians, eunuchs and maids pretended not to see him and let him pass, but Oh, it really hurt!