Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 77

Chapter 77 The Person Whos Behind The Scenes Will Cry To Death Ii

Chapter 77: The Person Whos Behind the Scenes Will Cry to Death (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

When they returned to the palace, it was not dinner time yet, so Long went to the Imperial Study.

Shi stayed in the study of Qiankun Palace for a while.

There was nothing important, so he would just do calligraphy and painting.

When Long came back from the Imperial Study around dinner time, Shi had already finished a piece of calligraphy work. Longs eyes slightly brightened. He already knew that his empress was a talent, but he hadnt expected that he was so excellent!

Long looked at his calligraphy appreciatively, but said, In fact, compared with this, I prefer your landscape painting, but it needs to be brighter.

Shi nodded and smiled. Okay, Ill paint for you next time.

Good. Long smiled happily like a child who had got candies. Shi felt that a little funny.

Lets go to have dinner, Long said after Shi promised him the painting.

Shi nodded, Yes, I know.

Long turned around and just found that the hairpin that Shi wore was the white jade one he gave him when he first went out of the palace.

Then, Longs eyes sparkled. Qingzhou, you wear this?

Shi touched his head and raised his eyebrows. Whats the matter? Is there a problem?

Long shook his head with a smirk. No, of course not.

Shi curled his lips as Long gave a silly smile.

Then, the two of them went to have dinner. After they cozily finished dinner, they planned to take a walk in the Imperial Garden, but a servant came to report that Hu Qingyuan requested for a meeting with the emperor.

Why did he come at this hour? Long and Shi looked at each other.

Shi said, There must be some significant findings. Your Majesty, lets go to meet him.

Long nodded and ordered the servant to lead Hu to the Imperial Study.

The servant hurriedly did that.

Long and Shi also rushed there.

When they arrived at the Imperial Study, Hu was already there.

Long looked him and said, Come in.

Yes, Your Majesty. Hu replied and then followed him into the Imperial Study.

Shi was the last one to go in.

Then, Long sat down, while Shi stood behind him.

As Hu knelt down to greet him, Long said directly, Minister Hu, you may rise. Is it because there are some important findings about the case that you entered the palace at this hour?

Hu immediately replied, Yes, Your Majesty, I found this in the basement of the First Wangyehs mansion.

Basement? Long was shocked. Is there a basement in his mansion? Has it not been blown up?

No. Although the gate was blown up, there was not much damage in it. There were not many things in the basement, either. Apart from some gold, silver and precious things, this is the only thing.

While speaking, Hu took out a register from his sleeve and handed it in.

Because it was confidential, there were no outsiders there. So, Shi took over the register himself and handed it to Long.

As he browsed through it, Long frowned hard and coldness gradually filled his eyes.

I didnt know that my good uncle actually had such a fortune!

Shi was right next to Long, so he also saw the register clearly.

It was not so much a register as an account book, an account book about horses!

It recorded the horses bought by the First Wangyeh in the north in the last five years!

Oh, not only in the north, but also in the east!

What a good uncle that was!

In the north, that was the Northern Barbarians.

In the east that was the Eastern Darkness!

To get the throne, this good uncle of his colluded with more than one foreign enemy and brought people from those two countries to his own land. He was really… stupid!

Why didnt he know that people in other countries wouldnt help him for nothing?

At this moment, Long really wanted to take out the First Wangyehs dead body and whip it!

Long didnt look good, while Shis face also darkened.

Hu lowered his head and didnt move.

After a while, Long said lightly, I already know about it. Minister Hu, dont tell this to anyone else.

I understand, Hu said at once.

After Hu left, Long took a deep breath. Qingzhou, take a good look at this account book. Although those horses havent arrived yet and the First Wangyeh has died, there must be someone else working on it. Otherwise, he wouldnt be abandoned so soon!

Shi nodded. In theimperial court, only the other Wangyehs are on an equal footing with the First Wangyeh. However,in terms of talent, the First Wangyeh was still the best. If he was just abandoned like that, who could be the real leader?

If a man can pretend well enough, he can make a fool like the First Wangyeh charge at the front, Long said coldly.

Shi was stunned. So, before the First Wangyeh died, he mustve thought of something and decided to say it. But unfortunately, he failed to do that.

Long nodded. What a pity. This register only records the horses and other items he purchased. There arent his partners names on it.

It doesnt matter. Since hes placed the order, someone will deliver the horses sooner or later.

Long sneered. Im afraid that since hes already dead, the other party will go back on their word. Even if they would deliver them, they wouldnt do it at such a risky time!

I dont think theyll break their promise, Shi said in a low voice, Your Majesty, you also said that the First Wangyeh was just abandoned.

They will deliver the horses, but wont do it so soon. Long sighed.

Not necessarily, Shi said.

What? Long suddenly fixed his eyes on Shi. Qingzhou, why did you say that? Its such a dangerous time. Do you think theyll still deliver the horses?

Shi said lightly, Your Majesty, you forgot it? Only we know that this thing is in our hands. Those people dont know that!

Longs eyes brightened a little, and then he said, I forgot to ask Minister Hu how many people knew about this register.

Your Majesty, dont worry. Shi chuckled. Minister Hu is very careful in handling cases. I can guarantee that only we know about this.

Good! Long clapped his hands. If thats the case, we can go after an easy prey!

Shi thought about it. There are ten thousand horses in total. Even if theyre from both the east and the north, its not easy to transport them The best way to smuggle them

Battlefield! Long said at once.

Right. Shi smiled and nodded. The best way is to go through the battlefield.

Long immediately said, Your father is in the battlefield in the north. Im very relieved. Whats left is the problem in the east…

General Qin Yuebang is guarding the east, Shi said slowly, I absolutely believe in his loyalty. Hes just like my father We need his cooperation in this matter.

Right. Long nodded and sneered. Since so many horses will be sent to us for free, why dont we accept them?

Shi chuckled. The person whos behind the scenes will cry to death.

Long raised his eyebrows. Really? If he cries well be happy. So its better for him to cry!