Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Involved As Expected I

Chapter 78: Involved as Expected (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Whetherthe person behind the scenewouldcry as hellwasstill unknown yet, after all the horseshadnt fallen intoLong Xiaoyuans pocket yet.

Long and Shiwerehaving a rest at the moment.

The next day, all the courtiers were very surprised to know that Right Prime Ministerwouldbe transferred to Quanzhou, which was far away from the capital.

However surprised people mightfeel, even the ones from the Right PMs clique, nevertheless, none of them actually stood out and saidsomething for him.

As long as these people were silent, Long preferred this situation as well andremainedsilent as everyone else did.

But the courtiers were not as stupid as to know nothing aboutwhat happened inQuanzhou at all!

When all officials went off the court, Long went to see Shi. But people exclaimed assassin! before Long made any remarks.

Long was shocked and rushed out, taking Shi with him.

Shi squinted and threw a glance at Long, Theres an assassin outside.Why are you dragging me out?

Long waved at him. Dont worry.I believe yourcombating skillis invincible!

Shi said,What makes you think so?

Long blinked his eyes innocently, Isnt that true?

Shi twitched at the corner of his mouth, YourMajesty, there are so many skilled people out there.Theres no chance Im invincible.

Long blinked again,In my mind, you are.

Shididnt know what to say.

Seeing Shi was again speechless, Long laughed and said,Come on,itsjust a joke. And then he became serious again. It is rare to see an assassin during the daytime. We cant miss it, right?

Shi stopped grumbling and went outside together with Long.

They saw a masked man in black fighting with the imperial guards.

But Shadow Guardians havent shown up yet.

However, Long believed that this assassin had nowhere to run away.

As expected, just as the man kicked off two guards and wanted to do a back flip to escapehe was stopped by two Shadow Guardians jointly.

Meanwhile, the surrounding porches were full of archers who were ready to shoot.

If the assassin dared to escape with his flying skills, he would experience the painofnumerous arrows penetrating his heart!

In the end, the assassin didnt make it to escape, not because he didnt want to, but he couldnt.

Two Shadow Guards jointly suppressed him, including all other guards, the assassin got caught very soon.

Removehis mask. Long said coolly.

The assassins mask was immediately taken off by some guard.

The assassin kept still;his eyes remainedsharp.

He lookedlike some kind of talent,butwhy would he end up being an assassin? More importantly,washe too confident or too stupid?

Didhe thinkthe guards werepaid to do nothing as hecameduring daytime?

Long was about to say something untilXu You came to him.

Fang Hui?

Long squinted, Hmm?Do you know him?

Xu nodded and said. Yes, he is the guard at Tianyin post.

Oh? Long raised his eyebrows and threw a look atShi, Shi nodded as if he understood something.

Later, Long ordered,Bring the assassin in.

The Shadow Guard escorted the assassin towards Qiankun Palace.

After having a seat, Long watched the mankneeling in front of himcalmly.

Even though his eyes were fixed on him, Long didnt say a thing.

On the other hand, Long waved at Xu You, who had something on the tip of his tongue. Come here.

Xu looked Fang Hui and then Long, after that, he moved towards Long slowly.

There was a sudden twitch in Fangs eyes but Fang soonregained his composure.

But even though the twitch faded so soon, it was still noticed by Shi, who had been watching him after he wastaken hereby the guards.

Shi exchanged his look with Long, without being noticed by others.

Long, even though failingto notice the change of Fang Huis eyes, understood what Shi meant and nodded secretly.

Only Xu You had no idea what was inside the peoples mind who were present at that time. Big brother.

Long gave out a sound of Hum and asked Is his name Fang Hui?

Yes. Xu nodded, Hes been working alongside Fang Shuoyang, and is maybe one of Fang Shuoyangs best henchmen.

Ohokay Long squinted. Fang Shuoyangs henchmen

Fang Hui gazed at Xu You and said,I was here with the order of my master.

What does Fang Shuoyang want you here for? Xu asked immediately.

I want to talk with you privately.


Long had a faint smile. What? You have now committed the crime of assassinating the Emperor and are still longing for a private talk?

Fang Huis face finally changed and said,YourMajesty, I didnt have the intention of assassinating YourMajesty, I am only here for Mr. Xu, and gave the message of my master to him.Ifdidnt mean to do any harm to Your Majesty, please have a thorough inspection about that.

You brokeinto thepalaceduring daytime andalertedthe imperialguards.Even though you may not have any intention of assassination, it is hard for so many people to remain silent about what they had seen

Xus face changed a bit and was pulled by Shi just when he was about to say something.

Xu You, follow me, I have something to ask you privately.

Xu hesitated. Big brother Shi

Lets go in there.Saying this with a determined tone,Shididnt give Xu a chance to disobey him.

Xu finally nodded and followed Shi in

Seeing Xu compromised so easily, Fangfelt a bit shocked since he didnt expect Xu would trustLong and Shiso much.

Long kept watching the man on his knees calmly.

Say it, what does Fang wants you here for?

YouMajesty, my master only had a few words for Mr. Xu, thats it, you must believe me.

Then I am sorry, I dont feel good about the way of asking a citizen tosneak into my palaceandbelievingthat I will notpunish you. By the way, I am looking into whats going on inside Tianyin post for myswornbrother.If you want to talk, talk as much and specific as you can. But if you refuse to do so then I am gonna have to ask my dark guardsto take care of you.

Sweat started to ooze out from Fangs forehead.

Or, the prison of the Ministry ofPunishmentswill do.Many guards sawyou breakinto thepalaceduring daytime and I have every reason toarrestyou!

More sweat began to ooze out on Fangs forehead.

Long watched the mankneeling down therecalmly. So, have you figured out your speech? I am about to lose my patience.

Fang gritted his teeth and said, YourMajesty, pardonmeplease.Im toorecklessand shouldve been sentenced to death, but Ionly wantedto take amessage toMr. Xuunder the command of my master, thats it, please have a thorough inspection over this.

Long waved at him after hearing this and said only Well,thenhe added,bring him away, have a good interrogation of him, see whats going on with Tianyin post.

Yes, Sir. The Shadow Guards brought him away after receiving the order.