Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Being Arrogant

Chapter 87: Being Arrogant

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

After Longaskedthe Shadow Guardiantoleave, he sat up from the bed.

Half a month? It seemed that they shouldquickenthe pace, butanyway,it wouldnt be achieved withinhalf a month.

Well,they had to use another way

After hethought about iton the bed for a while, Longs eyes brightened a little and he had an idea.

After daybreak the next day, Long got up and askedservant to tellXu to come over for breakfast.

XuYou,Ivegota plan now. ItcansaveFangShuoyang out of the place where he is locked andalsomakeTianyin postin chaos, but I need you to take risks. Will you do it?

Xu didnt hesitate at all. Okay,elderbrother, please tell me.

Long smiled. Ill send two Shadow Guardians to followyou and youll go toTianyin postinbroad daylight.

What?Xu was stunned afterhearingthe words.In broad daylight?Elder brother, are you sure?Isnt it too risky?

Long smiled. Of course not. If you gotherein secret, there will be problemsand they willget rid ofyou secretly. But if you gothereon behalf of the royal family and take royal guards with you, then they will open the door towelcomeyou. But remember, you goback justfor Fang Shuoyang. You just have tofocus on himanddontmake others get suspicious. Understand?

Xuwas a littlehesitant.Elder brother Im afraid that if I dont doitwell, Illruinyourplan.

Long shook his head slightly. Dontbe too stressed. Let metell you how to do it…

After thetwoof themtalked all morning,Xu finally nodded his head. Elder brother, foryou, for the damnedTianyin post,Ill go!

Long smiled.

Two Shadow Guardians withgreat martial artsbecame Xus personal guards andfollowedhim.

Then, Xu set out forTianyin postin broad daylight.

The gatekeeperswerevery surprised to see Xu.Withthe order of theirleaderand his wifein mind,they were goingtoarrest him,butXu slowly took out a golden dragon token.

Open your eyes and see clearly what this is. I came here at the emperors order.You want tostop me?Fine. It seems that youre not afraid of me chopping off your heads!

The two gatekeeperstrembled with scare. Theyopened their eyeswideand couldnt believethat was thegoldendragon token.

One of the two Shadow Guardiansshouted angrily, Ask your leader to come to welcome us!Heres the golden dragon token.Howboldyour leaderis!How dareheignoreit?

The twogatekeepers trembled againand their faces turned pale.

No, Im sorry, sir.Well go toreport toour leadernow.

After saying that, theyhurriedly rushedinside.

Fang Qiuhuawasin the studyjust thenand therewere people guardingoutside.

The gatekeepers tried to break in and theylookedso anxiousas if the sky had collapsed.The guardsoutside the studystopped them.

Youre so bold! What are you doing?

The emperor the emperoris here.Thegatekeepers weretoo scared to speaksmoothly.

The guardsoutside the studywere also shocked.What? The emperor?

Since they couldbe sent to guard such an important place as the study, theywere naturallydeeplytrusted by Fang Qiuhua. Moreover, they also knewsomesecrets about their leader.Now that theyheard that the emperorwas there, thefirstthing they thought of wasthatthe big secrethad beenexposed!

The guards were shockedand rushed back to the studywithout evenknocking on the door.

Fang Qiuhua wasalsoshocked anddidnt have time toscoldthe guards for their recklessness. In fact, he had just heard thesounds outside.

However, Fangwasnot brainless. Even ifhis secret had beenexposed,the person who would be there shouldnt bethe emperor!

There must be something wrong with it!

So Fang called the goalkeepersinto ask aboutitagain.

After onegatekeeperexplained everything nervously,he was slapped by a guard.

You moron!That isMr. Xu. Why did you say theemperor ishere?Do you want to die?

The gatekeeper didnt dare to argue, but he said in a low voice,Buthe has thegoldendragon token…

Although theywere in the martial arts world,all the land in the nation was in the charge ofthe emperor.

Of course they knew what thegoldendragon token represented.

Fang Qiuhua calmed down.It wasXuYou who went there, nottheemperor himself.Thatwas a big difference.

Xu wouldonlycomefor his son. However, since he couldcome on behalf of the emperor andhe also hadthe royal guards accompanying him,did it mean thatthe emperorhad begun to suspect him?

He had toremain vigilant. Moreover,he could make use of this chance totestXu.

It seemed that he had acomplicatedthought, but in fact,it didnt take him a long time.

Then, Fang hurried to thegatewithhis men.

Xu didnt wait long for Fang to arrive.Just then, Xu still held thegoldendragon token which represented theemperor.

Therefore, Fang andtheothers kneltdownand greeted the emperor.

Long live the emperor, long may you reign.

Xustaredat Fang from a high position. Afterheenjoyedthefeeling of being respected byso manypeople, he said slowly, LordFang,long time no see.

Fang raised his head.SinceXuhadnt put the token away, he still dared not toget up.

So, Fang just raised his head.

Mr. Xu, welcome. Sorry that Im late. Fangreally soundedneither humble nor arrogantby saying that.

However, itwasa pity that Xuwas no longertheinnocent young manwhoknew nothinginTianyin postbefore.

Most importantly, his elderbrotherhad toldhim a very detailed counterplan.

In short, Xus reaction fully explained what the wordarrogantmeant!

Well,youre indeed a little late.

Fangwas a little stunned, but he still looked calm. Mr. Xu, please dont take it to heart.

Then,Xuhandsomely wavedhis hand.

Forget it.Im not apetty-mindedperson. All right,you canget up.

The people inTianyin postwere very dissatisfied with Xu, but they all bowed their headsandno one dared to sayanything.

Fang stood upcalmly, andthenother people followed him.

LordFang, wheres Fang Shuoyang? Why didntIsee him?Xu asked directly.

Fangsaid,My son wentout.Hes not in the fort now.

Huh?He went out? Xu frowned at once. Icamehereforhim. Wheredidhe go?

He reallycameforhimFangs eyesbrightenedslightly andthen hesaid,My son said he went out to do some business,but Ididnt receive any news about him afterwards. Imalso veryworriedabout him now. I sent many people to look for him, buthe hasnt been found.

What?Xu was shocked.Soyou mean hesmissing?

Fanglooked a little sad. Yes.

Xufrownedgreatly. He thought for a secondandthensaid,I believe that FangShuoyangislucky and nothing bad will happen to him. How long has he been missing?

More than a month, Fang said.HehopedXu couldleavequicklyso he couldlook for his son.

However,hehadnt expected thatXu saidafter pausing for a second, I believe he will come back. This is his home. He willsurelycome back. I will stay and wait for him.Lord Fang,may I stayhere?

Fangwas so shocked that healmost spit blood.Xu would stay hereandwait forhis sonto come back? He frownedgreatly in his heart, but he didnt dare tokeepXu, who represented the emperorat the moment, out of thegate.

Whats more, he suspected that Xumight have anulteriormotive.So,Fangsaid, Of course, Mr. Xu, youcan live here.

Im aseventh-rankofficialnow, Xusuddenly said.

Fangwas stunned and quickly changed his wording. MinisterXu, please come inside.

Mhmm.Xu nodded, Letsgo in. I havent come back for a long time.Let me see ifTianyin postisstillthe same as before.

Fang smiled. MinisterXu, how about youstillstayin the previous place?

Okay, Xusaid casually.

Then, Xu stepped into thegate first,followed byFang