Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 91

Chapter 91 So Hard To Make Him Give In I

Chapter 91: So Hard to Make Him Give In (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

As theShadow Guardians, who went there withLong, eachcarried one injured manand Long carriedShi,all the peoplemade their way outof the mountain.

On the way,manyShadow Guardians wantedtohelp Long to carryShi, butwere allrejected.

Just like that,Long carriedhis empressand gotout of the mountainstep by step.

Long wasso exhausted that he almostfaintedas soon as hegotout of the mountain.Ifthe Shadow Guardianshadnt helped him in time,Long would fall to the ground directly.

Later,the Shadow Guardians took Longand Shito the inn in thetown. Because they didnt want to expose their identities, theychose tolive in the inn instead of the county government.

Theinnwas not luxurious. For the sake of privacy, theyhad bookedthe wholeplace.

Longhadalmostrecoveredwhen hearrived at the inn.After puttingShi to bed, he also got on.Seeing thatShis face wasso pale,Longfeltagreat deal of heartachefor the first time.

Long told theShadowGuardiansto findthedoctor anda well-knowndoctor in thetownwas invitedtheresoon.

Afterchecking on Shi, the doctor frowneddeeply.

Whats the matter with him?Long asked at once.

The feverwascaused by sprain, which iseasy to cure, but there is a kind of toxin in this young mans bodyandIdont know what it is. Im so sorry.

At last, the doctoronly prescribed somemedicine to cure the injuryand then left.WhileLong wasstillworried,the Shadow Guardians brought theimperial doctor Zhang Yuanthere.

Zhang was originally in theimperialpalace, but three days after Long left, he was secretly sent out by ShiQingshan.

Zhangplanned to gotoShuanghuaCitywith his servants bycarriage, buttheShadowGuardiansrecognizedhimon the way,so he wasbroughttheredirectly. Itwasreallya coincidence.

The imperial doctorswere indeed more skillful thanthosefolk doctors.

Afterchecking onShi, Zhangsaid,Your Majesty, dont worry. I know how todetoxifythe empress.

After hearing the words, Long breathed a sigh of relief. Thats great. What poisonis it in his body?

Zhang thought for a moment and said,I met a patientwho waspoisonedby thisa few years ago. He also surviveda landslide and thenthere was thiskind oftoxin in his body.As forwherethis toxin came from,I guess it has something to do withsomematerial in the mountain, but I dont knowexactlywhatit is. Itried my luckto treat that manand fortunately, I succeeded.So Im sure that I can cure the empress this time.

After hearing those words,Longpuckeredhislips lightly.Alright. DoctorZhang, thank you in advance.

Your Majesty, its my pleasure, Zhanghurriedly said.

Zhangprescribedalotof herbmedicineand saidthatin order to remove the toxin, the patient needed totake a bathin the water with themedicine, which wasmedicated bath.

Longwould like to doeverything by himselfwhen it was related tohis lover.

After theservantshad prepared everything, Long carefullyputShi into thebathtub.

Zhang said that themedicated bath mightcause some painforthe patient.

Indeed.OnceLong putShiin the tub, Shigave a grimace of pain.

Long wasso worried that hesaid softly,Qingzhou,hang in there.This medicated bath is good for you. Illtake the bathwith you.

Long askedthedoctorearlierand learnedthat healthy people could also bath in this water, but it was unknown if they would feel uncomfortable or not.Anyway, itwould be easier for him to take care of Shi in thetub, so Longjustwent in.

Longdidnt take off all his clothes.For him,thebathwaterwas a littlehotandthe medicinewasa little smelly. Except that, he didnt have any other special feelings.

However, Shi frowned while taking themedicated bath. Hedefinitelydidnt look good at this moment.

Long wiped the sweat onShisfacewiththe handkerchief while talking tohim.

Shis eyeskeptclosed all the time and his facewasvery red.

After a long time, Shifinally didnt lookso painfulandhiseyelidsalsoquivered.

Long hadbeen payingcloseattention toShisfacial expressions.

Hegotnervous when he sawShis little changes.He didnt dare to talk,infear ofdisturbinghim.

AfterShiseyelidsquivered for several times, he finally openedhiseyes!

Longwas so excited and looked at Shi. Qingzhou!

Shialsolookedat Long.He had blurred vision at first, butsoon, herecognizedwho that was in front of his eyes.

LongLong Xiaoyuan, Shisaid weakly.

Its me, its me. Long hurriedlytookShishand andmade Shi lean on him. Its me. Are you okay? How are you feeling now?

Shi slightly shook his headandlooked around. I…Im fine.Whats going on?

Long said,Qingzhou, youalmostscared me to death. When Ifoundyouin the mountain, you were soakedthrough with a high fever and were completelyunconscious… Longtold Shi the whole story.

Remembering that, Shismiledbitterly.I didnt expectthatthatmountainwouldcollapse…

After hearingthosewords, Longsuddenly held Shiinhis arms. Qingzhou,Ive been worried sick.

Seeing thatLongwasreally frightenedand so worried about him,Shifelta little guilty. Sorry.I made youworry Im fine.

Yousilly! Long glaredathim. Dont say that to me!

Shismiled bitterly and stopped speaking.

Then,Long hurriedly said,How do you feel now? Youre all poisonedandseveral Shadow Guardians areevenunable to move.Try to move your bodyandsee how you are doing.

Okay. Shi noddedand then began tocheckhis own body. Amoment later, Shisaid,I want tousethis medicated bath to discharge the toxin inmybody. Canyou go out first?

Longwas a littleworried. Willyoube all right?

Sure, Shisaid firmly,Im afraid that the unknown toxin in my body will hurt you when it is discharged.Imsobernow, so itll be all right. Dont worry.

Although Longwasstill a littleworried, he knew that hewouldbe of no help at allstayingin the tub. On the contrary, if he insistedon staying, it would onlydistract Shi, whichwould be harmful.

So, Longsaid,Okay,Ill go out. Youmustbeextracareful.Dont abuseyour internalforce.

Shi smiled. I know. Dont worry.I wont risk my own life.

Long sighed. Hewent out of the tuband then gently touched Shishead. Ill wait for you outside.

Mhmm. Shi nodded.AfterLongwentoutandchanged hisclothes,Shiclosed hiseyes andbegan toconcentrate on the detoxification.He must be extracareful.Since hed known how it felt to bepoisoned, hejust couldntlet Longsuffer that, too.

Long changed his clothesandsaw that Shi was using his martial artstotreat himself. He finally felta littlerelieved.

AfterLongwaitedfortwowhole hoursin theroom, Shiwasfinallyfinishedand gotout of the tub.

Long rushedtohim. Qingzhou,are you okay? How do you feel?

Shi smiled. Ithink Im fine.

Long looked at Shis facecarefullyand foundthat Shi really looked much better, but he was still a little worried.So, he hurriedly asked Shi to change his clothes and then wrappedhimin the quilt.

Shifound it so funny,butsinceLong did it very seriously, Shi didnt say anything.

Soon,the imperialdoctorZhang Yuan cameagain.Afterfeeling Shispulse, Zhang said, Theempressismuch better. I willprescribe moremedicinefor him and helltotallyrecover after taking that.

Long nodded and said, Okay. Go to do it soon.

Then,Zhangleft toprescribe the medicine, whileLong tucked the quilt around Shi.

Shisaidhelplessly,Im fine. Itsveryhot. Imnot cold at all.

Long frowned, Really?Its raining outside. Dont get cold.

All right. Shi sighed andstopped saying anything. Longtook a lookathimandthensaid, But itd be bad if you got ill because of the heat.

After hearing that, Shi immediately put his hands outside. In fact, he didnt like to put his hands insidethe quiltwhen he was sleeping, let alone when he was not sleeping.

Illhavetheporridge delivered. Are you hungry? Long saidagain.

Shi nodded. Yes.Ijusthad some food in the first two days.

Longfelt so guilty. I should havegone to getthereinforcementsmyself. Ishouldnt have allowedyouto do it.