Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 96

Chapter 96 He Was Just Embarrassed Ii

Chapter 96: He Was Just Embarrassed (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Long breathed a sigh of relief.After the Shadow Guardian brought thetea,Longeagerlypoured teaforhislover.

Shi didntvolunteerto do anything.

Afterfinishinga pot of tea, Long looked at the sky. Its getting dark.Lets eat here, shall we?

Shi nodded. Okay.TheShadowGuardianswill do it.

Lookingat Shi, Longsaid, How about we go toTianyin postat night?

Shi slightly frowned. Youllgotherein person?

Long blinked. Cant I?

Shi shookhis head. Its too dangerous. There are many powerfulmartial artistsinTianyin post. Since Fang Qiuhua has the confidence to rebel, he must have a strong team to support him. Youre not thatpowerful.Dont risk your life.

Youre notthat powerfulYoure notthat powerfulYoure notthat powerful

Longs mind was full of those words. Later, helooked atShisadly.

Shi finally realizedhow harsh his words were,so he hurriedly said,Well I didnt mean that. Youre the emperor. Youhave manyguards. You dont needto be so powerful…

Long stilllooked atShisadly.

Shipaused for a second and then said,Okay,you cango.

Longs eyes brightened slightly. Huh? Why didyouchange your mind?

Shi smiled.The most dangerous place is actually the safest place.

Longwas stunned. You want me to stay inTianyin postlater?

Shi nodded. Your Majesty, youmust not knowthat some people had tried toassassinateusthree times.

Longwas stunnedagain. What? Whenwas that?

Shi smiledbitterly. Itsjustthat theyve been intercepted bythe ShadowGuardians two miles awaybefore they found us.

Hearing this, Long suddenlybecame serious.My whereabouts seem to have been exposed.

Shi nodded. Yes, itsonlya matter of time for those people to findus inShuanghua City. Iguess theyll make it intwo days atmost.Wejust bought this house and it isnt guarded well.Although there are manyShadowGuardians,its still not safe.I was thinking about how to solve this problemearlier, but now I suddenly feltthats reallya good idea.Your Majesty, letsjuststay inTianyin post.

Long didntagreeimmediately. Instead, hebegan to thinkabout it carefully.

Tianyin postis a dangerous placeafter all…

Isaidthat sometimes the most dangerous placeisactually the safest. Of course, there must be risks.

Yousaid that both ofuswill stay there? Longsaid.

Shi nodded. Of course, Ill stay with you.

Long lookedatShiin doubt. Why doI feel that you arelying to me?

Shi looked at Long innocently and said, Your Majesty, youre overthinking it.

Long slowly shook his head. Im not, Qingzhou. Dont treat me as a fool.You must be thinking that aftergoingtoTianyin postwith me, youllleave me therealone andgowhenever you want.By then, humph, I cant goto find you at any time.

Shikeptsilentfor a moment. Then,he shookhis head. No. Your Majesty, youre worrying too much.

Long frowned at Shi and asked, The troops have arrived, right?

Yes,theyreoutside the city, Shianswered without hesitation.

LongstaredatShi. Those troops are at your disposal now, arent they?

Shi pausedfor a second and thennodded. Yes.

Long glared at Shi.Then why did you say youd be always with me? Qingzhou, I found youve really improved a lot. Youre able to keep your countenance even when you lie to me.

Shiwassilentandhis lips quivered.

Long lookedatShicoldly. Shipressed hislipstogether. Itll be good for you to stay there.

Dontgive me that. I only know that wheneveryou do somethingdangerous,you always think of leaving measide.ShiQingzhou,amIatotallyuseless personin your eyes?

Hearing those words,Shigot nervous. No. Id never thinklikethat.

Long lookedatShiwith adarkenedface.

Shi hurriedly said,I really dont think so. Dont get me wrong.

Long didntrespond.

Shi reached out to hold Longs hand, butLong moved away. That was thefirst timethat Long behaved like that.

Shis facial expressionschanged slightly. Hesaid,I really dont think so. Dont misunderstand. Youhave a specialidentity, soI just want you to be safer.Moreover, staying inTianyin postwont beabsolutely safe.Youllstillbedangerousthere.I

ShiQingzhou, Long interruptedShiandsuddenlysaidsoftly,In fact, you are rightabout everything,but undeniably, the last thing you want is me to drag you down, right?

Shigot a little angry.When didIsay youd drag me down?

Long slowlyturned his eyes away from Shi.Isnt that true?

Shis facebecamea littlepaleandhestiffened.He really couldnt believe Long would think like that. Shi looked at Long, and then stood up slowlywhile sayinglightly,If youreallythink so, Ihave nothing to say.

Then, Shi turned and left the pavilion.

Long watchedShileaveand sadnessflickered in his eyes. Finally, he chose not to see.

At night, Long went toTianyin postunder the guidance ofthe Shadow Guardians without telling Shi.

Shi stayed in the roomto wait for Longuntil dawn, but Long didnt come back.Just as he saidearlier,Longwent toTianyin post, buthedidnttell Shi.

Shi slowly lowered his headandlooked at his hands ashis left hand unconsciously stroked his right hand.

He didnt know why they quarreled againMoreover, he felt that it was more serious this time.

Shi looked at his hands.After a long time,heslowly closed his eyes.

AtTianyin post, Long didntsleep atnight. He was in XuYous room.

Xu was not in his room, but in FangShuoyangs.

LongdidntaskXu to come back. Helay onthe bed, but he couldntfall asleep.

In the morning,whenXu came backsleepily, hewas shocked.

Elderbrother? Why are you here?

Long glanced athim.CantIbehere?Why did you comebackat this hour?

Xu said,Istayed withFang Shuoyang…

FangShuoyang… Longwasa little sad.Since he quarreledwith hislover, he hated to hear otherslove stories.

Long knew that itwashis fault. Shiwasjust worriedabout himand it wasnothing wrong. On the contrary, what he saidreallyhurtShi.In fact, he was just angry with himself because he thought he wasso useless!Putting asidehis identity,he wasnt capable toprotecthis lover at all! So, hegotangry.

However,he just vented hisangeron his beloved man.He felthe wasnt a real man at all.

Because of that,hewas embarrassed to talk to Shi whenheleftthe previous day.

Hedidnt know ifShi hadmisunderstoodhim and thought he did thatintentionally

In fact, he was just embarrassed