Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 98

Chapter 98 He Finally Came Ii

Chapter 98: He Finally Came (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Apologize? Shi raised his head.Apologize for what?

Stop pretending. Long flickedthetip ofShisnose. That day Ishouted at you. Im sorry.

Shipuckered hislips. You didnothing wrong.

Long shook his head. Ididnt meanwhatIsaid.

Shi looked down. LongXiaoyuan, I never thought you were a burden, really.

Longs heart ached. I know what I saidmustve hurt you a lot, but its just becauseIwasin a bad mood. Im sorry.

HearingLongs sincere apology, Shi finally raised his head.Maybebecauseit was nightor something else,Shis eyes lookeda little red.

Long was stunned.Then, he reached out totouchShis eyes blankly.

Withoutmoving, Shi allowed Long to touch him gently.

Im sorry… Long apologized again.

Shismiled slightly. Dont always say sorry.Im also to blame.

Long took a deep breath. No,Iunderstandyou.You just wantedme to be safer, but I didnt appreciate itat all.Qingzhou, no wonder people often say thatits hard for the beloved ones to staytogetherforever. I doubted that in the past, butnowI think its kind of true, Long said with a wry smile.

Hearing Longs words,Shilost himself in thought.

It was hard for the beloved ones to staytogetherforever?

Shi hadnt expectedthat Long would say something sotouchingandAfter thinking about it carefully, Shi fountitreally made somesense.

Qingzhou, Longsaidsoftly,Ifailed tocontrol my temper…I shouldhave beenmore tolerant.

Shi slowly shook hishead. Its not yourfault.LongXiaoyuan,you have done enough. Its just my temperament… Shi gave awry smilehelplessly. Im not as gentle andconsiderateas a woman.

Youre unique.Whydo youhave tocompareyourselfwith women?Long frowned deeply.Whats more,some women are just pretending to be considerate sometimes. Qingzhou, I just like you as who you are. Youre the best in my eyes!

Shis lips gradually curled upwardly.Really?

Of course. Long nodded. Qingzhou, in fact, youre also quite considerate.Look,youve come to me, havent you? Im very glad that you came to me on your own initiative. When you were at the border, you didnttalk to mefor a few months.Do you remember that?

Thisexample made Shireallywant tolaugh.

Longheld Shis handina grasp. So, Qingzhou, Imveryhappy.

Shismiled andrespondedsoftly.Mhmm.

Then,Longheld Shiinto his armstightly. Breathing the light refreshingsmell on Shis body, Longfelt that hegotdrunkevenwithout drinking.

After a long time,Long finallylet goof Shi and they began totalk about business.

Shitold Longthe deployment he had made in the past two daysas well as his planwithout any omission. He also told Long abouttheattemptedassassinationsoutside.

Long pursed his lips. Those peoplehaventgivenup.

Shi nodded slightly. Theystill dont know that youre here now, butIm afraidtheyll find it soon. So we have to be quick.

Long nodded.After thinking for a moment,he said,Qingzhou, Ivetalked with FangShuoyang.

Hmm?Shiraised hiseyebrows.What did you talk about?

I asked Fang Shuyang to persuade Zhou Huan to controlTianyin postand take Fang Qiuhua down in secret.

Shipaused for a second, and then said instinctively,Tianyin postis everything forFang Qiuhua. Itll be good if Zhou Huan makes it. Butwhatif Its toorisky.

Mhmm,Longresponded. Then, hecontinuedto say,But this is the fastest way andit will cause the minimumcasualty.

After keepingsilent for a long time,Shilet out a long breath. If you carry out this plan, itll bedangerousfor youto stayhere.

Long shook his head. I have tostayhere. Otherwise, Zhou Huan wontcooperate.


Long heldShishand inhispalm andthenputShispalmonhisownchest.

Shiwas stunned.Listening to the steady heartbeat from Longs chest, Shigradually calmed down.

TheShadowGuardianswill always be guardingoutside. If there is any problem, takegoodcare of yourself.

Hearing those words,Longsmiled.Yes.

After thinking about it, Shi saidagain, Its likely thatZhou Huan doesntbelieve it. What if FangShuoyangfails topersuade Zhou Huan totakeaction?Given his influence inTianyin post, he can do nothing to his father.

I know. Long nodded. So,after Fang ShuoyangpersuadesZhou Huan, well need totakesomespecialmeasures.

Shiwas confused. Special measures?

Yes.Fang Qiuhuais quite powerful.Ifwewant totakehimdown without startling other people inTianyin post,we have totake somespecialmeasures.We cant letFang Shuyangfight against Fang Qiuhua directly.Fang Qiuhua mustveknownthat his sonno longerbelieveshimand maybe he already begins tosuspect that hissonhas colluded with the peoplefromthe imperial court. But itsstillpossiblefor Zhou Huan to get rid of himin a short time.

Long had takencareful considerationabout the whole thing.

Afterhearing Longsanalysis, Shi nodded. Good, but a detailed plan isstillneeded.

Long smiled. Dont worry,Qingzhou. I knowfairly well.

Shistopped speaking andLong kissedShis ear. Are you leaving?

Shi pausedfor a second and thennodded. Yes,I have to go.

Long sighed and kissedShisear again. HowI wish I could sleep with you till dawn.

Shis voice wasa little hoarse. That day will come.

How are things goingat the imperialpalace?Long asked gently.Since hewas inthe powerfulTianyin post,his men didnt dare to act rashly. So he could barely receive anynewsfromthe palace.

Shi said,Dont worry. Myfatheris there.There wont be anyproblem.

Long rubbed againstShisneck, since hewas very reluctant tolet Shi leave.

But in the end, Shistillleft. Long saw him out of the door

After Shi left, Longwent to lieon the bed again.

Althoughhestill couldnt fall asleep,the anxiety that had always been haunting him overthepasttwo daysfinallydisappeared.

Long understood that this was because Shi had come.

As for this, Long couldonly sighwith happiness.

Shi really hada great impact on him!

Lying on the bed, Long couldnt helpthinkingofthememories sincehe had known Shi. After a long time, his lips curled upwardly and he began to smile like a silly boy