Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 99

Chapter 99 The Death Of Fang Qiuhua I

Chapter 99: The Death of Fang Qiuhua (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Late at night, ZhouHuanwas lying on the bed alone with her eyes open and her facelookingserious.

What her son said to herin the day echoedin herear.

There was no one lying beside her,asher husbandwas sleepingin the studyagain.

At one time, she thought that her husbandchanged because he was having an affair.Later,whenher husband broke hersons legs, she thought her husband was so cruel becausehis mistresshadgivenbirth toa sonfor him.

But shenever thoughther husband hadchanged so much in recent yearsbecausehewantedto rebel!

Rebel! Even if shebarely cared about political affairs, shestillknew howseriousthe crimewas.

If someone rebelled, all his clan would be killed!

All his clanHow dare her husband commit such a big crime!

Zhous headachedand herheartachedmore.She would rather her husband hadan affair with some woman.

In thatcase,at leasttheTianyin postand her family wouldnt beinvolved!

FangQiuhua, do you know what you are doing?

Zhougavea wry smile. She foundthateven if theydbeen married for more than 20 years,she hadnever known her husbandwell.

Since her husband was like that, she thought that it wastime for her to make a decision

Otherwise,both theTianyin postandher familywould be doomed.As long as shedid something to show her attitude, her sonwould be saved at least

Thatwasheronlyandlast hope in her life.She mustnt lose herownson!

She couldnt let her husband destroy her son, her last hope in this life!

As firmnessgraduallyfilledhereyes, she finallymadeup her mind

The next day, Zhou got up in the morning and went directly to FangQiuhua.

AsFangwasin the study,Zhou saidcoldly to the gatekeeper, Get out of the way.

The gatekeeperdidnt stopher andsaidrespectfully,Madam.

Zhou went in and Fang was sittingbehindthedesk.

Seeing thatZhou come in,Fanglookedathercalmly.

Zhoudidnt lookfierceas she did in the past few days andwenttowardsFangsteadily.

Fang lookedat Zhou.

Zhou finally stoppedin front of Fang. Master, I think we need tohave a goodtalk.

Lookingat Zhou, Fang didnt speak or do anything.

Zhou lookedat her husband sadly. After living together for more than 20 years, weve become so distant that we even have nothing to say to each other now?

Fangpuckeredhis lips and finally said, Ifyou cant calm down,I wont talk to you.

Zhou smiledslightly. Calm down? Dont worry, Imverycalm now.

Fanglooked down. Okay.What do you want to talk about?

Zhoustrokedherface wearily. Lets have breakfast together.

Fang did not refuse.

There were onlythe two of them havingbreakfast.

Zhouput the dishes in front ofFangasshe didbefore, whileFangkeptsilent after taking the seat.

After that, Zhou justhadporridgesilently without saying anything.

Fang also began tohaveporridge.

When they finishedbreakfast, Zhou waved herhand and let the servant girlsleave.

When only Zhou and Fang were left in the dining room, Zhou looked at Fang.

Master, we have been married for more than 20 years.What do you think of me?

After thinking for a moment, Fang said, What do you want to say?

Master, can youanswer my questionfirst?Zhousaidsoftly.

Fangfellsilent again. After a while, hesaid slowly, You take good care of our family andabide byyour duty.

Zhous lips gradually curled upwardly.

Master, I have no regretssinceI can getsuch anevaluationfrom you.

Fang lowered his head slightly.

Zhou stood up and said, Master,I marriedyouwhen I was 16 years old.In the blink of an eye, more than 20 years have passedand ourson isalreadyold enough to start his own family.

Tenderness flickeredinFangseyes.

Zhouwalked up behindFangs backand putone hand onhisshoulder.

Master, do you know? I dontwantmuch. I just hopethatour familycanstaytogether andlive ahappylifefor the rest ofour lives.

Fang slowly closed his eyes and said lightly,Sometimesthesimplest wishisthe most difficult to achieve.

Right. Zhousmiled sadly. The simplest wish is the most difficultto achieve.

Fangpuckered his lips. When he wasjustaboutto say something, suddenly,he felta stabbing paininhis neck.

Fangwasstunned. Hestretched out his hand and felt there was blood.And the bloodwasblack!

Fang wasshocked. You…

Thesad smile was still onZhousface.Fang scolded,What did you do?

Zhou smiled and said, Youre poisoned.

Fanggasped,and then,he fell to the ground.

Fanglooked very bad.Hisfaceturned black,but his eyes were open, as if they couldneverbe closed.

Zhou closed her eyes.After sheopenedher eyesagain, they had been filled with calmness.

She bent down andheldFangin her arms.

Although shewas a woman,it was not impossible for her to carryher husband, becauseshehad beenpracticing martial artssince childhood.

Zhou carriedher husbandeasily. Then,shewent ina secretpathin the dining room and disappeared.

When Zhou appeared again,shewasalready in FangShuoyangs room.

Fang was stunned to see his mother appear in thesecret path.

Mom?Why didyou get out of thesecret room?

Zhou smiled faintly. Your fathers beenpoisoned.

Fangs eyes widened. What?

Zhou smiled. You didnt hear me wrong. Hes in the secret room under your room now.

Fanggasped.Mom, you…

Hurry up and implementyour plan. Otherwise,things might change.

Fang got out of bedand stood on one foot.

Mom There were so many things that he wanted to tell his mother, buthe just couldnt say anything at that moment.

Zhousaid,You dont havemuch time. Besides, your fatherTell the emperor to take him away.

FangShuoyangs eyes were red. At this moment, he hatedhimself forhis incompetence.

Compared withher son, ZhouHuanwas much calmer.

Ill go out first.Take actionas soon as possible. Let me know if you need me.

Mom,Im sorry. FangShuoyangknelt down.

Sillyboy. ZhouHuansmiled and touched Fangs headwith one hand. Youdid nothing wrong.On the contrary, your choice is correct. But there are some things thatI dontwant you to bearalone.Im willing to share it with you.Its your fathers fault. He should pay for his choice.But weare hisfamiliesafter all.So,my boy, dont hate him.

Mom, I wont hate dad. How can I hate him? Fangchokedwithsobs.

Zhou noddedwith emotion. Mhmm. Im glad to hear that.

Zhou left.FangShuoyangtook a deep breath and then called hisservant over. WhenLong Xiaoyuan got the news, he wasverysurprised.He knew that he could rely on ZhouHuanto achieve his goal andit was highly likely for her to make it,buthe hadnt expected that she would make it so soon!

Long was alittle unprepared, buthe knewitwasagoldenchancethat couldnt be missed!