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  • Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

  • Genres : Fantasy -  Romance -  Xuanhuan -  Second Chance
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Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser summary:

The Chi Shu Yan of the previous life was aggrieved. He was obviously a rich and noble fate, but he was “borrowed” by people, his luck became moldy, a good hand was beaten, his family was ruined, his relatives seized possession of property, and the college entrance examination was reported. Cheating will ruin the future.And she was stupidly grateful to her friend who had planned everything.Until one day, a celestial master broke this scam and accepted her as a disciple.Chi Shu had a bitter face and was reborn from the ashes, becoming a blood-stained devil on the road, killing all the black-hearted people, and thus also cut off her own vitality.Reborn for the first time, she returned to the age of seventeen before the college entrance examination with the memories of her previous life.In this life, she has supernatural powers and can predict anyone’s fortune and future. It is very accurate and can be considered exhaustive.She vowed to step on the soles of all the people who caused the destruction of her family in her previous life.It’s just not long after the grievance was reported.One day, I touched a big business man, and saw that he came out of the bathroom wearing a certain cat ear sexy clothes, kneeling under the big man’s suit pants and calling him father.Chi Shuyan was shocked: How much will I mix in the future? So no morals!Qi Zhenbai, the power of the imperial capital, the man in power with deep roots in the Qi family, a well-deserved prince of heaven, handsome in appearance, indifferent, strong in means, the second bachelor in your city, everything is good, except that he is weak and sick. The doctor concluded that he would not live to be thirty years old.His previous life was fixed at the age of twenty-nine.However, in this life, when I met her, it was a little different.Making money during summer vacation“There are too many scammers these days.”“No, I have hands and feet, and I don’t do any good work.”A group of people pointed at Chi Shuyan, who set up a fortune-telling stall. While disgusted with pretending to be a liar, Chi Shuyan remained motionless, drawing symbols while holding lollipops.One month later“Master Chi, fortunately, you told me the fortune last time and let me escape.”“Master Chi, how do you sell your ghost-expelling talisman? I want ten!”“Master Chi, you help me by the way to forget the fortune of my family, money is nothing.”Everyone looked at Chi Shuyan, who was soft when receiving money, and their eyes lit up. The tacky thing of an expert who received money was actually fairy-looking, and he was indeed an expert.- Description from MTL

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Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1683:a month ago
Chapter 1675:a month ago
Chapter 1657:a month ago
Chapter 1489:a month ago
Chapter 1281:a month ago
Chapter 1239:a month ago
Chapter 1183:a month ago
Chapter 1173:a month ago
Chapter 933:a month ago
Chapter 478: Oka month ago
Chapter 23: Huga month ago
Chapter 8: Onia month ago
Chapter 5: Furya month ago
Chapter 3: Loana month ago
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