Rebirth: Her Sorrow Chapter 29

Chapter 29: THE PAIN

Ning Shufen was still unconscious and was laying in the bamboo bed. The melody had now stopped. The sorrowful and painful memories also stopped playing in her head. Her tears already dried and her sobs stopped too.

Cheng was staring at her, eyes full of despair. How much pain did you endure, he wanted to ask her that. He wanted to know so he could get even with them. She wasn't physically hurt because it was all inside her. Inside her heart and mind and he knew that she was being tortured every now and then. He had already oath to the gods that he will help her become a powerful being so no one could touch her. No one can harm her when that time comes.

However he had to make her fear nothing. He can do that when she learned that being weak and accepting all her mistakes won't make her a coward. He can't see any scars in her body but it doesn't mean she wasn't hurting. It doesn't mean that she wasn't feeling the grief and the pain. She is really a strong child to endure years of neglection.

He was already tired in hiding, disguising as a weak guard and seeing her being tortured emotionally. He can't do anything but it doesn't mean he won't do something. He hated the Ning Family, he hated them and despised them with all his heart. She must be lonely. Did it destroyed her? Did she felt that she was the only one living in this world because no one was there for her?

She must be in so much pain, How did you endure it?

How can you breathe in the same air with them without falling into pieces?

How can you smile when you are in so much pain?

How can you talk and laugh when you don't even feel happy?

How can you do it? When I can never even do it.

Cheng laughed. Like he was mocking his self. No, he was really mocking his self. He can't even count how much he scorned to himself. He taunt his own worth and degrade his worth. She can endure it without anyone's help so why can't he? Why can't he do it? Cheng didn't even notice that tears fell in his eyes. He always pretend that he was strong, that he never cared for anyone. That he never felt alone and sad.

But that persona faded, it faded when they met that night. He let himself be free for some time and laugh with her. Smile with her and be free with her. He trusted her not knowing what's her real agenda. How many years did he prevent this longing tears? Just how many years?

Cheng's real body was struggling. He can't keep in staying on the unknown space. His body was not used to it because he just came from the immortal realm. He was still weak and needed some rest to use all his cultivation. He had already stayed at the unknown space for five days. Five days had passed outside but inside the unknown space it was still the same. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

He coughed and he saw some blood in his hands. His own bloods! Cheng got injured internally. It was because he forced himself to travel without the permission of the higher beings. Those bastards! They can't even protect themselves from being swallowed by the dark and they dare to stop him! They already injured a lot of being in the immortal realm because that man disappeared.

He was the only man that they fear. He vanished without traces. They didn't know what's his real identity nor his real name. And even his face because not everyone could meet him personally, And even if you could manage to meet him you can't see his face. He will only talk to you at the other side of the room and only his voice and his aura was all they know.

That is the only flaw. No one knows him and where did he came from but no one can defeat him or we should say that no one had the guts to declare a war towards him.

He only vanished not long ago but they already feel like they own the immortal realm and had the audacity to do anything they want. Cheng really wanted to know who that man is but he was just too mysterious, even Cheng didn't had the opportunity to meet him. He was someone not even him can meet but maybe Shufen could.

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