Rebirth Of Flash In Mcu Chapter 4

5 Chapter 4

at home

nora:" barry what happened to you, and why is your face so pale".

jesse lifted her chest proudly and said " don't worry mom barry started to see the truth and took first step in becoming a man".

barry looked at her shakingly and only said a single word" scary".

thomas who was listening to all this came towards barry and pats his shoulder and says " As a man i understand what you went through, and i can tell this will only get worse, in the beginning your mom..,*BANG* the next moment my father fell down unconscious behind him was mom.

nora:" oh, i am sorry dear my hand just slipped, okay barry go and fresh up the dinner is almost ready".

barry:"o..aky mom".

as days went by it's finally time for my high school, in these few days my relationship with alisha improved but not to the state of lovers but definitely it's above friends.

the next day

nora:" you got everything right".

barry:" stop it mom i am just going to high school".

nora:" i know, my baby boy already a high schooler now. i can still remember how you would always...".

barry:" please mom stop it if start speaking i might even miss my first day, i you want to talk let's do it after the school" saying that i rushed out of home without saying another word, when i got out i saw a person waiting for me it was alisha.

barry:" morning alisha".

alisha:" morning, going to school right".

barry:" yes, i was thinking of going by bus".

alisha:" you know you can join me if you want to".

barry:" if it's not a problem then i will help myself".

alisha:" good then hop on".

while traveling through the main road, all of a sudden three trucks started go rampage on the street and police chasing behind them, then suddenly one of the trucks lost control and charged towards us, when the truck is about to collide i channeled my speed force grabbed alisha and phased through car and dropped her on the footpath and stood beside her .

alisha:" what, what just happened here i am pretty sure i was in the car, how are we here now and what the hell happened to my car".

looking at the destroyed car alisha became heart broken:" no,no,no that was a new car" when she saw the driver of the truck who is still trying to figure out what happened, she fumed with anger, she reached out for him dragged him out and smashed him to the ground without giving him any chance of retaliation.

seeing that alisha is busy with dealing him, i ran towards the other two trucks. then suddenly one of them changed its direction towards the civilians, seeing that i channeled my speed force to its full extent and ran towards it and started to dismantle every part of the car, in just few seconds the instead of a truck the civilians only saw two people who were strapped to their seats skidding towards them, the criminals were dumbfounded of what just happened, they remembered they were in the truck and the next second they found themselves outside strapped to their seats, and surrounded by a very angry mob.

as for the last truck which went in the opposite direction was about to collide with a bus, then all of a sudden a red figure dropped in between them and stopped the truck with his hands, after that he released something from his hands which confined to their seats after doing that he went away.

seeing that no one was hurt, i went back to look for alisha and found sitting near an ambulance covered in a blanket .

barry:" Alisha, are you okay".

alisha:" barry where were you, thank god are you okay i was afraid that something must have happened to you, and what those burn marks on your clothes".

barry:"it's nothing, it caught some fire while saving those people".

alisha:" you are fine right?"

barry:" of course, i am fine it's just went to help the people over there that's all, so what happened to your car".

hearing that alisha's face became sour tear's might fall any moment, as she lifted a number plate and says" this all that left of it".

look at her expression i couldn't help but laugh a bit.

alisha:" what are you laughing for, this isn't funny you know".

barry:" i am sorry, it's nothing".

alisha:" anyway do you remember how we got off the car, last thing i remember was talking to you in the car and the next second i was outside and my is in pieces, mysterious right".

barry:" i was thinking the same thing too, anyway let's go back home now my mom is calling".

when we are about to leave police stopped us and called us for some questioning regarding the incident, after some long session of questioning we finally left after giving our statement. then we took taxi and finally reached our homes.

barry:" okay bye alisha, i will call you after some time ".

alisha:" bye".

after entering my home two figures dashed towards me hugging from both sides and started crying.

nora:" thank god you are fine".

after consoling both of them for a long time the day finally the day came to a end.

somewhere else

not knowing what he has done his actions attracted the attention of some very dangerous people.

****:" sir, there is still no report on this red blur sir, but there were some sightings and most of were from queens".

****:" Then what about the other one ".

****:" the other one is also the same ,sir".

****:" i can't waste my time on these things, so take some agents with you and find out more information about these people, and the most important thing don't confront without my order".

****:" yes sir".
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