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  • Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor

  • Genres : Fantasy -  Xuanhuan -  Urban Fiction
  • Status : Ongoing
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Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor summary:

“Old man with a white beard, how do you become enlightened by throwing the smallpox that you eat?”“Buddha said that if one kills one person, one Buddha, one kill ten people, two places…”“Stop! We are eating!”“Eat one person gets the trail, eat one hundred people get the middle way, eat ten thousand people get the road…”“Wow… vomit!”“Brother! Have you finished vomiting? Come over and help me identify this beauty!”“Eating Dao appraisal technique! Liu Qing, human beings, intermediate ingredients, matching recipes… there is a chance that you can get a special physique’Liuyun Water Body’!”“Dead Pervert! Eat the old lady’s sword!”“Brother, please help her to stop her!”- Description from xbiquge

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Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 4917:2 weeks ago
Chapter 4797: Sad2 months ago
Chapter 4737: Win2 months ago
Chapter 4705: Sap2 months ago
Chapter 4625: End2 months ago
Chapter 4540: Try2 months ago
Chapter 4472:2 months ago
Chapter 4466: Why2 months ago
Chapter 4406: Pet2 months ago
Chapter 3459: Mad2 months ago
Chapter 3448: End2 months ago
Chapter 3420: Pug2 months ago
Chapter 3364: War2 months ago
Chapter 3345: War2 months ago
Chapter 3234: God2 months ago
Chapter 3150: Spy2 months ago
Chapter 3015:2 months ago
Chapter 2993: Bet2 months ago
Chapter 2982: Orb2 months ago
Chapter 2963: Hit2 months ago
Chapter 2952: Age2 months ago
Chapter 2929: War2 months ago
Chapter 2760: End2 months ago
Chapter 2614: Bet2 months ago
Chapter 2532: Ask2 months ago
Chapter 2336: Bet2 months ago
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