Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 979

Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 979 - Do You Really Want Me To Compete? (6)

Chapter 979 Do You Really Want Me To Compete? (6)

This how can this be Duan Tianyuns eyes widened. He stared disbelievingly at Ye Qingtang, who was completely unscathed.

He had exerted his full strength in his previous blow and had not held back at all.

Even someone who was also at the Second Heaven of Martial Qi Level One would be injured by this blow.


Why did Ye Qingtang look unscathed?

At that moment, the youths from the Ye Family all widened their eyes. They thought that Ye Qingtang would collapse, but she was currently standing upright on the dais.

All of them were momentarily stunned.

This Ye Qingtang has probably brought some Dharma treasure back from the sect. Elder Brother, dont hold back! Duan Tianrui, who was standing below the dais, spoke maliciously.

When he heard that, Duan Tianyun calmed down. He swept a glance at Ye Qingtang, who had not turned a hair.

So you have a life-saving Dharma treasure. No wonder you dared to come and compete Duan Tianyun laughed softly. Im looking forward to seeing how much damage your treasure can withstand.

The moment he finished speaking, Duan Tianyun extended both hands. Wisps of cold air gathered in his palms. They instantly transformed into gossamer thin ice blades and shot straight at Ye Qingtang!

Ye Qingtang looked expressionlessly at the numerous ice blades that were flying towards her. Her eyes showed a barely perceptible trace of impatience.

The instant the ice blades reached her, a light suddenly flashed before her.

The hundreds of ice blades instantly vanished.

What Duan Tianyun blinked involuntarily.

Where did his ice blades go?!

Everyone below the dais was also perplexed.

They thought that Ye Qingtang was making a fool of herself in this match. However everything that happened was completely beyond their expectations.

Where did my ice blades go? Duan Tianyun muttered.

Ye Qingtang slowly raised her hand. Crystal clear drops of water slowly dripped from her slender fingers and formed tiny streaks of water at her feet.

Are you looking for these? Ye Qingtang asked calmly.

Wh What? Duan Tianyun had not yet recovered his wits and did not understand what Ye Qingtang was talking about.

Ye Qingtang looked at the stunned Duan Tianyun. The impatience in her eyes became more obvious.

Time to end this, said Ye Qingtang.

The crowd below the dais looked in bewilderment at Ye Qingtang, who had spoken suddenly. None of them understood where she had acquired the ability to speak of making an end.

Duan Tianyun also felt that Ye Qingtang had gone crazy.

Did she really think she was a match for him?

Ye Qingtang, dont reject a life-saving offer. If not for the fact that you are a girl, you would have already died a terrible death at my hands! Duan Tianyun laughed coldly. His figure suddenly darted towards Ye Qingtang. His body was instantly covered in a layer of frost, and a strong chill flooded his entire body.

Ye Qingtang looked expressionlessly at Duan Tianyun, who was rushing towards her, and slowly raised her right hand.

The instant Duan Tianyun reached her, Ye Qingtang gave Duan Tianyuns forehead a light and perfunctory tap.


A huge crash suddenly rang out in the martial arts arena.

With that resounding crash, Duan Tianyuns imposing figure flew straight out, smashing numerous walls in the martial arts arena into smithereens. No one knew where he had landed.

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