Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153 Too Strict

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After being chased out of Xu Zhenyus office, Wen Xinya felt a little dejected, though she did not let it bother her much. She racked her brains and tried to think of some herbal recipes that would be suitable for Xu Zhenyu and aid him in sleeping well. She secretly handed the recipes to Xiao Huang and instructed him to prepare them for Xu Zhenyu.

Wen Xinya felt that Xu Zhenyu must have been too stressed about returning to Capital city and that his difficulty in adapting to the new environment must have resulted in his frustration.

Si Yiyan stood in his apartment which was on the 29th floor. Due to the high floor, he got to enjoy a birds eye view of the entire Capital University. "Hows your health? Are you feeling unwell?"

Wen Xinya pouted and said, "I can eat, sleep and move about. Even rabbits are not as energetic as I am."

He would ask her the same question whenever they spoke on the phone with each other.Does he think Im made of paper?Wen Xinya could not help but lament in her head.

Si Yiyan smiled and said, "You have to be more mindful because your period isnt over yet. Dont be too careless."

Her ailment wouldnt have acted up if she wasnt careless.

Displeased with his words, Wen Xinya retorted. "Im not that fragile. Do you really take me for a glass doll?"

Every single day, she would be stuck in the military base camp, listening to the commands and the sounds of her peers training. She felt as if she had been alienated. She was initially glad to be free from training but soon felt bored out of her wits.

Pretending not to hear her feeble voice, Si Yiyan said, "Your relapse this time has given you a reminder. From now on, you have to be mindful of the changes in your body. Dont be too careless."

If she were to be too careless and put her body through unnecessary stress, she would end up ruining her body and spark irreversible consequences.

A cold womb was not a minor illness. It was difficult to treat even with the present advanced medical technology. Si Yiyan was extremely concerned with her ailment because it would lead to various feminine illnesses. Hence, he had to be very careful.

Wen Xinyas face grew sullen, for she had indeed not paid attention. "With you around, I wont get to be careless even if I want to."

Her health mattered more to Si Yiyan than herself.

Likewise, Si Yiyans health mattered more to her than himself.

They were the same kind of person.

After hearing his words, Si Yiyan could not help but feel a little annoyed.

"Yan" Wen Xinya murmured in a coquettish voice while dragging her words. "Theres nothing too wrong with my body anymore. I think Ill cut short the break tomorrow."

Having already guessed her intentions, Si Yiyan said softly, "Be good and listen to me!"

Wen Xinya continued to plead while playing cute. "Yan~, just promise me! I can tell Xu-er to excuse me from the training sessions at night. Ill just attend the ones in the day. Dont worry, my body can take it."

Si Yiyan said calmly, "The doctor said that your condition is special and you cant engage in strenuous activity during your period."

This lass is too careless with her health.

Wen Xinya continued in a coquettish manner, "Ive already looked for the doctor at the medical office this morning. She said that my body is ready to undergo military training again."

Wen Xinya had made preparations long ago because she had already made up her mind to cut short the break.

Si Yiyan said coldly, "The doctors at the camp are used to treating the tough and strong soldiers. Thats why theyre more careless with treating spoiled students like you guys. Xinya your health may be alright now, but have you ever thought about the consequences that would entail if you were to be careless with your body? Do you think the doctor will care? Do you think the doctor will be liable for your health?"

Si Yiyan had been bearing a grudge against the doctor for tending to another patient after casually giving Wen Xinya some painkillers, despite how severe her condition was.

Wen Xinya was at a loss for words.

More than three years ago, she moved back to the Mo Family home for a short stay and on the second day, Old Mr. Du did a health checkup on her body. At the start, Old Mr. Mo said that her condition was not severe and that she would be fine with some nourishment.

However, later on, he insisted that she nurse her body back to health, thus arousing her suspicion.

She secretly overheard Old Mr. Mo and Old Mr. Du talking about her condition.

Old Mr. Du said that the foundation of her health was too poor and that she had inherited the condition of a cold womb from her mother and grandmother. Due to the fact that she had led a wandering life for fifteen years, she failed to take good care of her body in time and hence, was in poorer health than her mother and grandmother. If she were to continue being careless about her condition, she might never be able to conceive.

Back then, she did not think too much about it because she had just returned from her rebirth and was preoccupied with becoming stronger, taking revenge and being in control of her own destiny. Getting married and bearing children was not on her mind at all!

Hence, she chose to ignore it.

Si Yiyans words made her feel flustered all of a sudden.

Si Yiyan has probably found out about my condition a long time ago. Thats why hes so concerned about it. I know that doesnt bother Si Yiyan. If it did he wouldnt have bothered devising such a grand plan just to win my heart. He just doesnt want me to feel sorry about being incomplete.

Wen Xinyas silence made Si Yiyan extremely frustrated out of nowhere. He tried his best to sound as mellow as he could. "Im not trying to control you unreasonably. However youre not by my side and I cant take care of you personally. I dont know what your condition is like, either. Thats why Im stricter with you."

He had only left her alone for two weeks but her condition had already relapsed. He would only feel relieved after taking care of her health personally.

Wen Xinya was rather touched by how much he cared about her. Greatly taken aback, she said, "Fine, Im wrong. Ill rest for five days like we agreed. Dont get angry, alright?"

Si Yiyan cared about her even more than he cared about her health. She knew that he was taking meticulous care of her and restricting her from doing this and that because he was worried about her health. Likewise, he had never rejected the herbal soups that she had made for him regardless of how horrible they tasted.

Si Yiyan smiled and said, "Youre making it sound like Im some uncompromising tyrant. Since there are no longer any issues with your health, you may rest for another four days and resume training on the fifth day of your break. However, you must continue to consume the herbal soups until the military training program is over."

On the fourth day, her period had already stopped and hence, there was no need to worry about the military training program affecting her health.

Despite feeling elated, Wen Xinya could not help but curse in her head.Youre obviously a tyrant and youre very petty too.

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